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By Rana Kamaly

So Yaoota prepared for you some must haves for men this season, including daily essentials for working men specifically. If you are a man looking for some nice practical items to add to your daily outfit, or if you are someone searching for a creative essential gift idea for a man in your life, then this list is for you. Remember that online shopping made everything easier as you can have almost all these items delivered to your doorstep within a week.

1. Leather bag

Everyman who works for long hours or heads out in the morning and comes back late at night will definitely need a bag to put together all his daily essentials. This leather brown vintage messenger bag is practical, stylish, and very durable. And it also has a laptop sleeve inside.

Offered by Yashry for EGP 596

Find it here

2. Watch

Every man deserves a good watch or may be more than just one to fit with his outfit and style. This Casio watch is stylish and it could fit with a classic suit or any casual outfit you have, as its brown leather strap will just match with everything. This brown leather watch is a must have in any mans wardrobe because of its attractive price and practicality.

Offered by Souq for EGP162

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3. Alpine Swiss pocket wallet

All men carry wallets, but nearly most of them hate it as it’s very uncomfortable and heavy to be walking around all day in their back pockets. This slim and thin design from Alpine Swiss is very creative as it can be clipped on the belt. Its slim and light design will also allow you to put it in your pocket with no agony.   It’s also the Perfect Front Pocket wallet to carry some money, ID and some cards. It has three card slots, two over sized pockets and a special place for the ID. It’s made out of genuine leather so it’s very chic and will live long.

Offered by Yashry for EGP249

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4. Ismail Yassin’s Leather notebook

Even though with smart phones and tablets one might never need a notebook, yet a notebook adds sophistication and depth to any character and you will need it in a meeting or an important interview to take notes. Wind Graphic notebooks will wake your creative side with their very special designs that will make you nostalgic.

Offered by eniGma Shopping for EGP60

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5. Portable power bank

Nearly every person with a smart phone and over 7 working hours will definitely need a power bank to recharge his/her battery on the move. This power bank is 2600mah, it looks good, small and has a key chain so you can add it to your keys so you won’t keep losing it.

Offered by Souq for EGP45

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6. Pack of Schneider pens

We all keep losing pens, so this pack will allow you to have a new pen whenever you lose the one you have. They look nice and they are practical of course. They come in a pack of 10.

Offered by Jumia for EGP60

Find it here

7. Swiss Multi tool

Everyone needs some basic tools on a daily basis, not just men, as sometimes you are stuck with a dangling string or can that doesn’t want to open. So this Toy Swiss Army Knife will be of great use, plus you can add it to your key chain as well. It’s made out of plastic with red handles. Features screwdriver, tool holder with 3 changeable screwdriver bits, pliers, and ruler. It’s designed for anyone above 3 years old for very basic application.

Offered by the Giftery for EGP79

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8. Clipper lighter

For anyone who needs a lighter, this Clipper stylish lighter is for you. It’s stylish and yet affordable as we all know lighters are often lost or stolen at least once a week. This round lighter design has become a visual icon, as this lighter is considered highly collectable as it’s offered in fashionable designs with many colors and patterns

Offered by Softbuy Shop for EGP10

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9. Casual Half boots

With winter coming up very soon, half boots are a great choice for men who are aiming to stay worm, look stylish and be comfortable for long hours. This MC design and color makes it supper cool as it fits with almost any outfit and has a unique good looking design. In a man’s outfit shoes act a very important role, as a person with happy feet can be more productive.

Offered by Jumia for EGP430

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10. Jacomo perfume

Perfume is just the final touch in a man’s outfit. This Jacomo perfume smells professional, yet sexy and it could last for at least 7 hours. It’s 100ml so its small design will allow you to keep it in your bag or in your car so if you need to apply some extra perfume before an important meeting, you will have it right there.

Offered by Dawa Store for EGP240

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11. LEGO key chain

We chose this key chain for you, as it really looks different and creative. If you are bored from all these similarly designed key chains and want something new and fun for a change, then this LEGO Batman Key chain is for you. This key chain features an authentic LEGO mini Batman that comes in a cape and in classic colors. You can also buy it as a gift for LEGO super heroes fans and they can use it as a keychain or attach it to their bags.

Offered by Yashry for EGP125

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12. Nokia phone

If you are one of those people who can’t live without a phone and your smart phone battery dies on you in the middle of the day, then you need a backup phone that will just stay with you forever. This mobile is very durable as its resistant to sweat and painful falls. Its battery can last for a week with intense talking. Plus you can play snake on this Nokia and its price is just perfect.

Offered by Mn Betak for EGP154.99

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There are other types of mobile phones hold up its battery for a long time in addition to the presence of simple games and FM radio. If you need a mobile phone which  has these specifications and the battery will last for a maximum period possible .. perhaps you like the following types:

Xtouch p  find  it here .. the price  EGP 199.

Mobitel G50 and G60 and G10, find it  here.. the  price  EGP99 .
You can find more products at

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