Best Laptops Starting From 2400 EGP


By Ayman Rabii & Translated by Alaa Abu-Naji

In this time, no one can spare having a lap top because it’s a necessity in jobs and schools. Even if you do not have to use laptops at those places you will definitely need it for connecting with friends and for leisure. So, when this deterministic decision of buying a laptop pops up and you start searching for one, you would be dazzled by the many options available in the market. This is why we decided to help our Yaoota customers by providing them with a guide of the most famous brands, their qualities, and prices which all start from 2444 Egyptian Pound. This will help you buy the one that suits your needs and your pocket. Last but not least, Yaoota lets you buy your product from the comfort of your home with the best prices available.

Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

Brand & Model Advantages Disadvantages Price
  • AMD Processor E1-6015 very close performance to Intel i3
  • Screen contains a backlight
  • Light weight
  • Screen reflects light in open spaces
  • Lacks a VGA output
EGP 2,444
LenovoIdeapad 100-15
  • Thin and easy to carry
  • Big screen
  • Fast processor for its price
  • Does not run advanced programs with great efficiency
  • Cannot run huge 3D games
  • It slows down when many browser tabs are opened.
EGP 2,555
  • Bright screen light
  • VGA output
  • Relatively small screen
  • Screen card cannot process highly sophisticated graphics in games, but with a decrease in some settings
EGP 2,559
DellInspiron 15 3542
  • Battery lasts for 4 hours
  • Spaces in the keyboard and touch board are very good
  • Performance is less than expected compared to other capabilities.
  • Vision angles in the screen are limited
EGP 2,849
  • Brightness is good in closed spaces
  • Operates with no noise
  • Heat of the laptop is very low (36 C) even with extended working hours
  • Cannot process highly sophisticated graphics in games, but with a decrease in some settings.
  • Using it in bright spaces is very hard.
EGP 3,399


  • Good screen colors and clear details
  • Intel Core i3 processor, fifth generation
  • Light reflecting screen, that does not work efficiently in day light
EGP 3,366
LenovoIdeapad 100-15
  • An affordable Core i3 processor
  • Big screen size
  • Storage size is 1 TB
  • Only two USB outputs
  • No VGA output
  • Low volume speakers
EGP 3,377
LenovoGaming G50-45
  • 2 GHz Processor and temporal memory
  • Advanced screen card to process game graphics of all kinds.
  • Clear screen in bright spaces
  • Outer body made of plastic
  • Laptop edges are sharp
EGP 4,275
LenovoG40-80 i5
  • i5 fifth generation fast processor with RAM of 6 GB, which provides its users a fast performance regardless of quality and quantity of tasks.
  • VGA output available
  • Battery life decreases with regular usage
EGP 4,700

Less than 3000 E.P. Laptops

HP 15-af102ne


This lap top is more than enough if all you want from buying one is to browse the web, write, edit documents, watch movies/ videos, and perform all the basic tasks. This is a perfect for home use and will keep your pocket comfortable.


  • Screen: 12.6 inch HD Bright-View, backlight (x 768 1366)
  • Processor:  AMD Dual-Core E1-6015 APU with Radeon R2 Graphics (1.4 GHz, 1 MB cache)
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM (1 x 2 GB)
  • Screen Card: AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
  • Storage: 500 Gigabyte HDD 5,400 RPM
  • Outputs: 1 HDMI; 1 headphone/microphone combo; 2 USB 2.0;1 USB 3.0;1 RJ-45; 1 multi-format SD media card reader
  • Battery life expectancy: 4 hours

Advantages of HP 15-af102ne

  • Processor E1-6015 AMD is very close in performance to Intel i3 and provides high efficiency in performing average tasks such as watching videos, document formatting, and editing images (Photoshop).
  • Screen possess a backlight, very bright, Colorful, to provide you the best experience watching movies and viewing images.
  • Easy to carry for its thinness and light weight.              

Disadvantages of HP 15-af102ne

  • Even though screen colors are so clear and bright, but they reflect light in open spaces or in places that are too bright themselves, which may make using this laptop outside home not very comfortable.
  • The device may slow down when many search tabs are opened in the same time.
  • To be able to run games you may want to decrease the number of frames/sec so your device may not pause during the game.
  • The device does not contain a VGA output to connect it with screens that lack HDMI output, but this shouldn’t cause a problem since all modern screens do contain HDMI.

Check out HP 15-af102ne here, price starts from 2444 E.P.

Lenovo Ideapad 100-15


This is a Lenovo basic- tasks version. You can browse the internet easily, work, and watch movies with a medium quality. Its speed is good for opening multi-applications and your daily routines, but it slows down when many applications are opened in the same time. If this device is suitable to your usage rate then you may consider it an excellent deal.


