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Composition and pharmacological properties Drops refer to insecticidal acaricidal preparations. They contain fipronil as active substance as well as additive agents. Fipro... more on PetsProf

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Composition and pharmacological propertiesDrops refer to insecticidal acaricidal preparations. They contain fipronil asactive substance as well as additive agents.Fipronil in the composition of the preparation has expressed contact insecticidal acaricidal action on larval and mature stages of development offleas, lice, biting lice, ixodic and sarcoptic ticks parasitizing in dogs and cats.After skin application of the medicine fipronil is not absorbed into bloodcirculation, but it accumulates in epidermis, hair follicles and oil glands of animal body and takes continuous contact insecticidal acaricidal and repellent action.The mechanism of fipronil action consists in blockage of GABA-receptorsof ectoparasites, violation of nervous impulses transfer leading to paralysisand destruction of insects and ticks.IndicationsThe preparation is prescribed for cats and dogs from 10 week age in cases of myiasis (lice, fleas, biting lice), sarcoptic mange, notoedric mange, otoacariasis, affection by ixodic ticks as well as for prevention of animal attacks by ectoparasites.ContraindicationsIndividual hypersensitivity of animal to the preparation components (including to fipronil in the case history).The reparation is not to be applied to pregnant and nursing females, animals with infection diseases or recovering animals, puppies and kittens under 10 weeks of age.Side effectsAs a rule side effects and complications are not observed when used following the instruction.In case of individual hypersensitivity to active substances of the preparation and occurrence of allergic reactions it is to be washed off with water and soap, and antihistaminic and supportive care is to be prescribed to the animal.Dosage and administrationThe preparation is used by means of «spot-on» application to dry intactskin of back between shoulder blades or to the neck at the skull base at adosage indicated in the table.
In case of treatment of large dogs the preparation is applied to skin in3–4 places.Duration of the protective action remains up to 2 months.It is recommended to perform retreatments of animals by indicationsduring the activity season of parasites.In order to prevent flea reinvasion animal beddings are to be substitutedwith new ones or treated with insecticide preparation according to its applicationinstruction.To treat otoacariasis (ear itching) ear auricles and external auditory canalare to be preliminary cleared of ear wax, exudate and scabs, and then 4drops of the preparation are dripped in each ear. For even distribution of thepreparation fold the ear auricle in half and slightly massage it, including thebasis. In neglected case of otoacariasis complicated with otitis antibacterialand anti-inflammatory treatment is to be prescribed. The treatment course isto be repeated after 7 days.The preparation is to be dripped in both ears even if only one is affectedby otoacariasis.To prevent spattering of the preparation (if the animal shakes its head) fixits head for some minutes.Insecticidal acaricidal drops «Bars®» are not to be used in case of eardrumperforation.Special instructionsWithin 3 days before and after treatment do not wash the animal withshampoo and do not apply drops simultaneously with other insecticidal acaricidalpreparations for treatment of animals.StorageStore in closed original package, in shadowed and moisture-proof placeinaccessible for children, away from foodstuff and forages, at the temperaturefrom 0°C to 30°C.Pharmaceutical form3–4 pcs of polymeric dripping pipettes packed in cardboard boxes together with the application instruction.

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