Fashion & Makeup Tips & Trends for Weddings and Parties

Fashion-Makeup-trends-for-Weddings-and-partiesBy Dina Amir

Whether you’re the bride or you’re invited to the wedding, we all find ourselves lost among zillions of options and we want to look our best on this day. Because Yaoota loves to help you look and feel amazing, we are presenting you this full guide to help you prepare the best look for this day. This guide will be divided into two main parts, the first one will help you choose the dress that suits your style and body shape the most, along with the latest trends, and so we interviewed Mona Ereiba, owner of Ajmal Fashion, so she can help you out. And in the second part, we will discuss the latest makeup trends, and how to choose what suits you best, and Doaa Hammouda, our professional makeup artist will be the one telling you all about it.

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Soiree fashion trends for summer 2016:

Ereiba stated that the Victorian gowns are very trendy this year, as in the big fluffy princess like dresses, along with the very long dress tails. In other words, the carved 3D flowers dentelle long dress tail is very fashionable for this summer. The Mermaid dresses are from the classics and continue to be so this year, yet it’s not from the 2016 latest trends. ” The princess big fluffy gowns are not very popular in Egypt, or understood to be from the latest trends by everyone, as Egyptians prefer tight dresses. But still internationally they are”, Ereiba added.

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Degrade fabric is one of the classics that are still trendy in 2016 summer, specially its pastel colors, such as: body rose, blue, electric blue, saumon, gold, beige, dark green, and silver. Both pastel and bright colors are popular, depending on the designer, yet summer trends usually go for pastels.

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Dress colors according to skin tones:

Our skin tone should play a huge part when choosing the color of the dress that fits us, Ereiba gave us some guidelines to follow to pick the right color for our skin tone.

  • Ladies with light skin tones, have the advantage of being able to wear any and all shades, yet bright colors give them a more unique look and glow, due to the contrast between their skin tone and the dress color.

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  •  Ladies with olive or cold skin tones are not easily categorized or guided to wear specific colors; two ladies might have the same skin tone, but one can look beautiful in white or light beige, while the other don’t. And this is were Makeup can be the solution, as it can help you wear the trendy color you want, without worrying about your skin tone as a main indicator.

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Colors and body shapes:

As a rule, dark colors can be used to make curvy ladies look slimmer, while light colors show the details of the body more; For example, Pear shape ladies would preferably wear dresses with a light color top and a darker bottom. Yet the design of the dress would be more beneficial when it comes to body shapes, meaning that if the dress design and cut fits the body shape and highlights is beauty and hides its flows then the color would not matter that much.

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If you are one of those people who loves to wear a one color dress, then you can depend on hollow dentelle to decorate whether the top, the sleeves, or even the tail; this can be helpful to break the pattern of the single color dress, without having to split the dress into two different colors. Usually, you choose the design that makes your body look better, then you choose the color that matches your skin tone and body shapes, as stated before.

Tall ladies are lucky, when it comes to soiree dresses, as they have the ability to display the dress with its clear details; the only problem that encounters tall ladies is the height of the waist, as some designs might show the top part of the body much shorter than the lower part especially if you’re wearing a very high heels, which misses up the look. If you’re short, you can create a contrast between the top part color and the lower part, which will make you look taller.

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If you want to know more about body shapes, Read spring 2016 trends for all body shapes .

Soiree shoe trends:

“Feminine high heels are continuing to be the trend; shoes with outstanding details, as strass and dentelle, are trendy. Yet the problem comes with the price of the comfortable heels, which is very high,” Ereiba explained. She also added that usually heels add to the look and give it a feminine touch, except for people who aren’t familiar with wearing high heels, they either need to practice a lot before the event, or try another pair of shoes instead; sometimes wearing a flat pair of shoes will make the look even better, specially if you’re not familiar with walking in heels.

The color of the shoes should be similar to the dress or matching. Ereiba stated that veiled girls have the advantage of the long dresses that usually cover the shoes, yet the shoe color is an essential thing. Some ladies prefer to cover the shoes with the extra dress fabric to get a perfect look.

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Quick Soiree makeup trends for summer brides

Doaa Hammouda, our professional makeup artist said,” I prefer brides to have bright lipsticks, not dark ones. For example, I don’t prefer applying dark red lipstick for a bride on her wedding day. Pink shades are perfect for the lipstick”. Hammouda also mentioned that preferably brides shouldn’t apply black Smokey eye, as well as very bold eyeliner colors, as electric blue, while you can use earthy colors for the eye makeup, yet you’d better avoid very pale shades.

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Hammouda added that lashes are essential for most brides, except froggy eyes, as they highlight the eye makeup and give a nice feminine touch. For the eye shadow, you can use brown gold/ earthy colors, as oxide and different shades of nudes, which will give you a rich eye look.

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Most importantly, enjoy the event you’re going to attend, whether you’re the bride or a guest, make the best of the moment, and look awesome as usual.

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