“Back to School” is not a nightmare.. Easy steps for a happy academic year



“Back to school,” many people think of this statement as a nightmare itself. What about finding new ways to look at this statement, so you can find joy and benefit, without having to wait for the vacation as the patient waits for the cure. Check the plan Yaoota designed for you to have an enjoyable semester.

Why should we welcome the new semester?

Changing our attitude towards the new semester is a huge favor because many kids panic as a result of this tensioned atmosphere. Of course, parents have all the right to panic because of the school budget, school supplies, books, uniform…etc. All of these reasons in addition to the fact that the parents are always worried about the grades and their children’s future can cause quite a fright.

Some quick steps to make life easier

What do we expect from our kids? To be successful and get high grades, or the opposite? Of course, no one wants the opposite. But do you actually expect a fruitful and joyful semester, while you’re that tense, and angry? Do you think this is a good start for a kid or even a teenager? Even though parents are always exhausted and have infinity of things to do, but honestly, most of the time you’re the reason behind all of this, as you don’t plan well, and after all of this you expect the kid to be Einstein.

Plan well, and no pressure

  • Know your budget; this is an inevitable thing to do before the new school year, or even before registering your first kid to school.
  • Know your budget, so you don’t overload yourself
  • Find a school that suits your budget, meets your educational expectations, and brings up your kid to be a healthy smart person.
  • Don’t think about getting your kid into a school that’s higher than your budget, because it will fire back on your child and your whole life.
  • If you choose the best fitting school, this will give you a surplus of money so you and your family can go out and have fun every now and then. Plus it will give you more stability and flexibility to save up for whatever you need.
  • This way, your child will live in a healthy atmosphere, so he/she can be productive, and happy.
  • You, as parents will enjoy your life without any overload.

Time management

  • Managing your time and tasks, makes a huge difference. If you plan well, and distribute the tasks amongst all family members, things will be much easier, faster and better.
  • Make your older children responsible for younger siblings, as they can help them with preparing their school bags, and their studying schedules

Check this link for school bags here.

  • Tasks should be distributed between the two parents. One should buy the notebooks, and the other should cover it, or manage the whole name tickets thingy.
  • Do all of this while smiling, and laughing with your children, as this process can be either a bore or a fun activity. Motivate your children to be successful and special, through making it a fruitful new school year.

Your children have nothing to do with your financial problems. You should provide them with a healthy, and happy environment, so they can be successful, and productive, so your stress and overload can pay off. By being successful, they don’t have to get A’s all the way, or even get average grades as they can be excelling more in sports or music and you should encourage that as well.

School stage is not the end of the world

  • Don’t overwhelm your children about school, grades, and graduation.
  • You should understand that every single human has different talents, and capabilities. So you child won’t get the exact grades like his brother, or sister, or classmate.
  • Find your child’s favorite subject, and get more in depth into it. Of course, focus on all the subjects, but give this one more importance, as he must be enjoying it more.
  • What your children like will shape their future. So allow them to have their own dreams that don’t include your own dream that you couldn’t achieve yourself.
  • Let your children be free to choose whom they want to be.
  • Don’t be an obstacle in their way of achieving their dreams.

Help your children

  • If your children love drawing and painting, get them sketches, and painting supplies. Let them learn some designing programs like Photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign.
  • If they love learning languages, and reading novels, get them new books and help them learn new languages.
  • If they want to be the next Einstein, don’t make fun of their dreams. Help them by providing some magazines like national geographic, and let them watch scientific channels. The results will be brilliant, trust me.
  • To the children who are fond of math, and calculations, motivate them and help them without looking down at their young dreams. They can be the future Steve jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Life needs so many people, other than doctors, and engineers.  The world needs more unique people. Let your children do what they want so they can be brilliant, and make you proud.

The choice is yours and your smile is a very strong weapon…  You can choose a happy, relaxed life with time management, your knowledge of your budget, and task distribution, or a messy life that will make your overwhelmed with no fruitful results.

It’s easy to be happy. You just need to plan well, so you can achieve your goals.

Plan well and you will live happily.

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