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Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Light Brown Leather Loop

Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Light Brown Leather Loop

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Last update 1 year, 7 months ago

The Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Light Brown Leather Loop features highly polished stainless steel case and the display is protected by sapphire crystal. Cold-for...

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The Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Light Brown Leather Loop features highly polished stainless steel case and the display is protected by sapphire crystal. Cold-for...

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JadoPado's Description

The Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Light Brown Leather Loop features highly polished stainless steel case and the display is protected by sapphire crystal.

Cold-forged stainless steel. Formulated for strength and beauty.Apple Watch is designed to be worn during all your daily activities, from morning workouts to nights out. That’s why a cold-forging process was used that makes the 316L stainless steel 40 percent harder and less susceptible to nicks and corrosion. Impurities were also reduced to achieve the mirror finish.

Brilliantly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest transparent material on earth. That makes it ideal for protecting the Retina display. To harvest the crystal, we use a very thin diamond-cutting wire. The sapphire is then precision-machined into its final form and polished for many hours to produce the desired finish before an antireflective coating is added.

Beautifully engineered band.The Venezia leather for this band is handcrafted in Naples, Italy. With an artisan heritage spanning five generations, the tannery has a history of partnership with some of the most prestigious names in fashion. A delicate milling and tumbling process yields a beautiful pebbled texture. This traditional craftsmanship is combined with an innovative approach to design. Magnets concealed within the soft, quilted leather allow you to simply wrap it around your wrist for a precise fit and a trim look.

Apple Watch represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product Apple's ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn. It’s an incredibly accurate timepiece. A device that helps you stay on schedule, in touch, and headed in the right direction. And a health and fitness companion that never stops thinking of ways for you to be more active and fit. Apple Watch is all these things. Which makes it so much more than just a watch. But precisely what we think a watch should be.

Innovation in every interaction.Apple Watch combines a series of remarkable feats of engineering into a singular, entirely new experience. One that blurs the boundaries between the physical object and the software that powers it. The new Digital Crown is a multifunctional input device that lets you zoom, scroll, and select without covering the screen. It’s as integral to Apple Watch as the Click Wheel is to iPod. Or the mouse is to Mac. The new Watch OS is built from the wrist up. The Home screen lets you quickly find your favorite apps. The custom font is easy to read at arm’s length. And the force-sensitive Retina display puts more functionality at your fingertip. Technically speaking, it’s one amazing little device.

Digital Crown. A modern twist on a traditional feature.Every new product Apple's introduced has been defined by a unique input device. With Apple Watch, it’s the Digital Crown. Pinching to zoom, as you do on iPhone, is impractical. But rotating the Digital Crown allows you to zoom and scroll nimbly and precisely, without obstructing your view. You can also push it like a button to return to the Home screen, making it an integral part of the Apple Watch experience.

Not just a display, but the focal point of the whole experience.A Retina display is the primary surface for every interaction with Apple Watch. And it’s clear why. The incredibly high pixel density makes numbers and text easy to read at a glance, even while you’re moving. Images and graphics render with remarkable sharpness and contrast, including finely detailed ones like the rotation of a hair-thin second hand on a watch face. And the display is extremely energy efficient, critical for a device you wear throughout the day. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass.

Sensitive enough to tell a tap from a press.In addition to recognizing touch, Apple Watch senses force, adding a new dimension to the user interface. Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls - such as an action menu in Messages, or a mode that allows you to select different watch faces - whenever you want. It’s the most significant new sensing capability since Multi‑Touch.

Siri. Closer and more useful than ever.Having Siri with you at all times means you can access it that much more quickly and conveniently. And be even more spontaneous with your requests. Simply raise your wrist and say “Hey, Siri,” or press and hold the Digital Crown to dictate messages, get turn-by-turn directions, or stay up to date on your events. You’ll get an instant response to your query.

An incredibly precise timepiece.High-quality watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time, and Apple Watch is no exception. It uses multiple technologies in conjunction with your iPhone to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. Apple Watch continually checks against the definitive global time standard with the same precision found in GPS satellites. If you move from one time zone to another, Apple Watch automatically adjusts. When daylight saving time begins, Apple Watch simply changes to the new time. So you never once have to set it yourself. Apple Watch also presents time in a more meaningful, personal context by sending you notifications and alerts relevant to your life and schedule.

Over two million ways to see time.Apple Watch comes with a range of watch faces you can change whenever you like. You can also add specialized functions - known in watchmaking as complications - to most faces. Choose stopwatches, stock quotes, weather updates, and more. When you combine all the possible options, the opportunities for personalization are virtually endless.

A more immediate, intimate way to connect.Apple Watch is right there on your wrist, so it makes all the ways you’re used to communicating more convenient. And because it touches your skin, a physical dimension to alerts and notifications has been added - you’ll feel a gentle tap when you receive an incoming message. Apple Watch also allows you to connect with your favorite people in some new, spontaneous ways not possible with any other device.

Stay closer to the people you care about.Now your inner circle is always nearby. Press the button next to the Digital Crown to access Friends, a place where you’ll see thumbnails of those you like to stay in touch with most. Tap one to send a message, make a call, or reach out in one of the new ways only Apple Watch makes possible.

Messages, calls, and mail. Tailored for your wrist.Apple Watch adds a new dimension to the way you communicate. In just a glance it shows you who’s contacting you. It even gets your attention the way another person would - by tapping you. There are subtle audio cues, too. The experience is discreet and nuanced, with different types of notifications having their own unique character.

