Petsy Training Pads for Dogs 45cm x 60cm (5pcs)

30 ج.م.

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Petsy Training Pads for Dogs 45cm x 60cm 5pcs

House training made easy.

Hygienic and Easy to dispose.

                    Sealed back to protect flooring


Petsy training pads are suitable and made especially for puppies, adult & older dogs.  These are the perfect pads to potty train your puppy at home.  These pads has a great absorbency with a cellulose fill, which does not shift during use.  Keep your dog pets dry all the time. 

The pads are sealed on four sides to prevent leakage with an absorbent layer on the top and a plastic polyethylene layer on the bottom.

Blue & White color as shown on the picture.

Training Pads 45cm x 60cm

This training pad is ultra-absorbent, features soft breathable non-woven top sheets that help keep the top layer dry. They are perfect for toilet training or for dogs and puppies that are confined indoors for long periods. Specification * With 5 ply, the bottom layer is PE which can prevent leakage * Essential toilet training tool for all pet owners * Size: 45x60cm Package Content 1 x Pet Dog Training Pads

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