Archos 101 Xenon Lite: A Good Choice for Internet Users

By: Mohamed Adel & Esraa Osama

Thanks to its large screen, Archos 101 Xenon Lite tablet is a perfect choice for Internet lovers and light applications users, and those who need to follow up with their daily emails/or casual readings. With many other features, we are here in this article presenting the pros and cons of this tablet.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article has been published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

Archos 101 Xenon Lite Pros

  • Large screen: 10.1 inches.
  • A satisfactory shooting experience.
  • High capacity battery.
  • Good internal memory.
  • Supports using two sim cards.

Archos 101 Xenon Lite Cons

  • The device performance is a bit slow.
  • A bit heavy: 505 grams.

Archos 101 Xenon Lite Features


  • Good and light design. However, it is shaped horizontally and that imposes on the user a certain position of use.
  • Volume control buttons and the power button are located at the top.
  • The speaker slot and a USB slot for charging and data transfer are located on the right.
  • The camera lens is found at the top of the front side.

User Experience

  • The tablet design is traditional but it gives the user the ability to handle it easily.
  • The device is made of strong plastic that is well resistant against scratching and shocks.


  • The tablet features a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels.

User Experience

The screen offers medium accuracy and clarity. Yet, the experience will not be the best when you use it to watch HD or 4K videos because it will not provide the same high-quality videos, and therefore will not be enjoyed by the user.


  • Runs on Android 4.2 Kit Kat system.
  • Works with the processor MT-8382 dualcore fast frequency 1.3 GHz, along with 1 GB of RAM, and an internal memory of 16 GB, processor and graphics Mali-400, and accepts an additional memory card up to 64 GB.

User Experience

  • Good performance with multi-tasking.
  • The tablet suffers slow performance when operating advanced graphics, and gets a bit warm. Also, it is weak in processing images.


The tablet comes with a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-megapixel front camera.

User Experience

The experience of photography is good compared to its price. Also, it is satisfactory for some fast family photos.


  • The Battery is the most important feature of the device that the company focuses on, as the tablet comes with a battery with a capacity of 4000 mA.
  • Not interchangeable.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Allows 7 hours of video playback.


Check out Archos 101 Xenon Lite here.

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