  • Screen: 15.6 Inch, HD LED 1366*768 Pixels
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N2840 dual-core, Speed 2.16 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 Gigabits
  • Storage: 500 Gigabytes
  • Screen Card:  Intel HD Graphics GPU
  • Outputs: 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, RJ-45, Card Reader 1×4
  • Connectivity: 11 b/g/n WiFi  ، 10/100 LAN‏ ، Blutooth 4.0
  • Battery life: 3 hours

Advantages of Leovo Ideapad 100-15

  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • Wide, vibrant, clear screen and easy to view from all angels.
  • Unpolished surface that makes fingerprints invisible.
  • Fast processor in comparison to price; it is considered faster than other same priced laptops.

Disadvantages of Lenovo Ideapad 100-15

  • Structure is delicate and need to be carefully handled
  • Battery life is 3 hours only
  • Screen is not clear in sunlight
  • Efficiency is low when using sophisticated graphic programs because these programs need at least 6 GB to work without posing (This Laptop is only 4 GB)
  • Cannot open huge D3 games, but it is possible to open them using the least possible settings.
  • It slows down a little when many tabs are open
  • Speakers’ volume is of a medium quality
  • Doesn’t contain a VGA output which is necessary to connect it to screens who lack HDMI, but this shouldn’t cause a great problem since most new screen contain a HDMI output
  • Most outputs out there contain 3 outputs, however this one only contains 2 (USB 2.0, USB 3.0)
  • CapsLK and Num Lock buttons do not light when they are used unlike other Lenovo models.

Check out Lenovo Ideapad 100-15 (Intel Celeron) here, price starts at 2555 E.P.

HP 14-am002ne


If you need a laptop to browse the internet, check your e-mail, watch youtube videos, or read/write documents, and install simple games, then your perfect match would be the HP 14-am002ne. This is because it is from a reliable company and because it is reasonably priced.


  • Screen: 14 Inch, Bright view HD (1366×768 Pixels), WLED background light.
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3060, dual-core, speed 1.6 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 Gigabyte
  • Storage: HDD SATA, 500 gigabytes, speed 5400 rounds/sec
  • CD-Rom: SuperMulti DVD
  • Screen Card: 400 INTEL HD GRAPHIC
  • Outputs: 1 HDMI, shared output for headphones and microphones, 2 USB 2.0 outputs, 1 USB 3.0 output, RJ-45 output, multi settings output for storage cards.
  • Connectivity: 11 b/g/n Wifi, 10/100 LAN, Bluetooth 4.0‎
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of HP 14-am002ne

  • Elegant silver color
  • Bright, vibrant screen; it gives the best watching movies and images experience.
  • Light weight (1.94 Kg) small size (14 inches) makes it very portable.
  • Having a VGA output makes it easy to connect to an old fashioned screen that doesn’t possess an HDMI.
  • Speakers are of good quality for they produce pure and clear sounds.

Disadvantages of HP 14-am002ne

  • It is not suitable to work with in the brightness of the day because the screen reflects brightness.
  • Screen Card doesn’t process sophisticated games unless you reduce other settings including decreasing frames/sec.
  • When opening many settings and tabs, it kind of slows down.
  • Doesn’t suit those who work with numbers and statistics for it doesn’t include numbers in its small sized keyboard.

Checkout HP 14-am002nehere, price starts at 2599 EGP

Dell Inspiron 15 3542


Dell’s laptop 3542 is considered the best option for those who are looking for advanced specifications, a big screen, and a reasonable price. This laptop can run sophisticated high-graph games smoothly. It is a bit heavier than other laptops, but who cares if it has all the other advantages for your dealing with dell 3542!


  • Screen: 15.6, screen accuracy HD (1366×768 Pixels)
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 2957U, speed 1.4 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 Gigabytes
  • Storage: 500 Gigabytes
  • CD-Rom: Optical DVDRW drive
  • Screen Card: Intel HD Graphics GPU Integrated (Built In)
  • Outputs: Contains 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI , 1 RG-45 output, 2×1 (MMC, SD) card reader, shared output for speakers and microphone.
  • Connectivity: 11 b/g/n Wifi, 10/100 LAN, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Battery life: 4 hour

Advantages of Dell Inspiron 15 3542

  • Keyboard is smooth and there is a comfortable space between keys, providing an easy and a fun writing experience. Also, the touch screen makes it even easier to control and deal with your laptop.
  • If you value your privacy and want to keep what appears on your screen confidential, then this laptop is the one to seek.
  • Tight angels are usually a disadvantage because it makes viewing the screen harder for those who do not sit directly in front of the laptop. However, if you are looking for confidentiality this is the one laptop that will provide it.

