10 Kitchen Tools Every Vegetarian Needs

By: Mai Sroor & Heidi Soliman

There are people who follow certain diets, whether a gluten-free, lactose-free or a vegetarian/vegan one. And for every diet, you need to equip your kitchen to fit your eating preferences. We at Yaoota are always keen to give our readers information based on their preferences, and today we made a list of essential kitchen tools every vegetarian/vegan kitchen needs.


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There are two types of people who follow a plant based diet: vegetarians and vegans. They both abstain from eating any food that’s a result of the harming of an animal. The only difference between the two is that vegans don’t eat eggs or any milk products, but vegetarians do. People who follow these lifestyles boycott all products that have been a result of the torturing or harming of an animal. They even refuse to spend a dime on fur and leather, because the process of obtaining fur and leather is the result of the skinning of animals while still alive. Also, they boycott circuses and zoos, because they believe the captivated animals are mistreated.

Indians have the idea of the mercifulness of animals embeded in their culture and ritual believes, where the percentage of vegetarians reaches around 40%. While in the western world 1.5% to 2.5% are vegetarians. Some studies have found that the vegetarian and vegan diets are better for a person’s health than carnivore diets. The late author Anis Mansour was a vegetarian himself, and so is actress Sherin Reda, who mentioned that one of the ways she looks after her health is by abstaining from eating meat.

As a vegetarian or a vegan, here’s a list of kitchen tools your kitchen needs to make your cooking process easier. If you like any of the products we reviewed, you know what to do, click on the link we provide, place your order online and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

1. Vegetables Slicers

Because the vegetarian diet is greatly based on eating vegetables, one of the most important tools you need is the vegetable slicer.

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Cutter Curiosities

The Cutter Curiosities is one of the easy tools to use to slice vegetables in certain shapes. For instance, cutting zucchini and carrots into a spaghetti-looking shape to make zucchini or carrot pasta/noodles. This dish isn’t only for vegetarians; anyone can use this tool if they are following a wheat-free or low-carb diet.   

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Another helpful kitchen tool for slicing vegetables is the Nicer Dicer Plus.

Check out cutters and slicers here.

And if you want a useful guide to kitchen cutters and slicers, check out Yaoota’s guide here.

2. Salt & Pepper Mill

Who doesn’t need to add salt & pepper to their food? The mill can be used to crush rock salt, such as the famous pink Himalayan salt.

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Pepper Mill 26 cm

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3. Non-Stick Pots & Pans

Of course, these are the most used tools in every kitchen. They’re useful for vegetarians, as they use only certain types of oils. These non-stick collections will help cook all the food you need without going through the trouble of spending hours removing sticky food from the bottom of the pan.

Generic Cookware Set

The Tefal pans & pots are the most popular, as they don’t make the food stick to the bottom, so they will save time and effort in the cleaning process. Be careful not to expose this type of pans to extreme heat, as it might produce toxic fumes.

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Ceramic Cookware

This type of cookware is more advanced than the Tefal. It’s very important to be careful not to scratch it or expose it to extreme heat when you use it.

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Granite Cookware

This type of cookware is known to be the best, as it’s coated with a layer of natural granite and isn’t affected when exposed to extreme heat. It also doesn’t make food stick, and users have complimented granite cookware for being practical.

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For a more detailed guide on which cookware to buy check Yaoota’s guide here.

4. Wok

The wok is famous in the Asian cuisine. It’s similar to regular pots, but it has a deeper, more rounded bottom. It has a long handle for easier tossing. The wok is practical to use with different types of oils that vegetarians use, such as coconut oil.

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5. Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is helpful in the kitchen and doesn’t make the rice stick without requiring any oil. You can use this cooker to steam vegetables along with the rice. It’s a fast, easy and practical way to cook rice.

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And if you are wondering whether to buy a rice cooker or not, take a look at Yaoota’s guide to rice cookers here.

6. Airfryer & Actifry


This tool will guarantee you the healthiest way to fry food without using a lot of oil so you can get perfectly fried food without having to deep fry it.

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And if you don’t know whether to pick the Airfryer or the Actifry, you may find Yaoota’s comparison between the two helpful.

7. Food Steamer

Steaming food is one of the best ways to cook healthy food. With food steamers, you can perfectly cook food without losing its taste or benefits. You can also use food steamers to cook eggs, rice, pasta and grains.

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8. Grill

There is more than one type of grills: charcoal, electric or the one you put on the stove. All can guarantee delicious, healthy food. You can toss any vegetables on the grill and get it done in no time.

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For more info about the most popular grills on Yaoota, take a look at this review here.

And if you enjoy barbecue parties, this guide from Yaoota might help you find essential items for a great barbecue.

9. Blenders & Juicers

Juices are an important part in a healthy vegetarian diet — and in any diet, in fact.

There’s a difference between blenders and juicers: a blender is used to blend the fruits or vegetables together as a whole, while a juicer is to juice out the fruit juice or vegetable juice (in other words, the water that comes out from them when squeezed). For that reason, the blender gives us a thick-looking juice that still has all its fibers in it, and the juicer gives us a water-based juice without fibers that is easy to digest.

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10. Food Processors

Food processors aren’t just an essential tool in every vegetarian/vegan kitchen; it’s an essential tool in every kitchen. It makes cutting and preparing fruits and vegetables easier and more practical. It also help in making vegetarian based meals, such as veggie burgers that are prepared by processing beans and other vegetables together. It’s also essential for making dairy-free milk, whether from soybeans or coconut. Food processors can also be used in making sauces, such as pesto, that need grains like pine nuts to prepare.

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