13 Fantastic ideas for an innovative bathroom


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir
We all get bored at a certain point from our bathrooms, so if you need to redecorate your old bathroom, or if you are decorating a new bathroom then you will need these 13 simple affordable items to get a modern lively trendy look. Yaoota brought you more than 10 ideas for a modern simple bathroom, yet at affordable prices. You can order any of these items, and they will be delivered to your doorstep, so there’s no waste of time.

1. Wall mirror

It’s modern and simple. It’s durable, so you don’t have to worry about changing it every couple of months because of the steam and the water. It has an elegant smooth design, as its main body is made of dark brown wood. It has one main big shelf, and two other small shelves on the side; you can use these shelves to organize your personal items as your toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrush, facial wash … etc.
Offered for EGP 365
Find this wall mirror here

2. Shower curtain

It’s made of durable polyester. The curtain has a picture of a black shower with water drops on a white background, which is refreshing. It’s modern, simple and will give your bathroom a nice creative touch.
Offered for EGP 89
Find this creative shower curtain here

3. Universal multi-functional holder

This holder is unique, beneficial, and easy to clean. It’s made of a durable superior quality material. You can use it to keep your beauty products in the shower, so you can reach them easily, as your shampoo, facial wash, conditioner… etc.
Offered for EGP 99.99
Find this multifunctional holder here

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 4. Toilet roll holder

It consists of a black metal holder with a wooden roll at the end of it to make it easy for you to use the tissue roll after attaching it. The roll holder looks nice/modern and matches most colors, especially if you have a marble or granite floor.
Offered for EGP 39
Find this roll holder here

5. Toilet brush holder

Purchasing some  bathroom accessories can be a great idea for the bathroom redecoration, but finding proper accessories for the toilet brush is always a hassle. That’s why Yaoota brought you this stainless silver toilet brush holder to match with any bathroom color. It’s durable and water resistant.
Offered for EGP 59
Find this toilet brush holder here

6. Porcelain bathroom set- 4 pieces

This set consists of 4 pieces, each of them for a different purpose. One is for shampoo, one for your soap bar, one for the toothbrushes and the toothpaste, and the last piece for your personal items as lotions or shaving cream. It’s dotted with different colors to match all bathrooms.
Offered for EGP 90
Find this bathroom set here

7. Bathroom mat

It’s made of durable polyester to handle heavy usage, water, steam, and still feel soft and cozy whenever you stand on it. It comes in different colors, such as: white, black, gray, green, and orange.
Offered for EGP 125
Find this bathroom mat here

8. Nefertari Lavender soap 

It’s lovely and extremely relaxing to take a warm shower and enjoy the natural scents of flowers and herbs after a long exhausting day. If you enjoy that atmosphere, then this soap is perfect for you. It’s made of natural oil and herbs that are beneficial for your skin, also, the amazing scent will take you to a whole new level of refreshment and enjoyment.
Offered for EGP 25
Find this Nefertari lavender soap here

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9. Set of 2 gray baskets

You can put in them some accessories or your personal stuff. You can hang it in the bathroom or anywhere else. They come in different sizes, so you can choose what matches your needs.
Offered for EGP 99
Find this set of 2 gray baskets here

10. Kashmeera towel set

Preparing special towels in the bathroom for your beloved guests can leave a very good impression; as it shows how caring you are. These towels are made of cotton with kashmeera design embroidery with different soft colors. Size: 30*30 cm. You can find them in different colors to choose what appeals to you more.
Offered for EGP 130
Find this Kashmeera towel set here

11. Bathroom scale

It’s trendy chic with colorful bright drawings on it. It’s made of heavy-duty glass, so its super durable. Capacity: 150 Kg.
Offered for EGP 139.99
Find this colorful bathroom scale here

12. Stainless steel moving mirror

It’s attached/hanged to the wall, yet you can move it to get the view you want. It’s made of stainless steel and it’s water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it. Size: 17*19*4 cm, which makes it suitable for any bathroom, regardless of its area.
Offered for EGP 165
Find this moving stainless steel mirror here

13. Natural wooden bathroom shelf

This shelf is the best choice for the people who love to feel nature with them in every part of the house, even in the bathroom. You can also add a pot with a nice green plant to complete this relaxing authentic atmosphere or you can put your towels on this shelf, hang them on it, or put any of your personal things.
Offered for EGP 430
Find this wooden shelf here

You can now search, compare and buy all the items you need through www.yaoota.com and your items will be delivered to your doorstep.

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