Dell Inspiron 5559 review


By: Joseph Harvey

Yaoota presents you with a review of the Dell 5559. We will see whether or not this laptop fits a specific field of use or is it a versatile laptop. Scroll through headlines to see which you wish to examine thoroughly.

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Pros of Dell Inspiron 5559:

  1. Display is very appealing and plausible
  2. Gaming is not bad at all
  3. Performance is high and reliable
  4. Decent price
  5. Excellent battery life
  6. Great cooling system

Cons of Dell Inspiron 5559:

  • Low tone speaker resonance
  • Display shows flushed out colors when viewed from different angles

Dell Inspiron 5559 review


This particular laptop is as simple as it gets, featuring 15.6 inch display, with a 6th generation Intel core i7, 8GB RAM, 4GB graphics card (AMD RADEON), two USB ports (2.0), one USB port (3.0) and an HDMI port. Its price is not bad for what it offers. It has an impressive battery life. The laptop struggles with high-end games but makes up for it in quality and power. It exhibits phenomenal editing tools, with ability to juggle multiple tasks at once while seeming unhindered. It also packs a hefty 1 TB of hard space, optical drive ( DVD burner ), built in microphone, built in HD camera and VGA port. It comes with an added bonus of pre-installed Windows 10.


The design is appealing and very soothing with its black slightly charcoal dye, it has a finger tingling plastic jagged texture enveloping the entire laptop which minimizes fingerprints and smudges, except for the keyboard base and the screen borders which are covered with a plastic matte, but it is quite thin. A powerful laptop with a width of 378mm and depth at 260mm, the entire laptop weighs 2 kg. The fans are located on the left side far out of sight from the marvelous eye-mesmerizing appeal of the front design. Keyboard key space isn’t all that great but is sufficient enough to perform under most conditions (12.8 x 14.6 mm).


The Dell Inspirion provides a promising 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, 16:9 aspect ratio and pixel density of 100 ppi, at 0.253 x 0.253 mm pixel pitch. Unfortunately, it is advised not to view your screen from different angles as the colors will seem a bit faded or blurred, so keep your eyes straight for the best quality. Just so you understand exactly where this laptop’s display capabilities are at, it can easily run a 720p HD movie. This isn’t bad for casual use.


The Inspirion has high quality stereo speakers, making movies sound soft and clear. Music may be a bit disappointing as the speakers resonate low tunes quite poorly. There’s not much more I can say about the speakers, I wouldn’t advise you to listen to music without speakers, the maximum would be watching movies. It is best to get a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite tunes without noticing the laptop’s lack of low tone clarity.


As we have previously discussed in the design section, the keyboard is sufficient but nothing special, key space is at an average of ( 12.8 x 14.6 mm ). If you think that key space doesn’t matter then this shouldn’t be a deterring aspect, but if you’re considering any gaming on this laptop then you might have to make due with what it has. For average users,I would say that this laptop fits your needs very well.


Again nothing fancy with this touchpad. It is fast and responsive but not great at executing multiple functions.

Temperature (Heating and Cooling):

Due to the powerful processor the Dell Inspirion hosts, it is crucial that the cooling system here is top notch, and it is. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 65°C/149°F, which doesn’t necessarily mean you should push it to that limit but it can endure if you plan on working it out.


The CPU is clocked at 2.5 GHz and can go up to 3.1 GHz for one active core or 3.0 GHz for two active cores. Thanks to its sixth generation Intel core i7 it can handle an array of commands while seeming smooth without any pauses in the middle of your work. Our candidate features a 4GB AMD RADEON graphics card, which is not bad but again it isn’t anything great. Yet do not get discouraged, because I prefer to use NVIDIA which is a lot better at running graphics than AMD. For an overall review on its gaming potential it would score an easy 7/10. The laptop is very well capable of running games at the highest settings but it starts to diminish once you start playing bigger, better, and more graphic dependent games.

Graphics :

A 4GB AMD RADEON graphics card can do well when playing most games but I won’t delve into that again. Let us examine the laptop’s 3D potential. It is not great and requires a lot of configuration to find the best balance under optimal conditions. However, you will most probably set the graphics at the minimum settings to play through any high-end games.

Battery Life:

Here is where the Inspirion makes a comeback with a superb long lasting battery which could last an approximate of four and a half hours.  If you are gaming then that will be reduced by almost a third lasting for three hours maximum. The battery life is not bad at all, earning an easy 9/10. Please note that when gaming on battery life alone performance will suffer greatly, so keep it brief when on the move.


For what it offers, the price is great but it all differs depending on what you’re looking for and what you want it to do. (8,499 EGP)

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This laptop isn’t bad at all; it offers a lot for a decent price. There is nothing bad that stands out right away but as soon as you get used to it, you might start noticing one or two hiccups. Overall it is a good buy, pure and simple. If you are wondering whether or not this laptop is for you then let me make it easier. For an average user, this is a great buy and you would feel satisfied when using it. For a work oriented individual then this would do nicely as well. It may seem the least appealing to gamers who demand maximum performance from their systems.

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