Intelligent Vacuum Wine Stopper Electronic Monitoring Automatically Vacuum

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**Feature;** 1.Electronic monitoring, automatically vacuum, built-in vacuum pump; 2\. Automatically supplementary pumping to always maintain a stable vacuum inside the bott... more on King Souq

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Feature;1.Electronic monitoring, automatically vacuum, built-in vacuum pump; 2. Automatically supplementary pumping to always maintain a stable vacuum inside the bottle; 3. With dual functions of split or combination, you can use it to many bottles of wine, and easy cleaning; 4.Automatic Tilt Shut-off Feature to ensure the safe use; 5.Wine storage time records to show the best time to drink; 6.Always shows the updated temperature; 7.Built-in battery: portable to use, long standby time; 8.LCD display: convenient and practical; Specification;Color:Black ; Material: High quality PC + Food-grade silicone ; Application scope:White wine and Red wine; Bottle diameter:◎17.5-19.5mm; Operating temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; 20% ~ 90% RH; Operating voltage: 3.7V; LCD display: yes; Battery capacity: 600mAh; Charging voltage: 5V; Charging current: 500mA; Standby time: 60 days; Noisy:<60db (distance: 1M); Size:◎80×48×68mm Cap on the bottle above 4.9cm.; Net Weight: 100g.; Product Description:;"Once a bottle a red wine is opened and becomes in contact with air, the oxidation starts. How to slow down this oxidation processand prolong the wine shelf life is a concern for all wine lovers. Due to this, we have developed this Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver.This product can automatically evacuate the air inside the bottle and readily detect changes in air pressure inside the bottle usingsupplementary pumps to ensure the pressure inside the bottle maintains a steady vacuum state to keep the original taste for theunfinished wine and to extend the life and freshness of the wine. This product can also record and display the storage time for thestored wine and can display the wine storage temperature to ensure the product is as fresh as when it was first opened. With a built inrechargeable battery and an LCD display, ensures the utmost convenience for the wine lover. The product is designed with fashion,intelligence, visualization, and portability. It comes with two stoppers for multiple bottle usage at the same time.It is a must for all wine lovers.;" "1.The soft rubber sealer can seal the wine properly and it can intuitively show the pressure changes in the bottle. This rubber stopper is made of food-grade silicone (it’s widely used in such as bread trays, pacifiers and othermaterials and it can bear the temperature -40ºC to 230ºC).;" "2.The main part is used for vacuum and testing the air pressure inside the bottle. Each pumping time is 90 seconds.-After the exhaust is completed, you can pull off the main body from the wine bottle, leaving the wine stopper.This method can be used for storing many bottles.-To seal the wine bottle, you can also choose not to pull off the body part, which means it will always help to detect the bottle pressure condition;" "3. The benefit of the main body in conjunction with wine stoppers is that you can use the body to pump different wine bottles.This method allows for a more convenient and effective use. In addition, this product can be cleaned.It’s more sanitary and will not affect the wines taste for future use.;" "4. The time function feature allows you to know the best times to drink your stored wines according to your own tastes.You can also manually setup time records. Time is recorded by days. After turning on the main body, it records time from 01 (the first day) . (Additionally, you can add previously storage days in the time mode manually.);" NOTE: When shake the preserver,it's normal to hear the sound which is made by the buit-in anti-leaning switch.;

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