Fashion Full-automatic Lady's Ins Umbrella Rain Two-Beige Details

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg):0.3
Product Line:kaffyimportedgoods
Main material:Metal
Production country:China
Size (L x W x H cm):12 x 3 x 90

Jumia's Description

  • The umbrella is mainly used to protect against direct sunlight.
  • Umbrellas block about 11823 percent of uv rays, but they don't block reflected uv rays.If you don't have an umbrella with uv protection coating, you can also use ordinary sun umbrella. Black umbrella has relatively good defense effect, followed by pink and light yellow, while red has almost no uv protection function.
  • Large parasol generally refers to non-hand-held parasol, which is mainly fixed on the ground for use.High quality large sun umbrella should have at the same time anti ultraviolet, rain and high wind resistance function, choose the best choice when the umbrella surface coating silver, because coating silver layer can reflect most of the ultraviolet, but also has the function of rain prevention, followed by the choice of more dense twill, plain cloth umbrella surface.
  • Choose anti - uv umbrella mainly look at the fabric umbrella.The research shows that the fabric with thick umbrella surface has better anti-ultraviolet performance than that with thin one. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor anti-ultraviolet effect, while polyester is better.Some consumers believe that the thicker the umbrella is, the better its uv protection performance will be. In fact, this is not the case. For example, the paradise umbrella series has developed a kind of thin but very tight fabric, whose protection performance is far better than ordinary fabric.In addition, the color that prevents ultraviolet function is deeper had better, with satin grain fabric optimal, it is twill in turn next, plain grain.
  • On the market of this summer bask in article, umbrella of sun of prevent ultraviolet ray gets favour greatly.When choosing an anti-uv umbrella, consumers should master its characteristics in order to select a good umbrella from appearance to quality.
  • Kneepads are things that protect people's knees.It has the function of movement protection, cold prevention, heat preservation and joint maintenance.Divided into sports kneepads, health care kneepads.Suitable for athletes, the elderly, knee disease patients use.
  • Knee pads are widely used in modern sports.The knee is both an extremely important part of exercise and a vulnerable and injury-prone area. It is also an extremely painful and slow recovery from injury, and even a dull ache on rainy or cloudy days.
  • The role of kneepad has three points, one is brake, two is heat preservation, three is health care.
  • The kind that is common is thicker, have a big hole to be able to show a knee in the front, it is to bind type commonly, use again sticky buckle fixed kneecap.
  • The other is a set of the thin knee on his knees, has certain elasticity, take after, knee still can free activities, but a bit can obviously feel the patella was gently tighten, the mild brake knee can be used in the usual sports of the protection of the knee, and the knee permeability is very good, usually with a basic won't feel what inconvenient, suggest in daily sports activities, so use this mild brake knee pads to protect your knees.
  • brand:other
  • style:other
  • whether import:deny
  • umbrella cloth material:touch shot cloth
  • the umbrella cloth lead gum: touch shot cloth
  • umbrella cloth density:touch shot cloth
  • umbrella bone material:steel
  • umbrella handle material:steel
  • medium stick material:steel
  • style:70% discount umbrella
  • the umbrella amount of bones:6 bones
  • open a way:auto
  • goods:the TM is 574587305810
  • accept an umbrella method:auto
  • print more copies LOGO:can not
  • process and make to order:deny
  • apply crowd:old man
  • habitat(domestic):Wei in Xinjiang I Er autonomous region
  • gross weight:other
  • shape:common umbrella
  • the box pack an amount: other
  • packing:other
  • color:ten bones reinforce-the gentleman is black, ten bones reinforce a navy blue color, ten bones reinforce-shallow gray, ten bones reinforce charcoal gray, ten bones reinforce a soldier green, ten bones reinforce-khaki, ten bones reinforce-powder color, ten bone reflection-the gentleman is black, ten bone reflection-navy blue color, ten bone reflection-charcoal gray, ten bone reflection-soldier green, ten bone reflection-khaki, ten bone reflection-powder color, ten the bone sun protection-rice white, ten bone sun protections-apricot, ten bone sun protections-blue, ten bone sun protections-black, ten bone sun protections-light green color, ten the bone sun protection-rice white, ten the bone sun protection-plum flower powder
  • packing physical volume:other
  • whether across a territory source:deny
With sports protection, cold, heat preservation

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