12 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss


By Dina Amir
Losing weight is not only about your shape; as it also affects your health as well. So when do you think you should start your plan to lose weight? Well stop postponing getting healthy for next week or next month and start today.

This is the Body Mass Index formula (divide your weight in Kg by your height in meters then divide the result again by your height in meters) calculate your BMI; if you’re between 19-24.9 you’re in normal range, 25-29.9 you are overweight, and above 30 that’s an indication of obesity. Still if your BMI is 23 for instance, you need to start your healthy life plan to remain in-shape, healthy and energized. Yet starving is never the solution as it destroys your body; can cause anemia, dizziness, loss of muscles mass and digestion problems. You can eat everything with small quantities and follow these tips to get a better healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

The most important thing is that you feel great and be healthy, the number on the scale doesn’t matter. We are bringing you these 12 tips for healthy weight-loss because Yaoota cares about your health, happiness, and satisfaction.

1. Eat more Antioxidants

As lemon, grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes, dark chocolate and green tea. These types of food won’t break all your fat cells down, but they will help you slim down and maintain a good health at the same time. Dark chocolate has low calories in comparison to milk chocolate, so you can eat a piece whenever you crave chocolate. Green tea increases your metabolic rate, which helps in burning calories; but don’t drink more than 3 cups per day. A glass of grapefruit juice in the morning can improve your metabolic rate as well.
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2. Maximize your Fruit and vegetables intake

Your best friends for a healthy life are fruits and vegetables. They will substitute the hunger you feel between meals, or late at night. They contain lots of fibers that help the digestive system function, help avoid diabetes, and can be a good substitute for sweets. Also taking a small lunch box full of fruits or sauté veggies to work or university can help you avoid eating fast food. Higher fiber foods are the best, such as: apples, bananas, raspberries, oranges, peas, broccoli, almonds, corn and oat.
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3. Burn calories the fun and easy ways

It’s better to do a short daily workout routine than exercising for a long time once or twice a week.

 Jumping the rope

It’s a simple exercise and it’s fun to do. All you need is a rope and a suitable area for jumping. This can even motivate your kids or family members to exercise as well, which will help them build some muscles. There are lots of techniques for jumping the rope, and different basses. You can start with a slow base and simple technique, and then get to the advanced levels. Working out like that for 30-60 mins daily will help you lose weight and be fitter super fast.

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Walk your dog

Enjoy a sunny warm day and walk your dog in the garden. You will enjoy the green nature which can lift your spirit up and make you happier. Walking for 30-60 mins per day can tone your legs in less than 2 months.
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Play Frisbee

It would be a perfect exercise with your kids in the club or with your beloved ones in a family trip. It’s a fun way for losing weight, yet it will help you burn a lot of calories and bond with your family.
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Especially for the ladies, it’s enjoyable to dance to your favorite music. And you can invite family members of friends to join you to maximize your fun. Or just turn your favorite music up and dance your fats and worries away. This exercise can totally change your mood while helping you lose weight. You can also try Zumba, tango, salsa or aerobics.

Listen to Music while working out

Listen to your favorite music or motivational songs whenever you work out; this can make your exercise more exciting and can help you lose track of time about the time.
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4. Cut some sugar

Refined carbohydrates are usually the easiest way to gain weight. This includes sugary food and drinks, pasta, white bread, chips, and so on. Avoid eating sugary items after 8:00 PM as the metabolic rate drops at night.  You can eat fruits whenever you crave sweet food or a piece of dark chocolate.

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5. Add in 2 Snacks per day

Make sure to eat a snack between each meal, which means 5 meals a day. Eating every 2-3 hours can increase your metabolic rate during the day. Try to make your snack light as much as possible, for instance, eat nuts, fruits, sauté veggies, or a small brown bread sandwich.

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6. Drink at least 2 liters of Water per day

Keep a bottle full of water beside you 24/7, so you can drink as much as you can. Your body needs at least 8 big glasses of water per day. You can add slices of lemon and mint in your bottle as they can help you burn some fats and will make drinking water a more delicious and enjoyable thing.

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7. Use Small dishes 

Use smaller dishes when you eat, so you can mentally perceive the dish as full though it’s smaller in size than your usual dish. This will help you eat fewer quantities, as you perceive the amount you eat or drink in relation to the dish you eat in. Protein should take the largest part in your plate, as well as veggies while the least share should be for carbs. Don’t eat until you become so full, so you can eat snacks between the meals and get used to eating fewer quantities per meal.

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8. Cook your own food

Depend on homemade food more, because it’s healthier. Prepare your own healthy meals, and enjoy decorating your colorful plates. Spicy food can boost your metabolic rate. And always include a bowl of salad in every meal, as it will help you feel full while enriching you with all vitamins essentials.

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9. Lift some weights

Diet can cause muscles loss; so try to lift some weights, whether in the gym or at home. You can use dumbbells or a medical ball as a way of exercising your arms and back muscles. Lifting weights is also known to burn fats and tone the body while building muscles as well.

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10. Sleep well

Try your best to sleep 8 hours daily. Sleep early and try to wake up early. As staying up late at night can lead to eating more food, which is dangerous because the metabolic rate is super slow at night.

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11. Drink more Fresh juices

This is the best way to avoid dehydration and increase your blood sugar reasonably. Try to depend on low-calorie juices as lemonade, orange juice, grapefruit, and berries.

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12. Take before and after Photos

Take a photo for yourself standing in front of a mirror before starting your plan and take a new photo every two weeks to see the progress; this can be a boost to your self-motivation.

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You can also keep a diary to report your progress and challenges, and to schedule your workouts and plan your meals; this will help you stay motivated and in control.

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Some quick tips for weight loss:

  • Smelling peppermint on a regular basis may lower hunger levels.
  • Using red plates can help reduce your food intake.
  • Cold weather can boost your metabolism, as your body exerts more effort to stay warm.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast is very important as it’s the first thing to be absorbed by the stomach.
  • Eat oatmeal as your breakfast to feel full for longer hours.
  • Eat your salad first to make you feel full, so you eat less carbs after that.
  • Eat your meals on the same time every day to have a body routine.
  • Wake up on the same time everyday to prevent your body from storing more fats.
  • Don’t reward yourself after working out by eating a meal of high carbs or fats.
  • Test your thyroid gland whenever you feel a huge weight gain or weight lose in a short time, it might not be functioning normally.

Yaoota supports you to get in shape and have a happy healthy life. Remember that you can order all the products you need from www.yaoota.com and they will be delivered to your doorstep in less than a week. 

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