10 Gift Ideas for Thanawya Amma Survivors

10 gift -for-Thanawya-Amma-survivors

By: Safaa Magdy

This month is the official weddings season, or Sa7el-fancy-social-media-photos season. But if you are 16-17 years old, then you must be extremely worried about your Thanawya Amma results. Thanwaya Amma results season is a unique one, when students suddenly feel VIP as their telephones at home don’t stop ringing with callers curious about their grades.

Regardless of what your score is, you deserve a medal for surviving your ultimate first challenge as an Egyptian citizen. So in this article Yaoota has 10 gift suggestions for different budgets and tastes.

Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

Yaoota congratulates you for the great achievement. And to be honest, this is the season to start your own monetary capital from all the gifts and money you may get. So cheers!

If you are a parent of a Thanawya Amma survivor, it would be wonderful to bring them a gift as a thank you for their effort, and as a motivation for the next phase in their life.

1. Go to Sa7el… or Visit Ras Al-Barr

Traveling is always a good idea, especially after such a hectic year. Go to a beach, clear you mind, and read your favorite book, while you feel the fresh air against your face, and the cool soft sand against your feet. If you are not a beach person then you can have a nice felucca ride in the Nile with those you love the most! Bottom line is: go out and have fun.

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2. Laptop


If you don’t already have one of those, then it is about time to have your very own laptop. You cannot do without a laptop during the upcoming years at college where you will need it very often to do research, projects and papers. Laptops’ prices are not an excuse anymore. On Yaoota you can find laptops for any budget. Also, you no longer need to spend a full day with your parents between shops; Yaoota brought all stores between your hands. You can browse and compare prices till you find the right laptop fitting your needs and your parents’ budget. And you can pay cash on delivery as well.

Check laptop prices here. The prices start at EGP 2375

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Transformer-tablet-AsusModern tablets are not only fast, light and with high capacity, but they also can be a good alternative for laptops. 2 in 1 tablet from Asus and Lenovo can be simply turned into laptops when you add the  hybrid’s keyboard. In general, tablets are smaller, lighter and cheaper than laptops, which makes them a perfect gift for a Thanawya Amma survivor like yourself.

Check  the different tablets here. Prices start at EGP 799

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4. Mobile phone


A mobile phone is an absolute must at this point in your life. You are gradually becoming more independent, which means that you will most likely spend more time outdoors without your parents, and you will hang out more with your peers. Your parents, being Egyptian, would want to know where you are, what you are doing and with whom every hour of the day. That’s why having a mobile phone is a great gift for both you and them. Also keep in mind that you may go to college in another city and live on your own. In addition, smart phones can be of a great help to your college life with the various applications you can use to make your life a bit easier.

Check mobile phones at Yaoota. Prices start at EGP 700.

5. Renew Your Wardrobe

We’ve already mentioned that this is a new phase in your life. Phases like this one, getting married, or having your first job requires a new wardrobe. A fresh wardrobe is an excellent gift for girls, as well as guys. Have your parents pay a visit to Yaoota and pick and match different outfits. Make sure to have casual comfy clothes for everyday use and a couple of formal outfits for formal events.

Check guys’ clothes here. Prices start at EGP 225

Check ladies’ clothes here. Prices start at EGP 239

6. Video Games


Entering a more serious phase does not necessarily mean that you have to ditch everything that you liked as a child or teenager like video games, PlayStation and Xbox. Pick the right time to ask your parents for the money to get yourself the latest Xbox. If you are already have the device then get yourself some of the latest games.

Check PlayStation sets here. Prices start at EGP 2100

Check Xbox sets here. Prices start at EGP 5499

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7. Have it in Cash

If you are fortunate, you will probably have a visit from your relatives who would shower you with money. It doesn’t matter how much the money is.  Any money is good money. So plan carefully because this money would be the capital you invest for the next years to come. Spend some on outings, cinema and food. Save some for later. Be responsible.

8. A fancy Leather Wallet


Since you have money now in your pocket, then it is a good idea to keep it in a nice wallet. Get a nice one, and by nice I mean a grown-up wallet and not those with Ben Ten, Spiderman or Disney princesses on them.

Check these cool wallets here. Prices start at EGP 55

Check these stylish female wallets. Prices start at EGP 37

9. Watch


To be honest, if you are over asked about time, you will check the clock at your phone, right? Well, we all do that. However, watches are still trendy and essential for an elegant look. It would also complement the nice outfits we agreed you should purchase. So if you are one of the over-achievers with high scores, you have all the right to a decent watch.

Check men’s watches here. Prices start at EGP 275

Check women’s watches here. Prices start at EGP 250

10. GOLD!

If your parents love to save up for the future, then most probably your father will give you your gift in cash, while your mum takes it from you to “save it up for you”. However, we have a better idea for saving up, and making profit as well!  Use the money to buy gold accessories if you are a girl. And for boys, you can buy gold pounds as a good investment.

Finally, no matter what your score for Thanawya Amma is we at Yaoota are so proud of you. Congratulations! Don’t forget to share this article on your parents’ wall on Facebook.

These were some suggestions that you may or may not like. Visit Yaoota.com for more suggestions, browse products, compare prices, checkout and have your girt delivered at your doorstep.

Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

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