  • Messages: Sending and receiving messages is easy with Apple Watch. You can dictate a message or select from preset options — Apple Watch will make suggestions based on the things you write most. Or you can skip words altogether by sharing one of our new animated emojis.
  • Phone: Use the built-in speaker and microphone for quick chats, or seamlessly transfer calls to your iPhone for longer conversations. You can also transfer calls from Apple Watch to your car’s speakerphone or your Bluetooth headset. And silence incoming calls by covering Apple Watch with your hand.
  • Mail: When you get mail, Apple Watch alerts you right away. You can read the message, then flag it, mark it as read or unread, or move it to the Trash. Or open the message on your iPhone, where you can type a lengthier response.

Start an entirely new kind of conversation.You don’t even have to use words. The Digital Touch features on Apple Watch give you fun, spontaneous ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers, wrist to wrist.

  • Sketch: Use your finger to draw something quickly. Your friend on the other end can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you.
  • Walkie-Talkie: For a fun alternative to a phone call, use the built-in speaker and microphone to trade spur-of-the-moment sound bites with friends.
  • Tap: Let friends or loved ones know you’re thinking of them with a silent, gentle tap they’ll feel on the wrist. You can even customize taps for different people.
  • Heartbeat: When you press two fingers on the screen, the built-in heart rate sensor records and sends your heartbeat. It’s a simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel.

An intelligent health and fitness companion.Apple Watch unites the capabilities of an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in one device you can wear all the time. It can track a wider variety of activities because it’s able to collect more types of data. It uses an accelerometer to measure your total body movement. It has a custom sensor that can measure intensity by tracking your heart rate. And it uses the GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone to track how far you’ve moved.

Activity App.There’s more than one way to look at fitness.The Activity app on Apple Watch provides a simple and powerful graphic of your daily activity, with three rings telling you everything you need to know. The Move ring shows how many calories you’ve burned. The Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve done. And the Stand ring shows how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The goal? Sit less, move more, and get some exercise by completing each ring every day.

  • Move: Each week, Apple Watch suggests a new Move goal for how many active calories to burn per day, based on your recent history. Adjust it up or down until it feels just right. You close the Move ring when you meet your personal active calorie burn goal for the day.
  • Exercise: Any activity performed at the level of a brisk walk or above is considered exercise. And Apple Watch keeps track of how much you do each day, even when it’s not in the context of a dedicated workout. You close the Exercise ring when you reach the globally recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Stand: Apple Watch senses when you stand up and gives you credit when you do. So you can minimize your sedentary time throughout the day. If you’ve been sitting too long, it reminds you to get up. You close the Stand ring when you’ve stood for at least one minute in 12 different hours during the day.

Workout App.More detailed measurement when you need it most.Whenever you’re doing a dedicated cardio workout, use the Workout app built into Apple Watch. It shows real-time stats such as time, distance, calories, and pace. It lets you set goals for each workout, encourages you to meet or beat those goals along the way, and gives you a summary of what you’ve achieved. And your workout is included in your Activity app measurements for the day.

  • Goals: The Workout app suggests personalized goals based on your workout history. For example, you’ll always see your best effort posted, and if your last run was 30 minutes, that will be one of the quick-start options. You can select it, increase or decrease it, or choose a different goal based on how far you want to go or how many calories you want to burn.
  • Reminders: During your workout, Apple Watch provides timely encouragement by letting you know when you’re halfway there or almost done. It also gives you a detailed summary of your workout so you can stay motivated to reach new milestones.
  • Achievements: When you reach a personal best in the Workout app or hit a milestone in the Activity app, Apple Watch is quick to celebrate. You’ll earn special badges for a variety of achievements. Not only is it a nice reminder of what you’ve accomplished, but it also encourages you to keep going.

Track your progress over time on iPhone.Apple Watch lets you see your daily activity at a glance. To see your progress and trends over longer periods of time, there’s Fitness - an Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone. You can view your activity history, workouts, and achievements by the day, the week, and the month. And it’s easy to zoom in on the details to see just how far you’ve come. There’s also a Health app on iPhone that allows you to share your activity and workout data with your favorite third-party health and fitness apps.

A whole new era for apps.Apple Watch isn’t just a different location for your favorite apps. It’s an entirely different way to experience them. A time-saving feature called Glances condenses the most relevant information from each app into a form you can easily scan on the fly. And because Apple Watch can tap you on the wrist, you’ll be aware of notifications instantly. Apps include:

  • Calendar
  • Maps
  • Passbook
  • Music
  • Apple TV and iTunes
  • Remote Camera
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • World Clock
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Photos
  • Siri
  • Settings

A brand-new platform for developers.With its powerful technologies and placement on the wrist, Apple Watch opens up exciting opportunities for apps. Using a new set of tools called WatchKit, developers will be able to easily create experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch.

  • Glances: WatchKit apps can incorporate Glances. Simply by swiping up from your watch face, you’ll be able to see the latest news and sports scores, travel itineraries, or the next step of your favorite recipe.
  • Actionable Notifications: You can choose to have third-party app notifications show up on your Apple Watch. Notifications built with WatchKit can go even further by allowing you to take action or respond right from your wrist.
  • WatchKit Apps: Soon your favorite apps will feature controls and interactions unique to Apple Watch, enabling you to enjoy them in dynamic new ways. And put them to even greater use.

Start on Apple Watch. Continue on iPhone.Apple Watch is perfect for quick interactions, but if you need to do something more involved, just pick up your iPhone. The message you were reading or app you were using on Apple Watch will be open and ready to go. Read new mail on Apple Watch, then respond on iPhone. See a sports score or news update on Apple Watch, and read more about it on iPhone.

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