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Rane CP64S

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* Two fully independent gated Mic/Line Paging Inputs * Paging Priority Assignment * Page Ducking * Three stereo Program Inputs * One Gated S... more on One Roof Store

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Technical Specifications

Note:0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
re +4 dBu. BW:20 Hz-20 kHz
+4 dBu, 1 kHz, BW:80 kHz
1 kHz, Rs:25 Ω
Ri:2 kΩ
.....Limiter:Threshold Range
Control element:2 kO pot, reverse-log taper; Or any ground referenced 0-5 VDC control.
UNIT:Agency Listing
MIC/LINE PAGE INPUTS:Two mono inputs; All controls duplicated for both inputs
.....Input Type:RCA
.....RFI Filter:Yes
.....Gain range:+30 to +60 dB
2:Continuously adjustable
.....Frequency Resp.:10 Hz to 50 kHz
.....Input Referred Noise:-125 dBu
.....CMR:40 dB
min:20 to 20 kHz
.....THD+N:.05 %
.....Phantom Power:+15 VDC
4%:Internal switch
.....Mic Input impedance:500 Ω
1%:Each leg to ground. Defeats phantom power
.....Line Pad:30 dB
.....Line Input impedance:14.5k Ω
.....Signal Detector Range:off to +4 dBu
typ:For a 20 dB step; Fixed.
.....Signal Detector Attack:.5 msec
.....Signal Detector Release:3 sec
.....Overload Indicator:+16 dBu
1:4 dB before clipping.
.....Front Panel Zone Assign:Remote, Z1, Z2, Both
.....Remote Zone Assign:Off, Z1, Z2, Both
.....Pre/Post Paging assign:Summed with program Pre VCA or Post VCA via Internal switch
.....Page Priority Assign:P1 (Page 1)NO (none)P2 (Page 2)
.....Paging Zone Level:off to 0 dB
.....Page Remote Select:11 = Off10 = Z1 (Zone 1)01 = Z2 (Zone 2)00 = Both
PROGRAM INPUTS:Four stereo inputs; All controls duplicated for all four inputs
.....Input Level adjust:off to 0 dB
.....Input impedance:10k Ω
.....Input Detector Range:off to -35 dBu
.....Release Time Range:5 to 20 sec
.....Attack Time:50 msec
.....Assign:OFF, Z1, Z2 or Both
All controls duplicated for both zones:.....Number of Expand Outputs
Z1 & Z2, both mono:.....Expand Selector
12 dB:1
6 dB:1
+0/-3 dB:.....S/N
-84 dBr:1
.05 %:.01
-75 dB:max
100 Ω:1%
Each leg:.....Maximum Output
+24 dBu:typ
Zone 1 Stereo, Zone 2 mono:.....Output Type
Balanced; Cross-coupled:.....Gain
From Program Inputs:.....Gain
From Page Inputs:.....Frequency Resp.
+20 dBu:typ
Ri = 600 Ω:.....Signal Present LED
-20 dBu:typ
Maximum:.....Overload LED
+16 dBu:typ
Independently defeatable for each Zone:..........Depth Range
-50 to -6 dB:typ
-20 to +20 dB:typ
Continuously adjustable:..........Attack Time
20 msec:typ
For a 10 dB step; Fixed.:..........Ratio
250 msec:typ
.....Local (Front Panel):L1, L2, L3 or P (priority)
Independent for each Zone:.....Zone RMT Selector
11 = Off10 = Z1 (Zone 1)01 = Z2 (Zone 2)00 = Both:Internal pull-up. Active low; Switch closure to Ground or 5 volt TTL logic.
.....Zone RMT Volume (RMT engaged):Attenuation = 64 mV/dBRange 0 V to +5 V (0 dB to -78 dB)
-80 dB:typ
+12 to -12 dB:.5
40, 100, 250, 630, 1.6k, 4k, 10k Hz:3%
2 octave:3%
UL/cUL/CE:.....Universal Voltage
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz:12 watts
.....Construction:All Steel
.....Size (1U):1.75"H x 19"W x 8.5"D
(4.4 cm x 48.3 cm x 21.6 cm):.....Weight
(2.3 kg):Shipping Size
4.5" x 20.3" x 13.75":(11.5 cm x 52 cm x 35 cm)
.....Weight:9 lb

One Roof Store's Description

  • Two fully independent gated Mic/Line Paging Inputs
    • Paging Priority Assignment
    • Page Ducking
  • Three stereo Program Inputs
  • One Gated Stereo Priority Program Input (Jukebox)
  • 2 Zones, 1 Mono and 1 Stereo
    • 7-Band Graphic EQ for each Zone
    • Servo-Locked-Limiter™ for each Zone
    • Additional Page / Program / Zone Output
  • Optional SCP2S Security Cover to conceal only the EQ section
  • Optional PR2 Remote Page Assign Remote Control
  • Optional ZR1 Remote Zone Level/Program Select Remote Control

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