D-Link DGS-1008MP - 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Max PoE Switch

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المواصفات الفنية

Model:DGS-1008MP - 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Max PoE Switch
Product Warranty:1 Year
Production Country:China

وصف جوميا

  • High‎-Speed Networking
  • Eight 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Full/Half‎-duplex for Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet speeds
  • Reliability
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control
  • Store‎-and‎-forward switching scheme

The D‎-Link® DGS‎-1008MP 8‎-Port Desktop Switch with 8 PoE Ports is an ideal solution for small office or enterprise environments looking to easily connect and supply power to Power over Ethernet ‎(‎PoE‎)‎ devices such as wireless Access Points ‎(‎APs‎)‎‎,‎ IP cameras‎,‎ and IP phones while adding more Ethernet devices like computers‎,‎ printers‎,‎ and Network Attached Storage ‎(‎NAS‎)‎ onto a network‎.‎ Built with small business and enterprise users in mind‎,‎ this rack mountable PoE switch operates quietly‎,‎ making it ideal for use in virtually any room or office‎.‎

Power over Ethernet

The DGS‎-1008MP features 8 10/100/1000BASE‎-T ports that support the IEEE 802.3at PoE protocol‎.‎ Each of the 8 PoE ports can supply up to 30 watts‎,‎ for a total PoE budget of 140 watts‎,‎ allowing users to attach an IEEE 802.3at‎-compliant device to the DGS‎-1008MP without requiring additional power‎.‎ PoE is especially suitable for devices that are far from power outlets or when you want to minimize the clutter of extra cables‎.‎ If a device is not PoE‎-compatible‎,‎ the D‎-Link DPE‎-301GS PoE Adapter can turn any regular Ethernet port into a PoE Ethernet port‎.‎

Superior Performance

No configuration is required and installation is quick and easy‎.‎ Support for Auto MDI/MDI‎-X on all ports eliminates the need for crossover cables when connecting to another switch or hub‎.‎ Auto‎-Negotiation on each port senses the link speed of a network device ‎(‎either 10‎,‎ 100‎,‎ or 1000 Mbps‎)‎ and intelligently adjusts for compatibility and optimal performance‎.‎ The switch has been designed without fans so you can be sure of quiet operation wherever it is installed‎.‎ With wire‎-speed filtering and store‎-and‎-forward switching‎,‎ the DGS‎-1008MP also maximizes network performance while minimizing the transmission of bad network packets‎.‎ Combining the convenience of PoE‎,‎ superior performance‎,‎ and ease of use‎,‎ the 8‎-Port Desktop Switch with 8 PoE Ports is the ideal choice for adding PoE devices to a small business or enterprise network‎.‎

Hassle‎-free Setup

The 8‎-Port Desktop Switch with 8 PoE Ports is a Plug‎-and‎-Play device that requires no configuration‎,‎ so setup is simple and hassle‎-free‎.‎ But we know that setting up your switch is only the beginning‎;‎ you may want to connect multiple computers‎,‎ share files‎,‎ music‎,‎ and video across your home or small office network‎,‎ or even create a multi‎-player gaming environment‎.‎ That’s why D‎-Link provides a support website to answer all of your questions and help you get the most out of your network‎.‎ Find answers to frequently asked questions‎,‎ download product updates‎,‎ and easily access the friendly D‎-Link Customer Support Team‎.‎

Compact and Silent

The DGS‎-1008MP has a sleek and compact design‎,‎ so that you can place it in any easily accessible location and have it stay out of your way‎.‎ The power connector and ports are all located at the rear of the switch allowing you to tuck the cables away conveniently‎.‎ The DGS‎-1008MP does not use a fan‎,‎ so the switch operates silently but effectively‎,‎ letting you watch movies streamed off the Internet without distraction‎,‎ or browse the Web in peace‎.‎ 

