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Fujifilm X Q1 Digital Camera Silver

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Product Highlights * Brands: FujiFilm Body Type: Compact Mega Pixel (MP): 12 Sensor Size (mm): 8.8 x 6.6 mm P The black **Fujifilm XQ1 Digital Camera** is a compact ... more on JadoPado

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Product Highlights
  • Brands: FujiFilmBody Type: CompactMega Pixel (MP): 12Sensor Size (mm): 8.8 x 6.6 mmP

The black Fujifilm XQ1 Digital Camera is a compact point-and-shoot featuring a 12 megapixel, 2/3", X-Trans CMOS II sensor and an EXR Processor II to provide high quality imagery. The combination of the image sensor and processor enables a sensitivity range to ISO 12800 and also gives quick performance abilities to all aspects of the camera. Fujifilm's proprietary X-Trans sensor uses a unique randomized pixel array in order to avoid the use of a resolution-reducing optical low-pass filter, therefore providing images with the utmost sharpness and clarity. This imaging system is benefitted by the Intelligent Hybrid AF system, which uses both contrast- and phase-detection methods to acquire focus quickly and accurately.The built-in, 4x optical zoom, Fujinon, f/1.8-4.9 lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 25-100mm, covering wide-angle to short telephoto perspectives to suit working in a wide variety of conditions. Aspherical and extra-low dispersion elements are integrated into the optical design to minimize aberrations and produce sharp, clear imagery and an HT-EBC coating has been applied to reduce lens flare and ghosting. Benefitting the reach of this lens is lens shift-type optical image stabilization, which provides three shutter speed steps worth of camera shake reduction to ensure sharp imagery when working with longer shutter speeds or focal lengths.For live view monitoring, image review, and menu navigation, a large 3.0" 920K-dot LCD monitor is available and features a wide viewing angle to better support use from varying positions and in bright conditions. A physical mode dial furthers the intuitive usability of the camera and a dedicated Wi-Fi button is also integrated into the XQ1's design to support direct sharing of imagery to an Android or iOS mobile device for instant sharing online.Full HD 1080p movie recording in multiple frame rates is possible and full-time continuous focusing is supported while taking video, as well as the use of Film Simulation modes. Film Simulation modes make use of Fujifilm's history of producing traditional films and allow you to apply those films' characteristics to your digital imagery to better suit your intended look.

