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Tianshi Hypotension Apparatus (Balance Apparatus For Physical Biological Electricity) Details

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Jumia's Description

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Key Features
  • Aids blood pressure balance.
  • Suitable for people who,need to balance their blood pressure.
  • Are heavily stressed.
  • Have headache or dizziness.
Product IntroductionThis Intelligent Single Chip Management System is adopted to achieve an integrated product with blood pressure balance, laser health care and massage.Comb Massage Gadget mainly consists of metal treat teeth, VIC electric circuits, metal handle loop and housing. It has been verified, in hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Liaoning, Changhun, Hebei, Japan, Russia, Turkey and Middle East, that it is effective to hypertension patient after 3-5 minutes treatment. To Alopecia and Alopecia Areata, patient must treat 3 times, 3 minutes each time, 20-30 times combing per minute to achieve good effect. Within 5 minutes, the instrument can relax local pain by certain method.1. Controlled Hypertension:To decrease hypertension, Jiajun decompression meter is operated to the following 4 treatment methods. It is suggested to measure blood pressure before using the instrument. After treatment, take a 10min rest, measure blood pressure again to compare. Generally, blood pressure can decrease by 10-30mmHg, and remains stable after 15-20d use.2. Stop and prevent loss of hair:During treating hypertension on head with the instrument, by combing movement to head meridian, the stimulation arrive through meridian of all body, run vigor and blood, adjust yin and yang, nourish body and remove disease, enhance boay immunity and reach the aim of cure whole body disease (including head) and health and longevity. By long clinical observation, it is found that except decreasing blood pressure and keeping blood pressure stable, the instrument had function of controlling seborrheic baldness, alopecia areata, hair growth, blacking hair, hair protection and reinforcement of anamnesis. Combing methodcontrols baldness and alopecia areata.Functions1. It balances blood pressure• By means of combing, it regulates and restores abnormal electrical potential of the head to a healthy condition.• With its built-in special circuit which activates the closed circuit of the human body to increase negative charge, it rapidly regulates the unbalanced, abnormal & pathological potential to a healthy condition.• It reduces blood viscosity and clears accumulated harmful substances, ultimately regulating the blood pressure. 2. Photon health care(i) To prevent cardiovascular diseases• reduces blood viscosity and platelet aggregation to curb thrombus.• improves micro-circulation.• removes free radicals.• regulates and enhances the immune function.(ii) To prevent hair loss and baldness• enhances the regenerative capacity of blood capillary and collagen fiber.• improves the metabolism process of hair follicle cells and hence, promotes hair regeneration and prevents hair loss.• restraints some dermatitis, such as seborrhea dermatitis which is due to the over-activity of sebaceous glands that causes the skin to become excessively oily. 3. Massage health care • relieves dizziness, alleviates brain fatigue, easing headache, enhance memory, and clear the mind.• promotes the maintenance of health and prevents diseases.HEALTH BENEFITS:• Mechanism for BP reduction: Use the bioelectricity to fine tune the abnormal electricity charge in body cell membrane, so as to relieve arteriolar constriction. After increasing the negative electric charge, the imbalanced and abnormal electric charge which causes health problems will be corrected.• Features: Advanced, scientifically designed• Result: Safe, fast, long-lastingCAUTION:• While using, make sure of good body contact with device. The indicator MUST light up• No talking when using for high BP. In case of poor result, wet the hand before using• For better results, use on various acupuncture points for different problemsNOTEThis product is unsuitable for:People with metal device in their body, such as cardiac pacemaker and etc;Pregnant women, mental patient, renal failure sufferers.User guide/manual is inside the box.

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