Samsung RS53K4600SA Refrigerator 2 Doors- 24 Feet, Silver, 533 Liter Details

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Technical Specifications

Depth:747 mm
Style:Side by Side
Width:912 mm
Height:1764 mm
Capacity:24 Cubic Feet
Item EAN:2724333370118
Material:Stainless Steel
Model Number:RS53K4600SA
Shipping Weight:120 kg

Amazon's Description

Loaded with an array of innovative cooling technologies, the Samsung RS53K4600SA 2 Door Refrigerator helps you keep foodstuffs fresh for longer. Its splendid silver finish adds sophistication to its looks. The unique Twin Cooling Plus technology maintains the optimum humidity level in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments by making use of two different air streams. As a result of this, foodstuffs like apples remain crisp and fresh, while the ice cream in the freezer is cooled just enough so that it does not suffer from freezer burn. The big box drawers are capable of holding a lot of fruits and vegetables simultaneously. To add to your convenience, this Samsung refrigerator has a mini drink bar that opens on the exterior and provides you quick access to chilled soda or cola bottles without having to open the doors. There's an LCD screen on the exterior that displays the temperatures of the freezer and refrigerator sections. Apart from allowing you to make changes to the refrigerator settings, this screen also enables you to see if the filter needs replacement or put the refrigerator in the Holiday mode.

Key Features

Twin Cooling Plus

External Information and Operation

Save Energy and Space

533 Liters

120 KG

Dispenser Water Filter

A+ Energy

Metal Graphite

Twin Cooling Plus system

The new refrigerator H-Series uses two separate air flow and precise control of temperature to maintain optimal moisture levels in both the refrigerator and in the freezer. The Twin Cooling Plus® System system will guarantee the freshness of your apples, prevent your ice frosting and do not give your ice perfume of this garlic bread stored in the fridge.

Info and touch controls in a few clicks

Follow what's happening in your refrigerator without opening the door. The outdoor LED display in a pretty blue light interior temperatures of the two compartments of the new refrigerator H-series It warns you when it is time to change the filter. Tap the screen to add water or ice, or to start the refrigerator Holiday mode when you travel.

A Refinement Sober Paces

As you tell any great cook, everything is a question of presentation, particularly in the kitchen. The modern elegance of the new refrigerator H-Series is an inspiration to prepare sumptuous meals. Refined style, highlighted by smooth lines and polished finish gives a luxurious feel stylishly enhancing the decor of your kitchen. If your kitchen was not the most popular item during holiday parties, now it certainly will.

The LED lighting

The LED lighting of the tower is released from the back of the inside rather than from the top, which gives you more space for large products. In addition, it emits less heat than conventional bulbs, thereby relieving the fridge in the cooling products

Big Box drawers

Larger than previous models, the big box drawers can contain melons and lettuces, even decorated with some peppers and zucchini. So feel free to stock up on fruits and vegetables. The flap lids preserve food freshness while providing quick and easy access.

Multi Flow Ventilation

Multi Flow ventilation serves all floors, through small tunnels arranged at each level, so as to maintain a uniform temperature in every corner of the refrigerator, especially when opening the door. Simultaneously cooling each compartment of each section, the Multi Flow ventilation keeps longer freshness of your food.

Mini bar

Simply open the mini bar to get a bottle of water without opening the refrigerator door or let out the cold air. The mini bar helps save energy and provides easy access to your favorite drinks. The door that opens with pressure, also board office where you prepare your drink.

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