iPhone 6 Review


By Nadia Hussien & Translation by Magy Ghaly

Yaoota would like to introduce this review to illustrate the pros and cons of Apple iPhone 6. iPhone 6 is a great device, fascinating performance, with a very distinctive design and high manufacturing quality. But you have to accept its flaws or search for another mobile in the same price range that might offer you better features.

We will start first with the pros and cons of iPhone 6 and then we will explain the specifications in details.

iPhone 6 pros

  1. iPhone 6 is elegant, fast and of high manufacturing quality.
  2. It has a fast processor which means a spectacular and fast performance with no problems.
  3. The screen is of gorgeous display and vivid colors.
  4. Includes fingerprint and health app sensor.
  5. Operating system iOS 8.

iPhone 6 cons

*iPhone 6 has some flaws that you cannot disregard especially with its high price.

  1. Still the limited memory of the internal storage is a problem, for example, with the choice of a 16 GB memory, the system memory will take up to 4 GB. So after one year, you will face the nagging issues of the lack of storage when you have already stored images and videos and downloaded applications and games. And there would be no other option unless you delete some files or move it to your personal computer or any other device.
  2.  iPhone 6 of the maximum storage of 128 GB is offered with a much higher price, so choosing the suitable storage might be a bit confusing and exhausting.
  3. It is also flawed with the low battery life.
  4. The front facing camera is of low quality, but it captures good shots in low light.

The price of Apple iPhone 6 in Egypt

iPhone 6 price starts at EGP 5845

Find  the price of Apple iPhone 6 in Egypt here

*prices may vary from time to time according to the stores offering the product.

iPhone 6 review

Design and other features

  • iPhone 6 is introduced with an elegant and fascinating design as usual. Apple presented yet another iPhone with strong durability and high manufacturing quality. It is a faster and better phone than the  previous iPhone.
  • Its weight is light 112 grams.
  • The iPhone has curved edges which makes it easy to be held in hand.
  • It only supports one Nano SIM card.
  • It include a fingerprint sensor which uses the Touch ID technology that enables you to lock and unlock the phone and confirm the purchase transaction from the Apple store (Itunes) with just the use of your fingerprint.
  • M8 sensor, which is an important feature for users who want to track their health through the Apple application “Health” where this sensor can track your physical activity, the steps you take and it can differentiate whether you’re walking, running or using equipment like a bicycle.

iPhone-6- review


  • 7” LED-backlit IPS, 750 × 1334 pixels (~326 ppi ).
  • The screen’s performance is very good, bright colors, high brightness, and good viewing angle.
  • The screen is protected with strengthened glass which is scratch-resistant. 


  • Dual-core 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM.
  • Internal memory varies and Apple Inc. introduces iPhone 6 with storage of 16, 64 or 128 GB.
  • You should choose the suitable memory based on your usage intensity as you cannot add extra external memory.
  • Surely, the performance is fascinating as the processor is fast and supports running many applications, internet browsing, playing videos, using the camera and playing games.
  • The operating  system is iOS 8.


Primary camera

  • The rear camera of  iPhone 6 is 8 MP with autofocus and supported dual tone flash.
  • Recording videos 1080p@60fps or 720p with higher frame rate.
  • The camera’s performance is very good with HDR, face detection, and panoramic mode.
  • he Camera also improves the pictures if captured in low-light conditions.
  • iPhone 6 lacks the OIS sensor which provides the reduction of shaky motions in videos.

Front camera

  • 1.2 MP, f/2.2 lens.
  • Good for capturing appropriate pictures even in low light.
  • Moreover, it is also provided with HDR.
  • You can make video calls and enjoy capturing selfies at the same time.


  • The competitive front facing camera:

The front facing camera in the Samsung Galaxy note 4 allows the panoramic mode to take group selfies.The front facing camera in HTC One M9 is of a much better performance than that of the iPhone 6.


  • iPhone 6 battery life lasts for almost 9.5 hours with average usage.

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