For Ladies: Simple Fashion Combo to be Chic


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir

Every lady deserves to be special and elegant, especially in any unique occasions. That’s why Yaoota came up with some items that will help you to achieve the look you deserve. Whether you like to look bold or cute, you will find some appealing ideas. If you want to be chic and simple at the same time, but you don’t know how to achieve this look, Yaoota brings you these items, choose the ones you like, order them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

1. Black long dress

If you are a bold, tall, elegant and fit lady, then this dress is meant to be yours. The lady who buys this dress has a strong personality; she likes to be unique, sexy, yet chic. Black is the king of all colors; it will also make you look taller and eye appealing.  The dress is comfy, as it is 95% viscose. It would be perfect with Black heeled sandals. You can also wear it numerous times with different accessories and it will look completely different.

Offered for EGP 115

Find this Black Long Dress here.

2. Dark Grey coat

This dark grey coat is inevitable; you can style it with casual or classic outfits. It’s essential in your wardrobe in this cold weather. You can wear it at work or for a friends’ outing, it will suit any outfit you have planned as grey goes with nearly all colors. It looks chic and unique.

Offered for EGP 289

Find this grey coat here.

3. Platinum with Austrian crystals necklace

This platinum necklace, with crystals, looks very simple and has sharp details. You can wear it at work, or in important events. It would also make a perfect gift for your beloved lady. It’s a classic masterpiece for all elegant occasions.

Offered for EGP 160 

Find this necklace here 

4. Silver plated earrings with zircon stones

Though earrings might seem unseen, but it can change your whole look and make you look more catchy. These earrings will shine and make your face look more charming. You can wear these earrings, with the previous necklace as a set,  and you can wear them in any party, whether birthday or an engagement because they’re made of platinum.

Offered for EGP 180

Find these earrings here.

5. Platinum plated ring

Wearing a ring is the best, especially when going to a special party, as it brings more glamour to your look. This simple ring is a joker for any outing or party, as its basic yet super elegant. It’s made of platinum with strass on the sides, and an oval large crystal in the middle. This ring brings you the fancy, elegant, and simple look. It can also be a lovely gift.

Offered for EGP 140 

Find this ring here.

6. Silver bracelet watch

To all watches maniacs, who still purchase watches despite the existence of mobiles, we brought you this amazing accessory piece. This watch is a bracelet and a hand watch at the same time. It has small XO and heart charms. You can wear it with casual, soiree, and formal outfits.

Offered for EGP 251

Find this watch here.

7. Clutch bag (leather covered with strass)

Whenever we have a special event, we keep thinking about the bag that we should wear, as it needs to be small, elegant and matching to the color of the dress, and shoes. With this clutch, we can now stop wondering, as its basic, small, elegant and its black color will fit with any dress. It’s covered with silver strass, which will make it more soirée. It will match any dress, black/silver shoes and silver accessories.

Offered for EGP 175

Find this clutch here.

8. Guess by Marciano perfume for women

The perfume you use has a huge impact on the impression you give and as a lady, you always want to leave a memorable impression. This perfume is unique and sexy. Its main components are citrus fruits, vanilla, flowers, woods, sweet jasmine, and musk. This perfect homogeneous mix gives you a magical feeling and amazing confidence.

Offered for EGP 247.99

Find this Guess perfume here.

9. Heeled Black sandal

If you like high heels, then your main concern is comfort and elegance at the same time, so we are bringing you this black heeled sandal. This sandal is essential in your wardrobe, as it matches any elegant outfit. You can wear it in a formal event, or any evening occasions.

Offered for EGP 279.99

Find this black sandal here.

10.  L’Oreal Paris Red lipstick

This red lipstick is a must in your handbag, as it gives you that eye appealing, feminine look. We brought you these essential lipstick colors that match all skin tones and outfit colors. Just pick wisely the colors that best matches your skin tone and outfit.

Offered for EGP 78

Find this red lipstick here.

11. Flat silver ballerina

Yaoota brings you the beloved comfy and elegant shoes to most ladies. It’s easy and comfortable to wear for hours. Its silver color will match any outfit. You can wear it in any occasion.
These are the rollable flat ballerina, so you can easily carry it in your handbag and use it as an emergency flat if your feet gets sore from heels during any event and you will still look as elegant. Remember your feet comes first, as happy feet means a happy and confident lady.

Offered for EGP 199.99

Find this ballerina here.

Yaoota wishes you an elegant life. Search for all the items you want on , order them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

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