Call Touch C8i: A Tablet for Internet Surfers and Bookworms


By: Mohamed Adel & Heidi Soliman

Call Touch C8i‘s wide horizontal screen and modest features make it a suitable tablet for those who love reading, surfing the internet, and those who use simple apps.

Below, Yaoota will provide you with a review, pros and cons of Call Touch C8i tablet.

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Call Touch C8i Pros:

  • 7-inch-high quality screen.
  • Adequate experience with the tablet’s built-in camera.
  • The device accepts an additional memory card up to 32GB.
  • Comes in many colors (white, black and blue).

Call Touch C8i Cons:

  • Small internal memory capacity.
  • The device’s performance is a bit slow.
  • It has to be used horizontally and cannot be used vertically.

Call Touch C8i Review


  • The device’s design is basic but strange. The camera is in the middle, which forces users to use it in a horizontal position. The volume buttons and switch on/off button have also been placed to fit the device’s horizontal position.
  • On the right side of the device are the volume buttons, the headphone jack, and the memory card slot.
  • On the very top of the tablet is the switch on/off button.
  • On the top front of the screen is the front camera.
  • The secondary camera and the built-in flash are located on the back of the device.
  • At the bottom is the speaker output.


User Review

  • The tablet’s design makes it natural for the user to use it for reading. Also, its horizontal position makes it suitable to watch movies and videos.
  • The design of the tablet is not practical to use it with only one hand. Also, it is not practical for chatting or using apps.



The device has a 7-inch-high quality screen.

User Review

The screen offers an average clarity and definition. The tablet does not display highly advanced graphics, which makes users lose their engagement during watching videos or playing games.



  • The device runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.
  • The device works with a dual-core processor (1.2 GHz), RAM (512 MB), and an internal memory (4GB) with the ability to accept an additional memory card up to 32GB.

User Review

  • The performance of the device is good when using simple apps, but cannot run more than one app at once.
  • The device is a good choice for surfing the internet, using simple apps, and for chatting. But when it comes to advanced graphics, the tablet performs poorly and does not play these graphics in high definition.



The tablet has one front camera (0.3MP) and one back camera (0.3MP).

User Review

The camera’s performance is less than average.

The image quality is poor, and so the tablet is not the perfect choice for those who wish to capture memorable moments. The quality of the camera will hinder the details of the photo.


  • The battery is considered one of the tablet’s key features (2800mAh).

User Review

  • The battery’s performance is good and allows 8 hours of voice calling


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