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By Khaled Essem & Heidi Soliman  

Your kitchen does not have to be the place for only preparing food and cooking, don’t miss the opportunity to make it a place for enjoyment and fun. If you equip your kitchen with the right appliances you could enjoy the time you spend there. At Yaoota, we will show you a few appliances that won’t take up a big space and will make things easier. It will also make you fast on your feet around the kitchen. And will make things more enjoyable for you and your family. Thanks to the technological advances we have nowadays new kitchen products became more exciting. So, we made a list of the best modern appliances that you need in your kitchen to transform it to a present-day & more practical kitchen. If you like any of these products, click on Yaoota’s link provided and place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

* Product prices in the article are the prices listed in the stores when the article was published. The prices may vary according to the market supply and demand.

Best kitchen appliances and devices

1- Fresh FMW-42KC-S Microwave Oven – 42 Litres

Microwaves became an essential item in every kitchen, because it has many special features and it doesn’t need to be very expensive. This Fresh model is the best product available in this category pricing. It’s large capacity of 42L and 1100W power makes it a great buy. Also, it comes with LED screen, and a digital touch control. It saves electricity and serves its common microwave features such as fast heating and defrosting. In addition to making popcorn and heating beverages in the fastest time possible and without any effort. 

Check out the Fresh FMW-42KC-S Microwave Oven – 42 Litres here.

And for more microwaves available on Yaoota check here. 

2- Braun Multiquick 7


There are many kinds of hand mixers available in the market and many of them are much cheaper than this model. However, it is difficult to find a product that will provide you with the same features that you could get from this Braun model. This product is made in Poland and manufactured by the German company, Braun, offers great quality features for a hand blender. You can use it to blend fruits, vegetables, make juices or crush ice. It could also be used to whip eggs and mix batter. All of this could be done thanks to the many additional accessories that come with it. The additional accessories could be easily cleaned and used. Using this handy tool around the kitchen will make kitchen tasks more enjoyable and less tiring.  

Check out the Braun MQ 785 Multiquick here.

And for other models of hand mixers check here.

3- Waffle & sandwich maker Mienta SM27409A


This appliance would come in handy when your kids need waffles or a panini sandwich. The sandwich/waffle maker has many features that are useful to have around the kitchen, for instance, you can use it to toast bread, melt cheese, or make any kind of healthy grilled sandwich. And you can do all these things easily and without a lot of time or effort. You won’t need to worry so much about cleaning it as well.

Check out the Mienta SM27409A here. 

For more types of waffle/sandwich makers on Yaoota, check here.

4-Dessert Frozen Black and Gray Ice Cream Treat Maker

Ice cream is adored by children as well as adults. We can’t think of something better than making ice cream from the comfort of our home. With this ice cream maker you can do so and have a healthier alternative to ice cream. Have as many as you want guilt-free and don’t worry about your waistline. It’s time to make your favorite ice cream in your own kitchen by choosing the kind and amount of fruits to put in. There’s no need to add milk or sugar. With Fruits only create your favorite fresh healthy homemade ice cream. If the idea sounds deseriable, buy this machine and turn fruits into creamy dense texture made with natural ingredients in your own kitchen. 

Check out the Dessert Frozen Black and Gray Ice Cream Treat Maker.

And for more ice cream makers on Yaoota, click here.

5- De’Longhi Scultura Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Beige, ECZ 351.BG

One of the best popular coffee machines available in the market. It has many great features, such as having the capacity of 1.4L water tank, dual filter, and it has a tray for reheating cups. This machine will guarantee an ultimate cup of coffee. If you prefer to drink it with milk, cream or foam this coffee machine gives you the choice to make cappuccino, latte, espresso and more. It is compatible to use with coffee grounds or capsules. 

Check out the De’Longhi Scultura Pump Espresso Coffee Machine – Beige, ECZ 351.BG here.

For more coffee machines on Yaoota, check here.

And for more home & dining appliances on Yaoota, check here.

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