From Sleek to Curly: Find Your Ultimate Hair Styling Tool

Find-Ultimate-Hair-Styling-ToolBy: Shaza Walid

Hair styling takes up a huge portion of girls’ daily routines. Many girls spend much time and effort in front of the mirror at home trying to look their best, whether straightening or curling their hair. A girl’s best friend on this endeavor is the ultimate hair styling tool! But then many questions pop in  mind when we intend to make a purchase: how can I know the most suitable tool for my hair? How can I make sure the tool will not damage my hair? Do I get the hair straightener or the curler, or both? Is the newly released hair straightening brush as convenient as it seems? What is best for curly-haired girls? Yaoota compiled a list of tips and information you need to keep in mind before buying your dream hair styling tool.

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  • First: Know your hair type


Identifying your hair type is key to buying the most suitable hair styling tool. This depends on two main things: length (short, medium, long) and texture (straight, wavy, curly). For instance, a wide-paneled straightener would work best with medium or long wavy hair because it covers a larger chunk of hair, and hence will be faster and easier to style your hair. Shorter and curlier hair would need a narrow-paneled one for better styling.

As for the plate material, a ceramic plate works well with almost all hair types because it decreases frizz. However, if your hair is more thick and curly, you might want to invest in a titanium or tourmaline plated straightener because they heat faster and smooth the hair better.

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  • Second: Identify the style you want to achieve


hair-straightenerDo you want straight hair or bouncy waves? If you prefer the first, then a hair straightener with a rectangular shape will give you the straight look you desire. On the other hand, a hair straightener with a rounded shape will better help you achieve the waves because it is easier to twist around your locks.

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  • Third: Choose between a flat iron VS curling iron


If your main aim is to get a head full of waves/curls, then you might fall into the problem of not knowing which to purchase. Yaoota will tell you the difference. A flat iron is obviously more versatile because you can use it to straighten and curl your hair, while a curling iron is only for curling. A flat iron is slightly easier to use. However, a curling iron allows for more uniform curls because the rod is the same size. You can also use it to create several curl shapes depending on how tight you wrap your hair lock around the rod. A curling iron is also most of the time cheaper. So at the end of the day, it depends on your budget and the style you want to achieve.

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Uncovering the myth of the hair straightening brush


Most of you ladies have probably heard about the newly released hair straightening brush and how miraculous it is. But before you go ahead and buy it, let Yaoota tell you its pros and cons, based on many people’s reviews. As for its advantages, the brush is much easier to use than the regular flat iron. It also heats faster so it saves you time. As for its disadvantages, if the hair is not detangled properly beforehand, it can cause breakage and split ends. It is also quite costly if you plan to invest in the top-notch brands.

An important point to bear in mind is your hair type. If you have straight to wavy hair, it would work well with your texture. However, if you have curly hair, you will need to blow-dry your hair first because the brush will not straighten the hair properly on its own.

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Protecting your hair is a must


Whichever hair styling tool you choose to purchase in the end, one thing remains extremely vital, which is to protect your hair well from the heat. If you are one of the ladies who style their hair frequently using heat, make sure to treat your hair to a deep conditioner every week to retain its moisture and softness. You can purchase some of the replenishing deep conditioners here. Before starting to straighten/curl your hair, apply a good hair protectant to lower the damage done by the heat.

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Going out with a perfect hairdo is every girl’s dream. Nevertheless, remember to give your hair a break every once in a while from all the styling and heat, your hair will thank you for it.

*Share with us the kind of hair styling tool you use and let us know how it works for you.

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