Generic Coir Welcome Mats for Front Door Funny Door Mat Outside Details

  • The best price of Generic Coir Welcome Mats for Front Door Funny Door Mat Outside by Jumia in Kenya is 823 KSh
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  • Delivery fees are 150-32000 KSh, with delivery expected within 1-11 day(s)
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  • The first appearance of this product was on Mar 21, 2023

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg):0.158
Main Material:polyester
Production Country:China
Size (L x W x H cm):23x20x4

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Jumia's Description

Detailed Information About The Product:[Multi-purpose Mats]:Enjoy high quality Polyester door mats, durable and attractive and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Positive words of blessing on the doormat is embossed to ensure that colors will not fade or wear after long-term use. This durable mat is free of chemical smells and can be safely used as a shoe mat or welcome mat.[Resist all dirt]:Popular indoor/outdoor carpets are perfect for your home. Can well remove dust, dirt and debris from the bottom of the shoes to keep the floor clean. Multifunctional floor mats can be used indoors, outdoors, as well as kitchens, front doors, entrances, terraces, garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms or any areas with heavy traffic.[Slip-resistant]:This door mat with non-slip backing prevents moisture infiltration, keeps the floor dry, and ensures that you will not slip or fall.[Easy to clean and maintain]: Clean it regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner and shake it off outdoors or above the trash can. For deeper cleaning, machine wash and dry. We recommend rinsing under water in cold water instead of hot water. After many machine wash tests, the doormat is still the same as new.[Style]Entertain your guests at your doorstep with our Did You Call First welcome mat that blends perfectly with your farmhouse style.Our rustic outdoor door mat is made from tightly woven coco fibers.