10 Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

By Joseph Harvey

If you are looking for ways to stay warm in this freezing winter, then check out Yaoota‘s 10 tips to stay warm inside and outside your home.

1. Dancing

Studies have proven that dancing makes your body break down calories in a very efficient manner, ever wonder how figure skaters stay so warm while jumping and leaping over a large surface of ice wearing nothing but a skirt and a sleeveless top. Well that is because of the best heater on the planet, the human body, nothing generates heat as effectively as we do. Do you know that the human body burns almost 1620 calories a day without any effort, of course during winter time that number increases depending on how you burn calories.
Just listen to your favorite music and dance your cold away.

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2. A tempting warm soak

There are so many excuses to take a long hot bath. I’m sorry to rain on your parade, but hot baths could cause you a great deal of skin problems, anything from irritable skin to dry skin.
If you are taking hot bathes then make them short or stick to lukewarm water, as its much better for your skin and heating sensors.

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3. H2O is your best friend

Drinking water is essential specially during winter as our body’s desire for water plummets. If you suffering from a cold or fever then try drinking cold water as it will bring down the temperature and keep you hydrated. After eating a hot meal it is advisable to drink warm or hot water, as it will help digestion. In general drinking room temperature water is best because your body doesn’t have to use energy to warm up or cool down the liquid.

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4. Keep your home warm

Your home is one of the best places to escape the cold and it’s important to keep it warm. You can do so by closing all your bathroom doors and sealing the windows. Secondly, bring out some rugs and carpets to cover the freezing floors.
Also placing your heater underneath a shelf and taping tin foil behind it, will keep the heat focused to room center.

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5. Time to layer up

You can wear a good looking trench coat, sweater or a hoodie, this will definitely keep the cold from reaching your upper body as long as you wear a thermal long sleeve top under your hoodie or sweater. People loose a large amount of heat through their heads so be sure to wear a hat or an ice cap, get a nice Kashmir scarf and stick with shoes that cover a lot of skin, as we loose a tremendous amount of heat through our feet and they always feel cold, so invest in proper footwear.

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6. We eat to live and to stay warm

Now that you are looking as smart as a hawk and as sharp as a knife, it’s time to find out what kind of food you could eat to keep you from freezing your limbs off.

  • Oatmeal is a whole grain product so you’ll be getting a high dose of fiber and plant based protein that will keep you warm and will reduce your cholesterol levels by 5% to 10%.
  • Hot chocolate is a winter essential, researchers have proven that dark chocolate can basically reduce the risk of getting cancer and help you heat up.
  • Black bean soup with some cumin and chili pepper will also keep you warm and will also help muscles receive more oxygen so it would be great to try out before exercising.
  • Apples also have enough nutrients to keep you healthy and warm.

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7. Exercise

Don’t be afraid to start your routine in a cold climate as exercising in cold weather forces your heart to exert more effort to pump blood to your body, this will make your heart muscles stronger and will make you feel less chilly. When exercising outdoors you’ll feel more energized and in control.
Don’t let winter get in between you and your routine, if you have trouble exercising outdoors then you should try staying indoors and don’t forget to heat up first, so consider getting some indoor sports equipment to start your routine and stay fit.

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8. Use your imagination.

Scientists have proven that the brain controls your core temperature and the brain is affected by your psychological state, that means if you find yourself taking a really cold shower one day because the heater broke down then try imagining yourself standing under the sun in front of a white beach. Sounds almost too good to be true but you might have all that you need locked up in your mind.

9. Snuggling and cuddling

This is also a great way to stay warm and it’s free, you can also bring out a blanket or two and get comfortable in a big couch, watch a movie, order out, have some tea.

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10. Cooking in the oven.

If you are cooking anything in the oven, this will make your home instantly warmer, and why not ask your family to help out so that you can get some quality time while cooking your favorite meal or baking your best cakes.

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We hope that you are feeling a bit warmer now. Don’t forget that through www.yaoota.com you can search, compare and buy anything you like and have it delivered to your doorstep without stepping a foot outside in this cold unpredictable weather.

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