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Steblanc Black Snail Repair Cream 50ml

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Product Highlights * Skin regeneration effect * Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging * Moisturizing and Nourishment * Skin Elasticity * Korean Cosmetics **Excellent skin rege...

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JadoPado's Description

Product Highlights
  • Skin regeneration effect
  • Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging
  • Moisturizing and Nourishment
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Korean Cosmetics

Excellent skin regeneration effect

– Black snail mucus filtered ingredient 92%.  Mucin ingredients, the sticky mucus of a snail having an excellent skin regeneration effect, quickly repairs skin by itself and delivers various active ingredients deep into skin to strengthen natural autogenic power of skin. 

Managing fine wrinkles

– Wrinkle functionality certified

– adenosine/peptide 

Adenosine, an ingredient notified by Korean Food and Drug Administration which improves wrinkles, and peptide ingredient, the representative ingredient to improve skin-aging, makes skin look much younger and tight by helping get rid of fine wrinkles on external surface of skin.

Trouble trace care

– Work directly on sensitive skin 

By working directly on skin which becomes partially dull or reddish sensitive due to various trouble traces, it cares for blackish traces cleanly and makes the overall skin tone bright and clear. 

Slack pores – Beta-glucan/peptide/green tea extracts    

Pores on skin from various factors become larger as diverse wastes cannot be washed off perfectly and as a result, pores lose their elasticity and sag easily. By massaging with snail mucus, it makes pores elastic and closes pores tightly so that it won’t sag any more. Skin regeneration effect- Black snail mucus filtered ingredient, copper tripeptide-1, EGF black snail mucus filtered ingredient, Copper tripeptide-1, EGF Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging ‘Black Complex’ 27 ingredients such as ginger extracts, assai extracts, mulberry extracts, rubus coreaus extracts, elder fruit extracts, black sugar extracts, cocoa extracts, charcoal powder, eggplant extracts, sephia, etc Moisturizing and Nourishment-hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Skin soothing- lotus extracts, goldthread extracts  Skin elasticity- palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, pomegranate tree extracts, cacao tree extracts, corni extractsAt the first step of basic care after wash your face, apply a moderate amount on the entire face and absorb it by patting lightly. 


- Absorb it by padding and rubbing enough so that contents of snail cream which streches like glue can be absorbed!

- Use first after washing your face. You can add a toner or ample as necessary. 

- When using with a toner or ample, use it in the order of wash – toner – ample – snail cream. For extremely dry skin, you can make more moist skin by adding a moisturizing cream in the last step.  Provide enough nourishment by using more amounts in the evening than in the morning!

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