Athletic Man Essentials


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir

Sports are inevitable for many men, not only to stay in shape, but it’s more of a lifestyle and an important aspect of their daily lives; as it’s the easiest and most fun way to get rid of negative energy, recharge power and stay healthy. While going to the gym or club can be fun, but preparing what to wear and what to wear can sometimes be a bit hectic, and this is why Yaoota brought you some essential items to help you exercise and even if you’re new to sports, Yaoota will let you know the must have items for your new lifestyle. Check out these items; order what ever you need online from the comfort of your own home.

1. Half sleeves t-shirt

It’s made of high quality cotton, which will absorb your sweat during the training; as a result, it will keep your skin healthy and soft. It’s super cozy and works for summer and winter.

Offered for EGP 65

Find this t-shirt here

2. Adidas sports shoes

It has a sleek design, as well as a light weight to help you wear it easily. It’s made of superior quality to fulfill your needs as a sporty guy. It’s durable and will help you move easily and enjoy your exercises.

Offered for EGP 635

Find this sports shoes here

3. Easy Shaver

It’s light, easily used and cleaned. It’s perfectly designed for athletes, as it saves time and effort. You can easily take it everywhere in your sports bag whenever you go to the club or the gym; you can also take it in trips and camps.

Offered for EGP 235

Find this shaver here

4. Sports pants

Inevitable for every sporty guy. It’s made of a soft cozy material, absorbs sweat quickly and is very comfortable.

Offered for EGP 568

Find these sports pants here

5. Blue backpack

If you go to the gym frequently, you will definitely need a bag to carry all your stuff in one place. This Backpack is an excellent choice, as its easy t carry and very light. It has many pockets so you arrange and find your stuff fast. You can also take it everywhere.

Offered for EGP 107

Find this backpack here 

6. Sports socks

Cotton socks are the best for sport as they help keep your skin healthy and clean. That’s why Yaoota brought you this pack of 4 socks; they’re available in black and white to pick your favorite color.

Offered for EGP 93

Find these socks here

7. Men’s perfume

Yaoota presents you two perfumes that are inspired by the most popular international soccer teams to pick your favorite to feel fresh and energetic all the day long.

Real Madrid perfume

100ml for all Real Madrid fans

Offered for EGP 175

Find this Real Madrid perfume here 

Barcelona perfume

100ml for Barcelona fans.

Offered for EGP 185

Find this Barcelona perfume here 

8. Cool gear sports water bottle

You can now keep your water cool for the longest possible time. It’s made of a double wall material to isolate sunlight especially in summer. It’s made of anti-rusting stainless. It has a spill proof slider lid, with a wide mouth opening so you can drink easily while exercising.

Offered for EGP 75

Find this water sports bottle here

9. Deodorant spray from Adidas

If you intend to play sports, never forget to spray some deodorant so you can smell good and feel fresh through out your exercise. You can also keep it in your bag, as you will need it whenever you work out, especially in summer.

Offered for EGP 29.90

Find this Adidas Deodorant here

10. Casio sports watch

It’s a digital watch that fits all your needs amazingly. It’s durable, as it’s made of a high quality material that won’t irritate your skin or change color or texture when you sweat. It’s big size and clear numbers will make it easy for you to see the time and use the stopwatch throughout your training.

Offered for EGP 330

Find this watch here

11. MP3 with memory card slot

To listen to your favorite music and enjoy the energetic mood, you will need this small portable mp3. Even if you don’t have a pocket, you can attach it to your t-shirt or pants. You can also add an external memory card or a USB to get a 32GB space; you will also get a 2GB free memory card. Listening to music while exercising will make it more fun and energetic. And playing music from your mobile will empty the battery fast, so it’s better to play it from another device.

Offered for EGP 65

Find this mp3 here 

12. Sweatshirt

You will need this in winter because it’s made of soft warming material. It’s 100% cotton and available in all sizes, even for strong built people.

Offered for EGP 249.99

Find this sweatshirt here

Yaoota wishes you a great sports day!

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