Derma Roller Review


By: Yara El-Hemily & Heidi Soliman

It’s essential to maintain a healthy skin care, for this reason we’ve brought you the latest product that helps promote healthy skin. In this review, we will show you how to use the Derma Roller and we will let you in on its pros and cons based on users reviews. If you want to buy it, simply place your order online and have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible through yaoota.

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What’s the Derma Roller and what are its uses?

It’s a tool that has a roller with many tiny sharp metal needles, the needle makes micro-injuries when used on the skin.  It promotes collagen and elastin production, which are very important to maintain healthy skin. The collagen is responsible for making the skin firmer. However, the elastin renews the skin especially after being stretched as the result of weight change.

The Derma Roller is about 0.2 mm to 3.3 mm. The longer it’s the more it pierces into the skin. And it can be used for about 6 to 8 months.      




0.1 mm


Number of needles




Needle material Medical stainless


  • Promotes the stimulation of collagen
  • Enhances skin flexibility
  • Decreases the number of open pores
  • Smooths any scarring resulting from pimples
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces under eye dark circles
  • Renews skin cells and makes the skin fresh
  • It’s used to treat chapped skin
  • Helps stimulate hair growth on the head
  • Not expensive


  • Sometimes it causes skin redness
  • It hurts a little bit
  • Sometimes the skin  might bleed
  • It’s used as a beauty product only and not as a medical tool
  • It only stimulates the collagen in the skin but doesn’t add it to the skin

User experience

  • Reduces about 70% of pimples
  • Skin redness resulting from its use decreases after some time. It’s advised to use vitamin C on the skin after using it to make the skin look more fresh
  • Users must wash it and clean it correctly, to avoid infection 
  • Users should roll on the skin in the right way
  • It’s good value for money
  • It’s very helpful in brightening the skin tone
  • It makes the skin very smooth
  • Fast results after use by less than 3 weeks
  • Very easy to use and very good for wrinkles
  • After use, you need to apply face masks and moisturising lotions and also stay away from the sun for 2 to 3 days. If that’s the case you should apply sunblock before getting exposed to the sun
  • For some skin types, the needles of the Derma Roller isn’t that sharp and it doesn’t pierce into their skin as it should
  • It comes with a case that helps protect it from germs
  • It’s very practical but some people can’t stand the pain it causes
  • Some users complained that the size isn’t written on the roll itself  
  • Users have to make sure that the roll is only be used by them personally and no one else can use it at the same time

Check out this Derma Roller here  and check out more Derma Roller models here.

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