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CS-JBV428 Camera Battery for JVC BN-V428, BN-V428U, BN-V438, BN-V438U

229.90 AED

Capacity: 3300mAh Type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.4V Rate: 24.42Wh Color: Dark Grey Dimension: 54.95 x 55.34 x 37.58mm **Supporting models:** JVC CU-VH1 CU-VH1US GR-33 GR-4000US GR-D20 GR-D200 GR-D2000 GR-D200U GR-D200US GR-D201 GR-D20E GR-D20EG GR-D21 GR-D21EK GR-D22 GR-D220 GR-D225 GR-D225EK GR-D22US GR-D23 GR-D230 GR-D230EK GR-D230US GR-D231 GR-D30 GR-D30E GR-D30U GR-D30US GR-D31 GR-D31EK ... more on JadoPado

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Capacity: 3300mAhType: Li-ionVoltage: 7.4VRate: 24.42WhColor: Dark GreyDimension: 54.95 x 55.34 x 37.58mm

Supporting models:


Supporting part nos.:

JVC BN-V428 BN-V428U BN-V438 BN-V438U

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