D‎-Link Green Ethernet 3.0 Technology

DGS‎-1008MP switches feature both D‎-Link Green 3.0 Technology and IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet ‎(‎EEE‎)‎ to cut operating costs without sacrificing operational performance or functionality‎.‎ With D‎-Link Green technology‎,‎ the switches constantly monitor the link status and network utilization of every port‎.‎ The switches also automatically detect cable length and can reduce transmission power usage for shorter cables‎.‎ By pairing EEE capable devices with DGS‎-1008MP switches organizations can drastically reduce power consumption by automatically putting ports into a sleep mode when not being used‎.‎ 

Technical Specifications



  • 11‎-inch Desktop/Rackmount size‎,‎ 1U height

Number of Ports

  • 8 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports

Port Standards & Functions

  • IEEE 802.3i 10BASE‎-T Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3u 100BASE‎-TX Fast Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE‎-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control supports half/full duplex mode
  • ANSI/IEEE 802.3 NWay auto‎-negotiation

Switching Capacity

  • 16 Gbps switching fabric

Media Interface Exchange

  • Auto MDI/MDI‎-X

Transmission Method

  • Store‎-and‎-forward

MAC Address Table

  • 8K entries per device

Packet Buffer Memory

  • 128 KB per device

Packet Filtering / Forwarding Rates

  • Ethernet‎:‎ 14‎,‎880 pps per port
  • Fast Ethernet‎:‎ 148‎,‎800 pps per port
  • Gigabit Ethernet‎:‎ 1‎,‎488‎,‎000 pps per port

Data Transfer Rates

  • Ethernet
  • 10 Mbps ‎(‎half duplex‎)‎
  • 20 Mbps ‎(‎full duplex‎)‎
  • Fast Ethernet
  • 100 Mbps ‎(‎half duplex‎)‎
  • 200 Mbps ‎(‎full duplex‎)‎
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2000 Mbps ‎(‎full duplex‎)‎

Network Cables

  • 10BASE‎-T‎:‎
  • UTP CAT 3/4/5/5e ‎(‎100 m max‎.‎‎)‎
  • EIA/TIA‎-586 100‎-ohm STP ‎(‎100 max‎.‎‎)‎
  • 100BASE‎-TX
  • UTP CAT 5/5e ‎(‎100 m max‎.‎‎)‎
  • EIA/TIA‎-568 100‎-ohm STP ‎(‎100 max‎.‎‎)‎
  • 1000BASE‎-T
  • UTP CAT 5/5e‎(‎100 m max‎.‎‎)‎
  • EIA/TIA‎-568 100‎-ohm STP‎(‎100 max‎.‎‎)‎


LED Indicators

  • Per port‎:‎ Activity / Link and Speed
  • Per port‎:‎ Power / Status
  • PoE Max 1‎:‎ Ports 1‎-4
  • PoE Max 2‎:‎ Ports 5‎-8


  • 280 mm x 180 mm x 44 mm ‎(‎11.02 x 7.08 x 1.73 inches‎)‎

Power Input

  • AC Input‎:‎ 100 to 240 V AC‎,‎ 50/60 Hz

Maximum PoE Budget

  • 140 watts

Power Consumption

  • 13.5 watts ‎(‎PoE off‎)‎
  • 151 watts ‎(‎PoE on‎)‎
  • PoE up to 30 watts per port


  • Operating‎:‎ 0 to 40 ˚C ‎(‎32 to 104 ˚F‎)‎
  • Storage‎:‎ ‎-10 to 70 ˚C ‎(‎14 to 158 ˚F‎)‎


  • Operating‎:‎ 0% to 95% RH non‎-condensing
  • Storage‎:‎ 5% to 95% RH non‎-condensing


  • CE Class A
  • FCC Class A
  • VCCI Class A
  • CCC Class A
  • BSMI Class A


  • cUL
  • CB
  • LVD
  • CCC
  • BSMI

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مدة التوصيل: 2-5 أيام رسوم التوصيل: 15 ج.م. اشتريه