Electric Ovens vs. Gas Ovens: Which Should I Get?


By: Noha Nasrat & Yara Elhemaily

Over the years, the gas ovens were the most widely spread and had the highest usage by most houses. With the advancement in technology and homeware, the electric ovens appeared and their popularity and the demand on them increased considerably. Confusion increased regarding which is the best type and what type produces the best results without affecting the quality of food.

This is why, at Yaoota, we decided to make a comparison outlining all the pros and cons of each type to help you make your purchase decision, which most of the time is not an easy one to make.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

Quick Tips Before Purchasing

  • Be sure to choose the right size for your kitchen space, as there are many ovens in the market with different sizes. There are mainly two types:
  1. The traditional ovens that come with the stove as a single unit and have burners on top of the oven for heating.
  2. The built-in ovens that occupy a special space only in built-in kitchens.

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  • Make sure that the oven is a good heat insulator so that it does not damage the kitchen’s surfaces.
  • The best thing is to choose an oven with an internal fan to help distribute the heat evenly.
  • Be sure to buy an oven with a transparent door that you can see the food through without the need to open the door every once in a while, which may affect the heat and quality of food.
  • Make sure that the oven has all the programs you need, because the ovens usually have a lot of programs that people do not need, such as the self-cleaning program or the professional baking program.


Electric Oven

Gas Oven

Safety Factor

  • It is considered the most secure device, but in case of occurrence of short circuits, fires may occur. Overall, however, it is safer, especially that it comes as a separate unit of the stove, so you can put it on a high place that is out of children’s reach.
  • A gas leakage may occur, causing suffocation. It works with flame burners, which may cause harm in case of the presence of children.


  • It takes a longer time when heating, causing some of the pastries to dry. However, many people prefer using it when baking because most of the bakeries use the electric oven in baking pastries (except pizza and the likes, of course) and it ends up being delicious.
  • It has very good results with the stuff that need longer time of baking or cooking.
  • It gives good results, because it is fast when heating, but at the same time, it may give negative results due to the unevenness of the flame, which leaves the food not cooked very well.

Heat Distribution

  • In the case of the presence of a fan, it is characterized by distributing heat evenly, which helps the food be cooked in a better way.
  • It does not distribute the heat evenly, which may cause the food to be not very well cooked. Moreover, the high temperature may cause the burning of parts of it.

Sustainability of Operation

  • In the event of power failure during operation, damage my happen to the internal parts of the device, especially pastries.
  • Ensuring continuity of operation in case of natural gas at home.
  • Operation is interrupted every now and then in case of using pipes, which may damage the food.

Temperature Degrees

  • Easy to control the temperature with the possibility of adjusting the timer so that the operation stops at a specified timing, as there is a thermal regulator to maintain the temperature.
  • The temperature can be adjusted as desired, but the degree of heat can vary from one oven to another.


  • It takes longer time to warm and cook the food, but this may go back to the capacity of the electric oven.
  • It warms quickly and cooks quicker.

Consumption Rate

  • It consumes a lot of electricity, and therefore increases the electricity bill.
  • It consumes little gas, and therefore does not affect the electricity bill largely.

Ease of Use

  • Easy to use and does not need more than plugging the cord, but you may experience a problem in case of power failure.
  • It is characterized by having several operating systems; the choice between them should be according to the nature of usage, whether grill, cooking on the surface or the bottom or well cooking.
  • In case of the presence of gas as a source of power, the operation is easy; however, you may face a problem if you have a tube of gas that needs to be changed periodically.


  • Easy to clean, but you have to be sure before operation that it has no water inside it to avoid the possibility of the occurrence of a short circuit.
  • Some ovens have the self-cleaning feature where the temperature is raised until the fats are dissolved inside it, which facilitates later clearing and cleaning them.


  • Lower in cost and have different models at low prices according to the capacity and specifications.
  • They have the highest selling cost.

User Experience and Evaluation

The user experience of any product makes a big difference when we are thinking of buying a certain product, and the experiences of people who used the product before affect our decision highly; so, we tried to know more about the experiences of people who used the gas ovens and the electric ovens, and these were most of the views they had after trying the products:

  • There were different opinions regarding the baking of cakes and pastries:
    – First View: The electric oven gives better results, as the heat distribution is even, unlike the gas oven that sometimes does not bake pastries very well.

    – Second View: The gas oven is better and it produces soft pastries and cakes, but the electric ovens make them dry, as they take longer time to bake.
  • The presence of a gas tube at the house made some women resort to the electric oven to avoid the hassle of disassembling and installing the tube, especially that they were exposed to embarrassing situations during gatherings when the tube was discharged at these critical events.
  • Some ladies see that the gas oven is considered the best option, as the electricity bills increased incredibly recently.

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In the end, the experiences of people are just a guide to help you, but the experience after purchase may vary from one person to another according to personal experience during cooking.

*Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

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