All You Need to Know About the Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450


By Shimaa Elgizy & translated by Magy Ghaly

Don’t we all just love the aroma of perfectly baked bread? But have you ever thought to make bread at home? This experience can definitely be tough for most of us. Even though we know the ingredients very well, it just doesn’t work out. And even if you managed to bake traditional bread, what about toast bread? As usual, Kenwood made us “the toast bread maker” that we’re introducing today. We will let you know what that bread maker is, its pros and cons, and how to use it in things other than toast baking.

* Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

Why Kenwood Bread Maker?

Because we need something guaranteed! You put the ingredients yourself, set the bread maker to a program to create a shape in the bread or add any extras to it (cheese, thyme, anise …etc), and mix all the ingredients together. In a very short period, you will get a homemade, freshly-baked toast loaf.

Thyme Toast Recipe

  • The ingredients are the most important thing you need, which are: 3 flour cups, 1 baking powder packet, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/4 cup of oil, water, a pinch of salt and dry thyme.
  •  Put all the ingredients in their place in the bread maker, set the program (you choose whether you want the crust dark or light), set the timer and wait for the bread hot and fresh, et bon appétit!

Pros of the Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450

  • The motor power of the bread maker is 750W, and that is very high for such a device, helping to bake and knead flawlessly.
  • The device has a power interruption memory. This means that if the power went out while the device is running, it will continue from where it stopped when the power comes back. Nothing will go wrong.
  • Size of the bread maker is 38.5H × 23.5W × 31.5D.
  • The Kenwood bread maker contains an ingredients dispenser, which means that the ingredients won’t randomly be mixed inside the device. There is a dependable system that ensures you have the perfect taste.
  • The bread maker’s capacity is graded, a distinctive feature. From 500g, to 750g, and up to one kilo.
  • Easily cleaned as the lid of the bread maker is removable.
  • Delay timer at 15 hours, which means that the probability of burning the bread is almost ZERO.
  • Measuring cup and spoon included.
  • The silver color gives the bread maker a distinctive look.
  • 15 standard baking programs to choose from in accordance with how you want the bread, and another five for your personal preferences of shape, size and crust.
  • A rapid bake function for the quickest loaf, as quick as 58 minutes.

Cons of the Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450

  • The weight of the Kenwood Bread Maker is somehow heavy.
  • It is specialized in baking toast bread only.

Price of the Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450

The price of the Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450 starts at 2384 EGP with warranty.

Available at Yaoota’s shopping engine under the name of Kenwood Bread Maker Rapid Bake: BM450.

*Prices may vary from time to time according to the stores offering the product.

Experience is the Best Teacher

A device like this needs somebody who truly knows how to bake, and why we need such a bread maker. So, we decided to ask someone who loves baking and uses the Kenwood Bread Maker.

This device is brilliant! You enjoy a perfect bread toast, perfectly-baked into a unique taste. The idea of baking the bread every day for breakfast or making sandwiches for your kids with guaranteed ingredients that you’re responsible for is splendid! I also tried kneading stuff other than bread, and the dough came out right to the oven, better than any chef!


Kenwood Bread Maker BM 450 Review


Size, Shape and Safety

  • Kenwood is really concerned with safety as usual, so, they offered the delay timer which prevents burning in case you forgot the baker.
  • The elegant shape of Kenwood is complemented with the silver color. The black lid has the program controls and the timer, which makes it easier dealing with the device.
  • The size of the Kenwood bread maker is very convenient for baking a kilo of flour. The approximate capacity for baking in any rapid baking device doesn’t exceed a kilo.
  • Take into consideration the problem of being slightly heavy, like other Kenwood devices, or English devices in general.
  • The device’s base is non-slip for protection and prevention of fire.
  • The power interruption memory distinguishes the Kenwood bread maker, in addition to the protection against any disorders when the power goes out suddenly. It is also an advantage that you don’t reset the program from the very beginning nor do the ingredients go bad inside the device.


  • 15 pre-set programs to choose what best suits you when baking bread is an uncommon feature, available in the Kenwood bread maker.
  • The ingredients dispenser feature distinguishes the Kenwood bread maker, for it produces pro-like baked bread.
  • The feature of baking into different loaf sizes makes it easy for you to bake small amounts.
  • The five personal favorite programs to choose from for the bread’s shape and crust color is the genuine distinctiveness of the Kenwood Bread Maker.
  • the Kenwood bread maker doesn’t only knead bread but also all kinds of pastries (pizza, pie, biscuits, cakes… etc).
  • Internal viewing light that helps you see the dough and the stages of bread making.
  • The fermentation time usually takes 30 minutes. For the crust color to reach perfectness, it takes from 15 to 20 minutes, according to your choice. This explains how the Kenwood bread maker is systematic and easy to use.

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