13 innovative and easy to use items for your kitchen


By Noha Nasrat & Translation by Dina Amir

Sometimes certain items may seem useless at first glance, yet they can make life so much easier. Yaoota presents you 13 of these essential, simple items that can save you time and effort. You can choose the ones you would need, and order them online.

Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

1. Garlic Press


Many recipes require mashed garlic. Use a garlic press instead of manually spending so much time mashing garlic, clove by clove. It is easy to use and clean.

Check this garlic press here, offered for EGP 100

2. Tea Infuser


Never again will you need to infuse your tea and pour it from a cup to another. Made of safe high quality silicon, the tea infuser comes in different shapes and ideas. Get creative and play with colours while serving your guests their tea.

Lazy man infuser

Innovative idea with a lazy man shape.

Check this lazy man infuser, offered for  EGP 15

Deep tea diver

Looks like an oxygen tube connected to a diver.

Check this tea diver, offered for  EGP 15

Shark leaf strainer

Made of silicon in a creative new way

Check this shark strainer, offered for EGP 15

Strawberry shaped infuser

Check Strawberry shaped infuser here, offered for EGP 40

3. Drinks Warmer with USB


Coffee gone cold? No problem! This hot drink warmer will make you want to drink it again instead of downing it or making a fresh cup. Its small size makes it portable; you can use it at home or in the office. It also has 4 ports to connect it with any battery or laptop.

Check this drinks warmer here, offered for EGP 99

4. Pot Lid Rest


Usually, ladies like to remove the pot lid to stir the food. This pot lid rest is made of silicon and you can attach it to the edge of the pot to keep your kitchen clean

Check this pot lid rest here, offered for EGP 60

Check this flex pot clip here, offered for EGP 42

Silicone holder


Replace kitchen towels, with this silicon holder for the hot dishes and pots to avoid hurting your hands.

Check this silicon holder here, offered for EGP 25

Check another Silicone pot holder, offered for EGP 40

5. Boiling Lid


This is your life saver.  If you like to multitask in the kitchen, and you’re afraid that whatever you’re cooking would be forgotten and start boiling, this lid with multiple openings will let the steam out to avoid boiling.

Check this boiling lid here, offered for EGP 40

6.Knives Set

The set consists of 6 knives of different sizes, with protection caps and stainless steel blades. The holder is shaped like a red standing plastic man with openings to put the knives in.

Check this knives’set here, offered for EGP 162

Knife sharpener

Always be at the ready with efficient knives to cut fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Check a collection of knives’ sharpener here, starting from EGP 40

Bottle opener

Check this collection of openers here, starting from EGP 20

7. Mug Holder Clip Desk


It’s a very practical way of taking your coffee mug wherever you want. It’s made of superior quality plastic to avoid spilling coffee, even if you have kids around. It suits coffee mugs with different sizes.

Check this mug holder here, offered for EGP 40

8. Plate Holder


The plate holder is perfect for family gatherings. You get to carry more than one plate at a time at one go. The holder is made of stainless steel and the base is made of coated wood.

Check this plate holder here, offered for EGP 125

9. Spaghetti Spoon


The spoon will make spaghetti serving much easier. You don’t have to worry about spaghetti falling over your table cloth or slipping back into the bowl.

Check this spaghetti spoon collection here, starting from EGP 35

10. Egg Roll Machine


To prepare a healthy creative meal for your family, all you need to do is to put the egg in the machine and wait for a couple of minutes. It is that easy!

Check this egg roll machine here, offered for EGP 119

11. Knife and Spoon Wall Clock


This creative design is for a kitchen wall clock, surrounded by a circle of spoons and forks.

Check this wall clock here, offered for EGP 50

12. Slam Stopper


Protect your baby’s finger and avoid the noise of slamming doors. All you need to do is to attach this slam stopper to the external edge of the door.

Check this slam stopper here, offered for EGP 35

13. Book Pages Holder


If you’re a reading manic, you will love this. This book human shaped holder will prevent pages from flipping while you’re reading.

Check this Book Pages holder here, offered for EGP 39

Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

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