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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg):0.52
Main Material:Synthetic
Production Country:China
Size (L x W x H cm):12 x 13 x 15

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Jumia's Description

A Card Reader is a device that reads cards. Because there are many types of cards, the meaning of a card reader covers a wide range.According to the different card types, it can be divided into IC card reader, including contact type IC card, comply with ISO7816 interface standard; Non-contact IC card reader, following ISO14443 interface standard, long distance card reader, following ETC GB20851 interface standard.The interfaces of Memory cards are not uniform. The main types are CF cards, SD cards, MiniSD cards, SM cards, and Memory Stick cards. electronic tag reader, called remote card reader, such as ETC system, can read and write the on-board IC card within 10m.Memory cards are widely used in smart phones and cameras. Broadly speaking, smart phones and cameras also become card readers. According to the type of memory card, it can be divided into CF card reader, SM card reader, PCMICA card reader and memory stick reader, etc., and double slot card reader can use two or more kinds of cards at the same time. According to the port type, it can be divided into serial port card reader, parallel port card reader, USB card reader.A Card-reader is an interface device used to read and write multimedia cards as mobile storage devices in a computer. The commercial version of the card reader can read secure smart cards. The card reader is usually connected by USB and can access memory cards in many formats, such as CompactFlash and Secure Digital. When the memory card with the appropriate card reader, can be used as a general flash drive. In addition, some printers have integrated card readers. Users can easily use the printer to print out the photo.Some card readers can access only one type of memory card, others are all-in-one card readers. Some memory cards have integrated the function of card reader, the user only needs to insert the memory card into the USB port, the computer can access the data in the memory card in real time.historyThe card reader is produced with the digital camera, but its use is no longer limited to the digital camera, but expanded to more fields.As the name suggests, a card reader is a device that reads data, but it can not only support reading data but also support writing data. Its initial design idea is mainly to make up for the defects of digital camera data output. Because the early USB interface was not popular, so the digital camera outlet is connected to the serial port of the computer, because the serial port data transmission speed is very low, if the data copy to the hard disk, it will take a lot of waiting time, so the card reader came into being. With the development of MP3, PDA and other digital products, the development of card reader has been strongly promoted. MP3 standard 256 m or 512 m flash obvious already can't meet our needs, so add 1 g or higher flash memory has become our standard configuration, but if we want to copy the MP3 songs to the flash memory, only through an MP3 player, but this time we need special attachment, drivers and software to complete, So the MP3 player can be portable portability is a lot worse, and if we use the card reader at this time, do not need the intervention of the MP3 player, directly can be MP3 songs stored on the flash memory, so that MP3 will become more convenient to use.The status quoCard readers are also widely used for mobile data storage. In the early years of computer use, as long as a few floppy disk can copy the commonly used software, DOS system as long as a floppy disk is enough, and those small games a floppy disk can be loaded several. Floppy drive as a standard driving equipment can basically meet people's work, learning storage needs. Later, with the development of computer technology, especially the introduction of the WINDOWS operating system, the volume of software has increased exponentially, and the standard 1.44M floppy disk is a "drop in the bucket" for these behemoths. The need for mass storage has led to the growing popularity of "bulky" storage such as hard disk drives, optical drives and various compressed storage devices. Not only that, people who are used to mobile work prefer to have portable and easy to carry, large data storage "portable" devices. Therefore, there are more and more kinds of external storage devices, the earliest ZIP, and later external hard disk and so on. But they're not small enough to carry around. [1]Now popular U disk, such as Langke flash drive, Luwen easy disk, patriotic mini king, they will be USB controller and flash integrated together, the volume is very small, for large capacity of data transmission is very convenient. However, the price of such products is higher, and so is the price you pay for them. If you use the combination of card reader and memory card can also provide the same effect of U disk, memory card mainly CF card and SM card, they use flash memory chip, in MP3 players, digital cameras, PDA and other devices even widely used. When a USB card reader is plugged into a memory card, it acts as a portable electronic hard drive. This light and convenient flash card becomes our convenient mobile storage medium, and the card reader is the most convenient device for these flash memory to exchange data. They are comparable in performance to USB sticks, but they are also small. In addition, this combination has a strong ability to expand. The price of memory cards keeps falling, and if you need to increase the capacity later, you can buy memory cards directly, which will be much cheaper than the same capacity of the overall electronic hard disk. And if you buy a device like a digital camera or MP3 player later, the memory card can be used directly on it, protecting your investment.

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