 Disadvantages of Dell Inspiron 15 3542

  • Processor’s specifications are average; performance may be below level in comparison to its other capabilities. For example: it slows down when many programs are run together in the same time.
  • Angels of vision are very small; you would not be able to have a view from any slant angel. Your vision should be straight to have the best view possible.
  • Screen doesn’t have the anti-reflection feature, this is why it might become hard to use the laptop in any bright place, especially out of home.
  • Accuracy of colors is not very high, but it is fair enough for many users.

Check out Dell Inspiron 15 3542 – Intel Celeron here, price starts at EGP 2849

Laptops less than 5000 EGP

Lenovo G5045


This is an above average quality laptop. It works efficiently with daily programs and popular applications. It can run design programs such as photo shop, yet not intensely. One of its best qualities is that it has a huge storage capacity, which will make your belongings safe in one place.


  • Screen: 15.6 Inch, HD (1366×768 Pixels) Anti-Glare, LED background light
  • Processor: AMD E1-6010, dual-core, speed 1.35 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 gigabytes
  • Storage: HDD 1 Terabyte 
  • Screen card: Integrate AMD Radeon R4
  • Outputs: 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI , 1 VGA , 1 Rg-45 , 1×2 (MMC, SD) card reader, and a shared output for speakers and microphone.
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Connectivity: 11 b/g/n WiFi , 10/100 LAN, Blutooth 4.0
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of Lenovo G5045:

  • Has an easy and comfortable to use keyboard with flexible buttons for fast and accurate typing.
  • Contains a power saving system, which provides an extra time of functioning before shutting down.
  • Screen’s brightness is good in closed spaces.
  • Contains a VGA output that connects to old screens which lacks HDMI output.
  • The laptops functions without any noise.
  • The laptop doesn’t heat up even after long hours of work. Its maximum degree is 36 Celsius.

Disadvantages of Lenovo G5045

  • It cannot process highly sophisticated graphical games unless it reduces other game’s settings and decrease the frames/second.
  • Even though the screen is Anti-Glare which allows easy vision in bright spaces, this lap top still lacks good brightness. This represents a challenge if you use it out in the sun.
  • The vision’s angel is kind of tight, clear vision requires an angel of 30 degrees minimum.
  • Keyboards do not contain the light up option, which makes it really hard to use it in the dark.
  • It is made up of a firm plastic structure; however it still needs to be handled with care for it can be effected with strong knocks.

Checkout Lenovo G5045 Laptop – 1TB HDD, price starts at 3399 EGP.

Lenovo Ideapad 100-15


Lenovo Ideapad 100-15 is considered by the majority as an average lap top. Still, it contains great abilities such as running advanced programs with great efficiency. By buying this laptop, you can run basic tasks such as editing documents, viewing image and videos, browsing the internet smoothly and quickly, and using advanced programs for image editing.


  • Screen: 15.6 Inch ( 768×1366 Pixels) LED background light
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 fifth generation, speed 2 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 Gigahertz
  • Storage: 1 Terabyte
  • Screen card: Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • Output: 1 USB 2.0 , 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1×4 card reader,  RJ-45, and a shared output for speakers and microphones.
  • Weight: 3 KG
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of Lenovo Ideapad 100-15

  • Fairly priced, for it Core i3 processor.
  • High speed and efficiency with advanced program, thanks to the huge cache memory (3 Megabyte) and processor’s speed (2 Gigahertz).
  • Comfortable to use keyboard for a smooth typing experience.
  • Works with almost no noise.
  • Storage ability is 1 Terabyte which is almost all you need to store different types of files.
  • Does not produce much heat.
  • Big screen that is perfect for watching movies and graphics.

Disadvantages of Lenovo Ideapad 100-15

  • Some users reported difficulties running Windows 10 on this laptop.
  • The switch on button is placed in an unusual place.
  • Contains only 2 USB outputs on the left side; while most laptops contain 3.
  • There is no VGA output; this is why it cannot be connected to any other screen that doesn’t possess HDMI.
  • CapsLK and Num Lock do not light up when pressed. This may confuse you while writing.
  • Speakers are rather of low volume. Nevertheless, the volume is of wonderful quality while using headphones.
  • Outer Structure is made of firm plastic, which requires care and caution when carrying it around.

Check out Lenovo Ideapad 100-15, price starts at 3799 EGP.

