Essentials for your little boy


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Shaza Walid

Caring about the child at a young age is vital for his wellbeing, so that they grow up to be someone you would be proud of. When your child starts going to school, he begins to understand the world around him and learn important skills such as saving, playing, thinking and creativity. As a parent, you would want to attend to his everything, including his bag, watch, and health. Yaoota has prepared a list of essential items that your child would need during school. You can browse among all the items and purchase what you like online without having to go around the shops on foot. Make sure you do so with your child so he feels happy and independent with the items he has chosen.

1.     Spider man bag.

This bag looks great and most children love it because it has the images of one of their favorite cartoon characters. The bag is padded from the inside and it has a belt to be carried on the shoulder. Plus, its price is relatively convenient.

Offered by for EGP 79.

Find Spider man bag here.

2.     Watch

Wearing a watch at this age makes the child begin to learn the value of time. The watch’s design is indeed catchy with the second hand looking like a balloon. Even the watch’s handle looks colorful with all the circles on it. It is suitable for children ages 3 to 7 years old. One of its unique features is that it is anti-scratch due to the crystal coating that protects the watch. Moreover, it is waterproof and rainproof but it is not suitable for bathing or swimming because during bathing, chemicals from the shampoo could negatively affect the watch. The salt in the seawater or the chlorine in the pool could also have the same effects.

Offered by for EGP 174.

Find this watch here.

3.     Kids Tablet

All children nowadays love the tablet and it is indeed a great tool for both learning and entertainment. This tablet is specifically designed for children. It includes many games and applications for your child and you can even download more from Google Play, as the device is powered by Android. The tablet is suitable for children’s use whether at home or outside, as it is easy to move around with. Your child will love it because of its design and cheerful color. The buttons on the side are big so the child can use them easily. The side and the back parts of the tablet are covered with rubber. The device combines all the fun and entertainment that one could expect from a tablet. And for your assurance, the tablet is provided with parental control for safe Internet browsing for your child. It has a camera and MP3 player. It works on Android 4.0. It has an internal memory of 8 Gigabytes and offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Offered by for EGP798.

Find this Kids Tablet here.

4. Water flask

Water is vital that is why having a flask at all times is important for your child whether at school or at the club. He can also take it along when you are travelling. This flask is made of stainless steel, which is anti-rust. It does not get affected easily with the temperature of the weather and it is shock resistant. The flask’s color is silver and has the image of the famous Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie, Cars, which will make it more appealing to the child. It has a capacity of 750 milliliters.

Offered by for EGP 69.

Find this Kids water flask here.

5. Instax Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a camera that allows instant photography, just like the good old Polaroid camera. This camera has a unique design that makes it look like a toy. It is available in five colors: white, blue, pink, yellow, and black. Instax Mini 8 camera looks like a big toy with a lens and large buttons. This camera will allow you to actually have the physical picture in your hand instantly for your child to keep in a frame or in his small wallet, giving you and your child a the chance to document memories. There is a white space under the photograph where you can write a sentence to remind yourselves of when and where the picture was taken. This camera is fun for both the adult and the child and there are plenty of skills you can teach your child through photography.

Offered by for EGP 799.

Find this Istax Camera here.

6.     LEGO toy

No child does not like toys! As a parent, you can choose for him one that enhances his skills and talents such as this one. It is a Lego toy where he has to create a specific object using building blocks. These kinds of toys teach your child patience and problem solving skills. They also enhance his concentration, creativity, and following instructions skills to create the object correctly. Many children like these kinds of toys because they feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish assembling the object, as they have managed to reach a goal. You can help him a bit in the process or give him hints.

Offered by for EGP 79.

Find this LEGO toy here.

7.     Sports Sneakers

Your child needs sneakers because they come in handy when doing sports or just walking in general. Jel Activ sports shoes are high quality. They are designed with an anti-microbial liner and a breathable mesh to prevent microbes. It has a moisture-wicking sock liner for comfort. This kind of shoes is light and comfortable for children. It has a reasonable price which is a plus because children grow fast so they would need a new pair every once in a while. Hence, price, comfort and safety are important factors to consider.

Offered by for EGP 149.

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8.  Money bank

Teaching your child the importance of saving money is a great skill that he will find vital when he grows up. In order for him to get used to saving and for it to be an enjoyable activity, the money bank has to look attractive. This money bank looks like a colored elephant and comes in three designs: stripped, dotted, and flowery. It is better to let your child pick his preferred design so that he grows attached to the money bank. Some people keep their money banks even when they grow up, as the money inside can also come in handy at unexpected times.

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9.     Rain Jacket

At times of rain, you would need a raincoat for your child. This jacket is lined so your child is always warm. It has buttons on the front and two pockets on the side. It is large enough so the child can wear more than one layer of clothes underneath. The color of the jacket would fit with almost any outfit and would even look great with jeans. Always keep this jacket with your child so he wont get wet if it rains.

Offered by for EGP 590.

Find this Kids Rain Jacket here.

Visit Yaoota and look for other products that would suit your child’s needs through the kids’ shopping section. When you like an item, you can order it online through the store that sells it and it will be delivered to your doorstep without you going around shops. And if you are the kind of person who worries about online visa purchases, there is always the cash upon delivery option that most stores offer.




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