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PLUS Electronic Captureboard N-20W

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"Capture" the image projected on the PLUS unique writing surface along with all of the notes and comments written on the surface into a single file on your computer! * The Pl... more on Office One

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"Capture" the image projected on the PLUS unique writing surface along with all of the notes and comments written on the surface into a single file on your computer! * The Pl... more on Office One

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Office One's Description

"Capture" the image projected on the PLUS unique writing surface along with all of the notes and comments written on the surface into a single file on your computer!

  • The Plus C-20W represents the next generation Plus Captureboards. Like previous CaptureBoard versions, the new C-20W is simple to use and does not require any training. We choose Plus boards to use in our office because we meet with many different companies each day. We need a simple board that anyone can approach and use right off the bat. They are also built to last as was have many older models still being used daily. 
  • Like the previous generation C-12, the C-20 is available in the Standard (C-20S) and wide (C-20W) versions. These models have the Capture ability so you can easily combine a projected image with your hand written notes to a single digital file or hardcopy printout. Some of the new features include an easier to use software interface, faster scanning time, networking, and even a mobile app. Combined with the new slimmer design and upgraded, magnetic writing surface, the C-20 board is ready for any meeting.
  • To take full advantage of the Capture ability of this board, you would connect it to your PC or Mac (OSX 10.5 or later). You would then connect a projector to your computer and project an image, up to 60 inches diagonal, onto the board. You would then open the software which will have to mark each corner of the projected image to allow for good alignment. During your meeting or discussion, you can write anywhere on the board using regular dry erase markers. When finished, just push the scan button and the boardsurface will scan to the left scanning the marker notes. The software then overlays that image onto the image you were projecting. You can then save that image as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF, or you can print a hard copy to your printer. You can even print to an on board printer (mounted on the boards mobile stand) as long as the drivers are installed on your computer.
  • The new writing surface has a matte finish and will have less glare than previous boards. It is also optimized to be used with regular dry erase markers and is magnetic, so you can stick magnets to it during your presentation. You do not need any special markers. Regular dry erase markers available at local office stores work fine. The new network function allows you to save images directly to the board's internal memory and access them from any web browser. It can even be password protected. You also have the ability to save to an FTP server so everyone can access your images.

The C-20 series of PLUS CaptureBoards offer industry leading features for saving and sharing the notes from your meetings

  • The new mobile app for the C-20 series boards is a great tool as well. It works with both Apple iOS and Android systems. With the proper set up, you can "scan" by tapping a button on your mobile phone, iphone or iPad. The resulting image can then be saved right to your phone, as well as the phone of anyone else in room with that app. The app also allows for audio and video recording during the meeting and will store them together with any scanned images, so all your meeting information is in one place. 
  • In addition to the great new Captureboard features, the C-20 can also be used as a regular Copyboard, which is the main function of this model. Just connect to your PC or Mac through USB and you can save hand written notes without having to install software. If you attach a compatible printer (sold separately) you can print notes right from the board which is very convenient during a meeting.


  • Unique surface for both projection and writing
  • 2 Writing Panels (36” high x 71” wide)
  • Network and Smartphone integration
  • Print combined projected image and written notes
  • Access Via Your Smart Phone
  • Push a button to save the hand-written notes to a USB memory stick
  • Supplied color markers to write directly on both the projected image  and in the blank spaces on the board
  • Matte surface allows for sharp projected images with minimal reflection or glare
  • CaptureBoard software allows you to combine and save the projected image with the hand-written notes into a single digital file on your computer
  • Four-button menu is intuitive and learning the software requires little training
  • A combined image can be saved as a JPG, PNG or PDF file which can be easily printed in color, attached to an email or incorporated into office documents
  • Push button operation for printing your notes to paper or saving your work digitally
  • Surpasses the functionality of a chalkboard or whiteboard
  • Connect  to a network via an ethernet cable
  • Faster Scanning Time
  • Magnets can be attached to the board surface

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