12MP 2/3" X-Trans CMOS II SensorA large 2/3" CMOS image sensor is integrated into the XQ1 to provide high image quality and detail. Using Fujifilm's unique X-Trans bespoke pixel array, the sensor is designed with a randomized pixel pattern to eliminate the need of an optical low-pass filter for reducing moiré and aliasing. By removing this filter from the design, higher image sharpness is possible. Lens Modulation Optimizer (LMO) factors are also taken into account using the EXR Processor II, which helps to automatically compensate for aberrations and diffraction blur in order to produce images with the utmost inherent sharpness. The image sensor also integrates over 100,000 phase-detection pixels into the sensor's design for improved autofocus performance without affecting image quality.The X-Trans sensor also pairs well with the EXR Processor II to provide highly effective noise reduction and a clean signal-to-noise ratio. This enables smoother-looking imagery that becomes especially apparent when photographing in low-light situations with a maximum native sensitivity level of ISO 12800.EXR Processor IIAside from benefitting low-light performance, the EXR Processor II also provides quick performance throughout the entire camera system. The camera start-up time is about 1 second, shutter lag is about 0.015 seconds, and the shooting interval time is about 0.3 seconds. Additionally, this processing power provides enough speed to capture full resolution images at a continuous rate of 12 fps for up to 9 consecutive frames.Fujinon 25-100mm f/1.8-4.9 LensThe built-in 4x optical zoom lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 25-100mm with a fast maximum aperture of f/1.8-4.9. The inclusion of four aspherical elements and three extra-low dispersion elements helps to reduce the appearance of aberrations throughout the zoom range while also significantly contributing to overall image sharpness. Lens elements are treated with a multi-layer HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) to minimize lens flare and ghosting while shooting for greater light transmittance and contrast within imagery.Benefitting the lens and especially low-light shooting, a lens-shift type optical image stabilization (OIS) system is integrated into the design to counter the effects of camera shake up to three stops. This OIS system also enhances image sharpness when working as closely as 1.1" / 3cm in Macro mode.Intelligent Hybrid AFIntelligent Hybrid AF is a quick, responsive autofocus system that employs both contrast- and phase-detection methods to acquire focus quickly in a wide variety of lighting conditions and shooting situations. Clear focus can be attained in as little as 0.06 seconds to aid in catching fast-paced movement more easily. Three focus modes are available (AF-S, AF-C, and M) for greater control over how the XQ1 achieves sharp focus. Additionally, a built-in AF assist lamp is available for aiding the focus system when photographing in low-light situations.When working with manual focus, Focus Highlight Peaking is available and enables a more objective system of focusing by way of highlighting sharp edges and lines of contrast once they are in focus.Camera DesignThe compact and lightweight body design incorporates a highly aesthetic black covering and integrates a range of physical controls, including an intuitive mode dial, and a Super Intelligent pop-up flash within its minimal appearance. While the XQ1 exhibits a small overall form-factor, a large 3.0" 920k-dot LCD monitor is available for bright, clear live view monitoring, image playback, and menu navigation and features a wide +/- 85° viewing angle for greater visibility during use.Full HD Movie RecordingFull HD 1080p video recording is supported in multiple frame rates up to 60 fps with recorded stereo sound. Full-time AF tracking is available during recording with subject tracking capabilities for ensured sharpness when either the subject is moving or if the camera is moving or panning. The optical image stabilization system and use of the optical zoom lens are also supported during video recording for even greater, more refined control over the appearance of movies.Built-In Wi-Fi ConnectivityWireless connectivity is built into the camera and allows for instant sharing of images directly to an Android or iOS mobile device. The Fujifilm Camera App allows you to browse the image contents of your camera from your mobile device and transfer both HD videos and up to 30 photos at a time between devices. Sharing of imagery is further expedited by simply pressing and holding the dedicated Wi-Fi button to begin transferring immediately.Film Simulation Mode and Advanced FiltersTaking advantage of Fujifilm's vast history in traditional film-based photography, the XQ1 integrates several Film Simulation modes to mimic the look and feel of some Fujifilm's classic film types. Pulling from their line of transparency films, PROVIA offers natural-looking tones for everyday shooting, VELVIA produces a more dramatic and rich tonality with deeper color saturation, and ASTIA gives less contrast for a softer depiction of skin tones. In addition to the colorful benefits of these Film Simulation modes, there are also monochrome modes that simulate the look of traditional yellow, green, and red black and white contrast filters. A sepia mode is also available for producing an inherently nostalgic look.Eight Advanced Filters are also available to creatively enhance the look of imagery, and include: High Key, Low Key, Soft Focus, Toy Camera, Miniature, Pop Color, Dynamic Tone, and Partial Color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).Other Camera Features

    • An in-camera RAW converter lets you record your images in the RAF RAW format and process them prior to computer-based editing procedures. This process enables you to modify the exposure, white balance, and other controls directly through the menu interface. Additionally, for more thorough processing of files, RAW File Converter software is included for RAW image processing on your computer.


    • Multiple exposure mode gives you the ability to overlay imagery in-camera. When working in this mode, subsequent exposures can be paired and the final appearance can be previewed on the LCD or in the EVF before making the final exposure.


    • Motion panorama mode allows you to record expansive views up to 360° wide in a seamless, sweeping manner.


    • Four different auto bracketing modes are available: Dynamic Range, Film Simulation, AE, and ISO Sensitivity.

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