HP 15-ac118ne – Intel Core i3



  • Screen: 15.6 Inches, Bright view, (768×1366 Pixels), and LED background light.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3, dual-core fifth generation, speed of 2 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 4 Gigabytes
  • Storage: 500 Gigabytes
  • Screen Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • Outputs: 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, card reader 1×4, RJ-45, and a shared output for speakers and microphones.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of HP 15-ac118ne

  • Good quality of colors, and clear details
  • The fifth generation Intel core i3 processor with Intel HD Graphics 5500 fast screen card gives an excellent performance, even with sophisticated graphics.

Disadvantages of HP 15-ac118ne

  • The laptop’s screen reflects light and therefore doesn’t work well in any bright place.
  • This lap top does not contain a VGA output.

Check out HP 15-ac118ne here, price starts at 3699 EGP.

Lenovo Gaming G50-45


This laptop has above average qualities, performs multi tasks, and its price is affordable. It enjoys a slim design, light in weight, and many specifications. It is considered to be the best option for those who work hard and play hard for it offers advanced programs for work like editing pictures and making videos and still lets you enjoy your time with basic tasks and playing games. It is recommended for all enthusiastic gamers who do not want to exhaust their pockets.


  • Screen: 15.6 Inches, Anti-Glare, (768*1366 Pixels), LED background light
  • Processor: AMD A6-6310, 1.8 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 6 Gigabytes
  • Storage: 1 Terabyte
  • Screen Card:  2GB AMD Radeon R4 Dedicated GPU
  • Outputs: 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3, RJ-45, storing output 2×1 ( (MMC/SD)
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of Lenovo Gaming G50-45

  • This laptop has a speedy processor of 2 Gigahertz and a huge memory of 6 Gigabyte; this is why it can run all kinds of advanced programs, even video editing. It can also handle many opened applications at the same time without affecting their speed.
  • This laptop has an advanced screen card which makes it possible to run both sophisticated graphical games and videos with high accuracy.
  • Screen is very bright with vibrant colors even in the day and bright light because it is Anti-Glare.
  • It weighs 2.1 Kg which is considered light.
  • It functions with very little noise.
  • The laptop doesn’t heat up quickly which allows one to use it for many hours with no disturbance.
  • Taking a picture using the laptop produces an average quality; however downloading windows 10 shall produce a much better accuracy outcome.
  • Contains a VGA output which will help you connect it to screens which do not have an HDMI output.

Disadvantages of Lenovo Gaming G50-45

  • Typing professionals were unsatisfied with the keyboard buttons’ precision, but regular users were comfortable with them.
  • The outer structure is made up of delicate plastic that requires special caution.
  • The edges of this laptop are kind of sharp which makes it slightly uncomfortable to carry it by hand

Check out Lenovo Gaming G50-45, price starts at 4275.

Lenovo g4080 i5


Lenovo g4080 is an advanced settings laptop. It contains all what you need to perform desk jobs, browse the internet, design graphics, watch movies, play games, and store all kind of files due to its big storage.  Not to mention, how portable and light it is. It is the ultimate item for those who run a multi-task kind of lifestyle.


  • Screen: 14 Inches, (1366×768 Pixels), LED background light
  • Processor: Intel Core i5, dual-core fifth generation, speed 2.2 Gigahertz
  • RAM: 6 Gigabytes
  • Storage: HDD 1 Terabyte
  • Screen card: AMD Radeon R5-M230, separate 2 Gigabyte temporal RAM memory
  • Outputs: 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3, 1 RJ-45, storing output 1×2 ( MMC/SD), and a shared speakers and microphone output.
  • Weight: 2.1 Kg
  • Battery life: 4 hours

Advantages of Lenovo g4080 i5

  • The i5 fifth generation processor is very fast in this lap top with a relatively huge cache ( 3 Megabytes). In addition it has 6 Gigabytes RAM which allows running multiple programs in the same time no matter how sophisticated these programs are.
  • The volume that comes out of the speakers is very clear and loud.
  • The laptop doesn’t heat up much no matter how long it has been working.
  • Keyboard is easy and comfortable to use.
  • Contains a VGA which allow it to connect to screens that do not have an HDMI output.

Disadvantages of Lenovo g4080 i5

  • The touch screen can get annoying when using it, for example it doesn’t respond accurately to fingerprints.
  • Battery life decreases to an obvious degree with frequent usage.
  • Regardless of the screen’s accuracy and its vibrant colors, it reflects light at some angels which will prohibit clear vision in daylight and bright spaces.

Check out Lenovo g4080 i5 here, price starts at 4700 EGP

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