11 DIY Creative Valentine Ideas for All

yaootahandmadeweponBy Dina Amir

Who said that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? Valentine is meant to celebrate all types of love without having to define it. We all love our friends, family and partners too, so why not use this day to celebrate and express our love to everyone we truly love.

That’s why Yaoota, brought you these DIY –Do It Yourself- valentine gifts list that you can make it yourself and make your gift more special, as it will surely be one of a kind and remember don’t stress and enjoy the process. All the ideas are quite cheap and simple, yet very creative and sincere.

DIY Gifts For your partner:

  • Why I love you 50 reasons

It is always nice to remind yourself and your partner of the reasons why you fell in love with them. You need: playing cards, paper puncher, glue, papers, and book rings. You will write the reason on a piece of paper, stick it to the playing card, and when you finish, use the puncher to create two holes so you can use the book rings to compile the 50 reasons together.

Thank you PaperVine for the inspiring project.

Playing cards offered for EGP 55 here

  • The Date Basket

Valentine is just the start of a year full of love, deeper relationship and unforgettable memories to come; this is the meaning of this gift. You need: a book or a basket, 12 envelopes, 12 creative pre-planned date ideas and a marker. You will insert each idea in an envelope with the name of the month on it. Some of the ideas can be as simple as popcorn and a night movie at home. Then your partner will draw one each month, so get your camera ready to capture your amazing moments together.

Thank you Shannon Brown for inspiring this idea.

Fuji Instax offered for EGP 649 here

  • Your memories in a keychain

This customized key chain can be so special if you wrote on each page a nice memory you both have together, a funny moment, or nice words for this person to start their day with. Follow the tutorial and make your beloved one go crazy.

Watch this video by for inspiration and instructions: 

Key ring chain  offered for EGP 15 

Xerox A4 80gm paper offered for EGP 25

  • Your own unique storytelling frame

You must have had unforgettable moments together; try to keep one of these pictures in a unique handmade frame. Follow this tutorial and add your personal touch to the frame to make it even more personalized, unique and special.

Watch this video by Angelas DIY’s for inspiration and instructions: 

You might need: Scissors offered for EGP 68.20

All-purpose adhesive offered for EGP 5

  • Handmade colorful everlasting bouquet

Flowers always symbolizes the passionate romantic love on Valentine’s Day, but isn’t it a nice idea to get a bouquet of flowers that will last forever? You need: scissors, colorful yarn, nice ribbon, white pain spray, green felt, glue gun, and found twigs. Follow the tutorial and enjoy the smile of your partner.

Watch this video by DianaTa for inspiration and instructions: 


You may need: Paper pink ribbon offered for EGP 15, Gift ribbon 0ffered for EGP 19, Glue gun offered for EGP 55 and glue sticks.

DIY Gifts for your best friend:

  • Handmade unique heart shaped notebook

Here are the directions to have your handmade notebook:

  • Get a small notebook and open it from the middle
  • Draw a heart on the cover, as big as you want your notebook to be, so it would be easier for you to cut it.
  • Cut the heart you drew, including the pages, while the notebook is still opened from the middle.
  • Cut a red cloth, slightly bigger than your new notebook, to cover the edges.
  • Glue the notebook cover and the heart shaped cloth.
  • Add a ribbon or glitter or any additional distinctive touch of yours.

Thank you Craftberry Bush for inspiring this idea.

Glitter sticks offered for EGP 30 

  • Unique Bathing soup

Let your exhausted friend enjoy a relaxing bath with amazing scents. All you need to do is follow the following tutorial. Colors and shapes are according to your preference.

Watch this video by Carina Stewart for inspiration and instructions: 

Love silicone tray offered for EGP 39

  • Warm valentine icecap

Sometimes it’s nice to give someone a practical useful gift, that’s why Yaoota brought you this icecap idea to keep your friend warm all the time. You need: an icecap or beanie, glue gun, glass crystals, small pearls, and a chalk. Draw a heart or any simple shape you like with the chalk on the beanie. Then form your outline with the glued small pearls (you can use the material you like), you can also add 2 or 3 crystals in the middle.

Thank you I love to create blog for inspiring this project.

Black beanie offered for 275

DIY Gifts for your parents:

  • You’re my past and future pillow

Childhood photos are priceless, make use of them and create a wonderful memories pillow by following this tutorial.

Watch this video by Becca Oliver for inspiration and instructions: 

Baby Pillow offered for EGP 16, and Square pillow offered for EGP 22 

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  • Customized kitchen towels

Give your mom a nice gift to tell her thank you for all the nice food you’ve prepared, and the unimaginable care that you’ve given. Follow the tutorial and be as creative as you want to print whatever you like on the towels.

Watch this video by Broke but Bougie for inspiration and instructions: 


White hand towel offered for EGP 14

  • My heart belongs to you vase

Decorate your family house and fill it with love. You need: transparent glass jar, large needle, glue, baker’s twine, and red heart-shaped felt. Use the needle and the twine to wrap the red hearts around the jar, and won’t forget to glue them, so your design would last.

Thank you the pretty bee for inspiring this project.

2 glass jars offered for EGP 45

Yaoota wishes you a romantic cheerful valentine. No matter whom you will celebrate with, make them happy, and enjoy their smile. You can search for gifts on www.yaoota.com, compare prices, and buy; all your orders will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

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