7 Small Home Appliances That will Save Your Time

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By Amany Samir & Translated by Alaa Abu-Naji

Many of our modern household products are small sized and are simple in design. Nevertheless, they are extremely useful because they save immense time and energy. Efficiency became an increasingly important factor in deciding whatever equipment one needs whither it is a steam iron, a handheld vacuum, or a sandwich maker. These quick-fixing products offer us just the right amount of pampering we need in a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle.

Yaoota shall present its readers this article which talks about every- day must-have machines. You will be able to know every detail about the machines: descriptions of qualities, cost, and stores (all of them can be bought online too.)  

*Prices mentioned in the article are correct according to the publication date. Prices may range depending on the market flow.    

1) Electric Handheld Vacuum

This is an electric, wireless, and chargeable vacuum. It has a high AW (Air Watts) suction power and is perfect for dry and wet surfaces. It also possesses a practical handgrip that allows one to use it easily around the house and in cars. Finally, it has a hip and trendy look for modern tastes.

Check out the Handheld vacuum here. Price starts at 79 EGP.

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2) Braun Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicers are used to squeeze lemon and oranges using buttons to control your squeezing as it can also shut automatically. One can store the juicer’s wire and its cover inside it to protect them from accidental damage.   

Check out the citrus juicer here. Price starts from 399 EGP.

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3) Nouval Steam Iron

Special for its 2000wt high performance, this steam iron contains thermostats that allow full control on its heat levels. The iron’s surface is plaited to grant minimum friction with all types of fabric. Also, it possesses an easily dissembled water container. In addition, it has a LED indicator that turns off when it reaches the required heat. Nouval steam iron is definitely a safe and easy iron to own.

Check out the steam iron here. Price starts at 180 EGP.

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4) Kenwood Sandwich and Waffle Maker

This is an easy way to make a big amount of sandwiches and waffles quickly. It is also useful in grilling and making healthy meals. It contains three groups of cooking plates (one for sandwiches, one for waffles and pancakes, and one for grilling). It has a safe and easy to use grip, indicators for operation, and anti-adhesion surface. The base is rubbery and there is a safety lock while the sandwich maker is operating. Indeed, it is the perfect machine for making huge amounts of food with less time and effort!

Check out the sandwich and waffle maker here. Price starts at 723 EGP.

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5) Kenwood Water Boiler

Needless to say, the boiler is used to boil water for various reasons such as cooking or making hot drinks. The boiler can hold up to 1.6 Liters. You can rely on it in your kitchen or in your office for it saves tons of time and effort.

Check out this water boiler here. Price starts at 680 EGP.

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6) Bialetti Coffee Maker

You can use this machine to make any kind of espresso coffee so easily because it spares one a lot of time and energy. Therefore, you can use it at your preferred space whether its work or home. Now, you can enjoy your favorite coffee everywhere.

Check out the Bialetti coffee maker here. Price starts at 350 EGP.

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7) Russell Hobbs Blue Toaster

This toaster is made out of rustproofed stainless steel. It acquires two sides, one for heating and the other is for dissembled waste. It can also reheat many times, but most importantly, it can make the most delicious bagels!

Check out this Russell Hobbs toaster here. Price starts at 600 EGP.

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Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.


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