[INPORTANT NOTE] Only use carpet on dry floors. The water under the carpet will cause it to slip.Shape: RectangleNote: Products need to folding to shipping, there will be folding marks,not quality issue, Please rest assured that the use of mats.Type: DColour: brownMaterial: polyesterSize: 45x75cmPackage Contents:1 * MatOnly the above package content, other products are not included.Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.About UsWe provide the good product with the best price,we support Wholesale/Drop Shipping Order1. For Drop Shipping order, please remark"dropshipping order", we will prioritize it.2. For Wholesale/Drop Shipping orders, if you have any谠갠젠︠ਡᘡ䈡模騡쐡퀡︡⠢㐢䀢䰢堢鰢혢ᐣ怣氣砣밣⨤吤怤氤砤萤㠥踥_xDC25_Ц䀦怦谦ꠦ혦都اሧḧ娧阧숧Ḩ丨娨昨爨縨訨阨ꈨ쨨ᘩ㨩利舩먩☪䨪截ꈪ_xDA2A_ȫⰫ瀫됫㸬蘬퀬ᐭ娭昭設츭ਮᘮ∮丮簮蠮鐮ꀮ갮렮쐮퐮ﰮయᰯ⠯㐯䀯䰯堯搯瀯簯蠯鐯ꐯ됯쀯찯_xDC2F_аူᰰ⠰㐰䘰昰琰舰鐰됰숰_xDC30_ᠱ㸱吱栱週꠱츱_xD831_࠲ᠲ㈲㨲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲昲琲鈲ꨲ숲퀲_xDE32_免࠳ᘳ∳㘳䘳嘳搳爳蠳鸳됳쨳ᘴ⸴㨴䈴栴鸴꠴꠴꠴렴젴_xDA34_ਵਵ簵ึḶ㐶制怶瘶鐶鸶눶옶⨷㘷稷蠷ꀷ먷퀷︷ᐸ⨸㘸䈸丸戸縸踸鸸꠸뀸_xDA38_ᘹ‹㨹氹縹ꐹ먹퐹:ᨺⰺ䈺䈺携舺꘺쨺ᠻ⨻搻됻쨻_xD83B_ȼᠼ㘼堼渼鐼숼࠽嘽栽ꈽؾᐾ⠾㸾吾舾꠾퀾ᐿ㰿㰿丿瘿갿쀿퐿ᙀ♀㙀偀橀聀顀김쑀၁⹁䱁晁聁ꑁ졁B⅂䥂潂鹂쵂浃豃끃퍃ل⹄䙄捄끄ᝅ摅聅륅흅♆繆덆홆ч彇睇鍇빇흇ቈ㕈蝈쵈ᙉ楉葉녉칉੊半灊蹊ꉊ_xDC4A_⡋捋轋_xDA4B_᱌㥌祌푌樓్㝍卍籍襍鵍ꥍ땍셍쵍_xD94D_﵍ॎᕎⅎⵎ㥎䕎兎嵎楎畎腎赎饎ꕎ녎뵎쥎핎漏Տᅏᵏ⥏婏晏牏繏詏陏ꉏ깏멏왏퉏_xDE4F_ⵐ㥐䕐児慐煐腐酐ꅐ념셐텐őᅑ⅑ㅑ䅑兑慑煑腑酑ꅑ녑셑텑Œᅒ⅒ㅒ睒읒_xDE52_੓ᩓ⩓㩓䩓婓楓祓詓魓걓뵓쵓_xDD53_肋ࡔᑔ⁔ⱔ㡔䑔偔屔桔瑔联豔顔ꑔ끔뱔졔푔ѕၕ᱕⡕㑕䁕䱕塕摕灕덕͖ᩖ䉖乖婖晖牖繖襖镖ꉖ꽖뱖쥖핖稜їၗ᱗⡗㑗䁗䱗塗摗灗籗街鑗ꁗ걗롗쑗큗_xDC57_Xౘᡘ⑘じ㱘䡘湘뙘쉘치љၙ᱙⡙㑙䁙䱙塙摙灙籙衙遙鱙ꡙ륙쩙_xDB59_ﵙ๚὚ず䅚剚捚瑚蕚陚Ꝛ롚쥚_xDA5A_ﱚ൛ṛ⽛䁛兛扛獛聛赛鹛꽛ɜཛྷ⁜ㅜ䉜卜摜畜虜靜ꡜ륜͝ၝ⅝⹝㭝䡝啝扝潝籝襝陝ꍝ끝뵝쩝흝﹝୞ᡞ╞㉞㽞䱞奞晞獞聞赞驞Ꝟ둞ş๟᭟⡟㕟䉟佟屟楟癟荟遟쩟흟ﵟॠᥠ⥠㕠䅠䵠奠晠獠聠赠驠Ꝡ둠셠칠_xDB60_ɡཡᱡ⥡㙡䍡偡嵡橡睡葡酡鹡ꭡ롡_xDE61_բቢὢⱢ癢荢遢鵢깢뽢큢ͣᑣ╣㙣䝣塣楣穣譣鱣굣빣콣ɤ፤⑤㕤䙤坤桤祤詤魤걤뵤칤_xDF64_ťብ⍥㑥䕥噥来ꉥ덥쁥텥ŦᅦⅦㅦ䅦兦慦煦腦흦ݧᝧ❧㝧䝧坧杧睧蝧靧ꝧ띧읧퍧_xDF67_﹧൨⡨㡨䡨奨楨票表顨ꥨ멨쭨_xDC68_ﱨࡩᡩ❩㝩䝩坩杩硩襩驩ꭩ뱩쵩_xDE69_jᅪ≪㍪䑪啪晪睪衪饪ꩪ뭪챪_xDD6A_ェၫⅫ㉫䍫呫筫豫鵫깫뽫큫﹫୬ᱬ⵬㹬乬幬湬繬转ꁬ녬쉬퍬٭᝭⡭㥭䩭孭汭絭蹭齭끭셭퉭ծ᙮❮㡮䥮牮置遮ꅮ뉮썮푮ṯ⽯㱯䵯桯롯ɰ呰潰ꡰ둰쁰ॱ影歱睱衱饱ꕱɲ፲⁲⵲牲썲_xDA72_㥳䕳捳潳聳赳鹳ﱳ౴ᥴ♴㍴繴譴靴ꍴ덴뽴쭴흴ॵ᩵⭵㭵䱵奵敵煵豵鵵굵뵵쵵_xDD75_オྲྀ᭶⭶㝶䍶佶彶潶ꙶ뉶빶쩶흶カ౷᥷♷㍷䁷͸୸፸嵸數浸畸腸赸饸ꅸ굸른쩸_xDB78_ﭸ౹᥹♹⹹罹蝹鑹ꁹ꡹둹퉹_xDE79_ﱹൺᕺ≺㉺㽺䱺奺慺湺空虺険ꉺ깺멺왺흺梁੻᩻⭻㡻䑻偻塻靻Ꝼ띻읻흻糧ॼᕼ╼ㅼ䅼兼恼桼瑼葼遼

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