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picking-the-right-sofa By Rana Kamaly

Yaoota is always here to help you out. When furnishing a new place or replacing some old furniture, one must take into consideration the space, the purpose of this piece of furniture, the quality and price. To help you pick your best sofa we talked to our décor specialist Mohamed Marwan, senior architect and interior designer to give us tips on how to pick the best sofa for your space.

“In today’s world of endless choices, it’s very difficult to choose the perfect sofa or any piece of furniture that perfectly fits all of your criteria. I know everyone thinks they know exactly what they want and need, but once they start shopping they just loose their sense of direction because of the wide variety offered. My advice would be to create a checklist of the criteria the sofa should meet, then check online first to see all different styles and options available and then start eliminating the ones that don’t fit. By then you will know exactly what you are looking for, you can then buy online or go to the actual store,” Marwan says.

To find your perfect sofa, you need to analyze your lifestyle. For example, ask yourselves: what am I going to use this space for? Is it a TV room, or is it a family time room? You also need to ask yourself how many people will be using this room, so you can have enough seating arrangements for everyone.

Read those 9 tips before you start the hunt:

1. Space

When picking the right sofa, you have to think about space you have for this sofa and its relationship with other surrounding furniture. For example, if you have a big area designated for this sofa but the space as a whole is not big, then you can’t get a bulky sofa as it will appear 10 times bigger and it will block your space. If you will be placing armchairs or other seating arrangements in the same area, then you need to make sure their styles fit together harmonically.

Sofa + Loveseat + Chair

2. Function

You also have to keep in mind the function of that sofa. For example, a living room sofa is so much different than a salon sofa. A living room sofa should be comfy, durable, takes a large number so more than one person can relax on it and its material should be easy to clean. As for the salon sofa, it needs to look amazing, feel good for visitors to sit on and have an attractive style. So ask yourself, what’s the purpose of this sofa?

Reclining sofa3 Seats

3. Shape

After knowing what the purpose of your sofa is, you can now find the shape that will fulfill this function. Pick the shape that will suit your room best. The shape of the sofa makes a huge difference, as for example an L-shape sofa saves space, adds a very laid back feeling and is good for watching TV, however choosing to place two two-seaters sofas in front of each others will give you a more interacting space, where people can sit together and enjoy a cozy conversation or play cards.

Patola Park – Patina. Sofa Set

4. Material

So the material is a vital factor, especially for a living room sofa. So you mainly have two choices, either leather or fabric. The leather is easily cleaned; colors are basic so they can fit with everything. Dark leather colors are always trendy. Fabric tends to collect dust and is stained easier but comes in all patterns and colors so you have a wider variety. If you are choosing leather, make sure its real leather as artificial leather makes you sweat and is easily scratched.

If you are in favor of choosing fabric, then choosing an outdoor fabric will be a very good durable choice as well, as it won’t collect dust or stains and won’t fade color over time if its placed in a sunny area.

The Magic Sofa Bed 

5. Size

Having a big living room doesn’t mean you have to buy a big couch to fill up space, you need to know what exactly are you going to put in that place, is it just a big sofa, is it a big sofa and 2 arm chairs, or is it two medium sofas? You also need to know if you will be placing a coffee table and how big it is. For a simple arrangement go for an L-shape, and for a focused arrangement go for around couch

If your living room is small, then definitely go for a smaller sofa that doesn’t have a bulky body. Make sure it’s practical and that it stands out.

6. Color

If you will be using fabric, pick darker shades and try to pick a plain fabric so you can match it with any cushions, curtains and carpet you like. Make sure that the color contrasts with your walls and your flooring. If you have a dark flooring, go for a bright color or a pastel color, if you have a light flooring go for darker shades.

You can go for bold patterns and colors, of course, but you need to make sure it fits with everything else and that you won’t be bored with the striking color or pattern in a few weeks.

7. Style

With all those choices, it can be very hard to decide on a specific style, but if you are living with other people make sure you are all comfortable with the style you pick. Look for a style that matches your taste, for example if you are a minimalist go for a sofa with simple lines, if you are a vibrant energetic person, you may like a more colorful sofa or if you are a happy soul then matching different pieces from different styles might suit you the best.

Kimstad turquoise

8. Price

Set a budget for the whole place you are furnishing and then a budget for each piece you need, if your budget is limited, buy the bigger or the can’t live without furniture first and make sure their quality is perfect and then bit by bit move to the smaller pieces, as even if you don’t like the smaller pieces, you can change them later or you can just wait until you save up and buy whatever you like.

9. Accessories

Accessories make the biggest difference for any room, by accessories we mean cushions and throws. You can buy a plain sofa and funk-it-up with colorful cushions and throws or the other way around. Also make sure your sofa fits in with the rest of the room furniture or you can do it the other way around; pick the perfect sofa you like first and then build the whole room around it; because the sofa in a living room is the highlight of it all and the most used item, this is why we advise you to start with it. It doesn’t matter which system you work with, just work with a clear organized system.

General tips:                  

  • Cut out a piece of dark color paper in the exact dimensions of the sofa you decide to buy, and put it in the sofas place and see if it fits perfectly or not before you but it.
  • To establish a calm feel pick a sofa that’s the same color (not necessarily the same shade) of your walls, curtains, and floor.
  • Make sure that if you go for a strongly patterned fabric, then you know that you are making a statement of boldness and strength.
  • Leather basic colors (red, brown, camel, beige, grey and white) are always trendy and they aren’t dying out anytime soon, plus real leather ages well.
  • Make sure your sofa is deep enough to be comfortable.
  • If you pick a low sofa make sure you have higher seating options for older people.
  • If you have children or pets, real leather will be better for you as its easily cleaned.
  • The height of the sofa should depend on its function and the ceiling height.

Online shopping made things easier, now you can pick your furniture online through www.yaoota.com through our vast variety of online shops.

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