6 Handmade Gifts for Mother’s Day


By Dina Amir

Looking for a creative special gift for mothers day? Don’t worry we have you covered with some simple yet super unique DIYs for mothers day; as the best gifts are the ones coming from the heart and what better way to show how you feel than to do something special and unique with your own hands. So these are 6 Homemade gift ideas for mother’s day. The ideas might seem simple, but they’re pretty touching, as they show the time, dedication and care you put into them plus they will live forever as a special memory.

Yaoota suggests that you make a special gift for any special family member on that day (be it your father, older sister or grandparent), just spread the love and appreciation. Some of ideas are suitable for young kids, as they don’t contain any dangerous material.  So we suggest you involve your kids in the process to enhance their hand skills, creativity and teach them that they should also give back to their loved ones, not just receive all the time.

My love in a box

Definitely, your mom will need this box, whether to put her accessories or any of her small personal stuff. All you need for this project is: a small box, plain paper, and painting colors; you can add some sentimental cards or notes inside the box, if so, you will need white plain paper and color pens or even glitter ones if you want.

You can also decorate the exterior with some nice family pictures if you want.

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Family fingerprints chart

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the fingerprints of all the family members, even the babies and the pets, in one picture? Well, that’s mainly the idea of this gift. You need: a white plain cardboard or thick paper, photo frame of your choice, and liquid painting or finger paint. Use a pencil to draw any simple nice shape (heart, tree or sun), and use the family members fingerprints to fill the shape with the colors you want; start with your outline first, so your drawing would look neat. You can then put it into a photo frame to make it live longer and look nicer. You can also make each family member sign their name on their fingerprint, if you want.

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Happy warm summer memories

We all have old vacation pictures; well it’s just about time to use them to create a touching gift. You need: sand, seashells or pearls (depending on your preference.) Choose a picture and you can add a black and white filter, before printing to add a vintage effect to the pictures.

Then you can cut any cartoon board you have into a photo frame and then use the glue and colored sand, seashells or pearls to decorate your photo frame. This way you have created a lovely gift and imprinted a memory.

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Classic prestigious candles

If your mom likes classic fancy things, you can give her these candles to decorate her salon or classic bedroom. You need a classic teacup, and the rest of the steps are provided in the tutorial below.

Watch this tutorial by Rachel Williams to know the detailed steps.

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The family tree

This is a very simple gift idea and will be so much fun for young kids. The idea of this gift is to gather the pictures of all the family members in the form of flowers in a pot. You need: pot, foam, brown color, sticks, cardboard (color according to your preference), glue, scissors, and personal 6*4 photos. You will cut the foam as one piece to fill the pot as clay, and then color the seen part with brown color. Add the number of sticks you want in the foam. Cut the cardboard into flower shapes and glue them to the sticks. Cut the personal photos in circles and glue them to the cardboard flowers. If you want, you can write a nice quote on the pot using glitter glue stick or a colorful marker.

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I heart U board

This idea isn’t preferably for very little kids, as it involves nails. You will create a piece of art with very simple affordable materials. You will need a piece of wood (size of your choice) or a chopping board, a box of nails, hammer, black paint, brush, and red string.

Watch this tutorial by Abbey Contrery to know the detailed steps.

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Make this mothers’ day special and give your mom a heartwarming handmade gift. You can now order the material you need from www.yaoota.com and they will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

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