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By Shimaa Elgizy & translated by Dina Amir

Whenever we think about shopping, the word “prices” pops up. Many people collect flyers for different brands to choose the most convenient offer for them. While they have the right to look for the best price, it’s an exhausting, time and energy wasting process that requires going to different stores. So, have you ever thought about collecting all the information from a single source?

Despite this age’s technological advancement, many websites are merely concerned with scanning offers’ flyers to collect all the promotions on one website as a way to save you time and energy.

Nowadays, some people prefer ordering online and getting their orders delivered at their doorstep, without having to visit stores. This segment is growing rapidly, and along with this growth comes a big problem, which is having varying prices for the same products and services on different websites. This requires a search engine that collects these prices, which Yaoota is doing.

The following sections will present you the pros and cons of shopping online, with the common problems of shopping from hypermarkets, as well as the pros of offers and promotions.

The websites that collect flyers are expanding because people need to access these offers as soon as they get published. Numerous websites, such as “” provide this service  that brings many offers from various hypermarkets like Carrefour and even smaller retail stores. You can also find “3orod online” that covers many Arab countries, including Egypt, “3orod masr”, ““, and many more. which presents information in no time, all grouped in one website. 

Advantages of knowing the product price before going to hypermarkets

–  To know the prices there are two ways: going to each store, which is interesting if you like walking, or checking a website like “” to know the price. The latter option is preferable as it saves time and effort.

–  Offers season: we rarely catch up with the discounts’ season, but a website like “” will allow you to know when each store will offer discounts.

– You will be able to check the flyers online before you go shopping  to determine what you need to buy, which is more practical than checking the prices in the store and being lost between offers.

Disadvantages of hypermarket online offers

– You might miss the offer and the different hypermarket discounts, as many people check websites likes “” and go quickly to get the offers first. It would be annoying when you go to the store and find that the products with offers ran out (this means that the offers’ website contributed in a way or another in the hypermarket running out of products).

– Sometimes the update of prices and flyers is a bit slow or there might be a technical problem.

The previously mentioned information applies to people who intend to buy from hypermarkets or large super markets that offer frequent discounts on ““.

If you are not into shopping, if you don’t have time to check the latest offers, or if you miss the offers, what should you do?

Definitely, online shopping will make your life much easier, a preferred solution for many.

 Yaoota is your solution if you want to do your shopping online and to end your confusion between the various products without having to check each and every website in order to find the best deal.

Yaoota website doesn’t sell any products, it’s a search engine that gathers all the products from various online websites, so you can get the best prices and offers. It presents you the different prices, products’ pictures, and the stores that sell the items you want.

Advantages of looking up items on websites like Yaoota

  • Presents you a comparison of prices from different stores, along with a description and pictures of the product
  • The description of the product provides you a summary of the features, with no mistakes or rambling
  • Stores that present their products in Yaoota are trustworthy. It’s stated if each product has a warranty or not
  • Online shopping saves you time and money as well, because when you go to the physical stores you can buy more than what you want, but online you will only order the item you need.
  • Many products require checking more than stores or checking the dimensions, which can take months. How about doing all of this in a minute?
  • If you don’t like the items, you can ask for a refund by sending the item back.

Disadvantages of online shopping

  • There might be a delay in the delivery time, which rarely happens as all the stores state the exact delivery time.
  • If you didn’t check the details of the items you’re getting, you might receive a missing piece. For example, if you ordered a camera and you didn’t check if it comes with cables or not, this can cause a problem on delivery or after purchase. Check all the details online, and if you have any inquiries contact the customer service.

*Buy from trustworthy stores only and ask about the details you need to know.

To cut it short, everything has pros and cons, but Yaoota is a search engine to gather all the prices and stores (it neither sells, nor controls the prices) which makes it a ring in the chain of online shopping.

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