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KY-001 Temperature Sensor

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## Product Description ### KY-001 Temperature Sensor Specifications 1. The module uses a single-bus digital temperature sensor DS18B20, the external power supply voltage Ran... more on TechDepot Egypt

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Technical Specifications

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Product Description

KY-001 Temperature Sensor Specifications

  1. The module uses a single-bus digital temperature sensor DS18B20, the external power supply voltage Range is 3.0 V to 5.5 V, No standby power. Measurement temperature range of -55 ° C to +125 , Fahrenheit equivalent 67 ° F to 257 ° F, -10 °C to +85 ° C range accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C.
  2. The temperature sensor is a programmable resolution of 9 to 12 temperature conversion to 12-bit digital format With a maximum of 750 milliseconds formula User definable nonvolatile temperature alarm settings.

Required Hardware Devices

  • Arduino controller × 1
  • KY-001 Temperature Sensor Module × 1
  • USB data cable × 1
  • download and install the OneWire libary


  • Pin – = connect to Arduino GND
  • Pin (middel) = connect to arduino +5V
  • Pin S = Signal, in this example connect to Arduino Digital port 10

When everything is properly connected, there is a led on the module that blinks when the sensor is read.


#include <OneWire.h>   // KY-001 Temperature Sensor with DS18S20 Temperature chip i/o OneWire ds(10);// on pin 10   void setup(void){// initialize inputs/outputs// start serial port Serial.begin(9600);}   void loop(void){   //For conversion of raw data to Cint HighByte, LowByte, TReading, SignBit, Tc_100, Whole, Fract;   byte i; byte present =0; byte data[12]; byte addr[8];   if(!{ Serial.print("No more addresses.n"); ds.reset_search();return;}   Serial.print("R=");for( i =0; i <8; i++){ Serial.print(addr[i], HEX); Serial.print(" ");}   if( OneWire::crc8( addr,7)!= addr[7]){ Serial.print("CRC is not valid!n");return;}   if( addr[0]==0x10){ Serial.print("Device is a DS18S20 family device.n");}elseif( addr[0]==0x28){ Serial.print("Device is a DS18B20 family device.n");}else{ Serial.print("Device family is not recognized: 0x"); Serial.println(addr[0],HEX);return;}   ds.reset();; ds.write(0x44,1);// start conversion, with parasite power on at the end   delay(1000);// maybe 750ms is enough, maybe not// we might do a ds.depower() here, but the reset will take care of it.   present = ds.reset();; ds.write(0xBE);// Read Scratchpad   Serial.print("P="); Serial.print(present,HEX); Serial.print(" ");for( i =0; i <9; i++){// we need 9 bytes data[i]=; Serial.print(data[i], HEX); Serial.print(" ");} Serial.print(" CRC="); Serial.print( OneWire::crc8( data,8), HEX); Serial.println();   //Conversion of raw data to C LowByte = data[0]; HighByte = data[1]; TReading =(HighByte <<8)+ LowByte; SignBit = TReading &0x8000;// test most sig bitif(SignBit)// negative{ TReading =(TReading ^0xffff)+1;// 2's comp} Tc_100 =(6* TReading)+ TReading /4;// multiply by (100 * 0.0625) or 6.25   Whole = Tc_100 /100;// separate off the whole and fractional portions Fract = Tc_100 %100;     if(SignBit)// If its negative{ Serial.print("-");} Serial.print(Whole); Serial.print(".");if(Fract <10){ Serial.print("0");} Serial.print(Fract);   Serial.print("n");//End conversion to C}

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