Critical Care Ultrasonography

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* Publisher‎:‎ McGraw‎-Hill * Copyright‎:‎ 2014 * Language‎:‎ English * ISBN13 ‎:‎ 9780071793520 * Number Of Pages‎:‎ 400 pages * Edition‎:‎ 2 This is the premier tra... المزيد عند جوميا

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الموديل:BACCAH ‎- 9780071793520
الخامة الأساسية:Paperback
المؤلف:Alexander Levitov‎,‎Paul Mayo‎,‎ Anthony D‎.‎ Slonim

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  • Publisher‎:‎ McGraw‎-Hill
  • Copyright‎:‎ 2014
  • Language‎:‎ English
  • ISBN13 ‎:‎ 9780071793520
  • Number Of Pages‎:‎ 400 pages
  • Edition‎:‎ 2
This is the premier training guide for the use of ultrasound in the intensive care unit‎.‎ It includes online access to interactive cases and more than 180 videos ‎"‎ ‎.‎‎.‎‎.‎the authors have succeeded in providing a reference standard to support bedside critical care providers to understand the context for their personal sonographically guided decision‎-making processes‎.‎‎"‎ ‎(‎Critical Care Medicine reviewing previous edition‎)‎‎.‎ Critical Care Ultrasonography is a complete‎,‎ hands‎-on guide to successful image acquisition and interpretation at the bedside‎.‎ It delivers an all‎-inclusive‎,‎ yet concise review of the optimal use and interpretation of ultrasonographic images in everyday practice‎.‎ With this how‎-to guide‎,‎ you‎'‎ll learn how to systematically apply diagnostic ultrasound as part of an augmented physical examination in an array of therapeutic areas‎,‎ from emergency medicine to the inpatient ward and intensive care unit‎.‎ The book begins with a high‎-yield overview of the basic principles and physics of ultrasound‎,‎ while subsequent chapters cover its use in evaluating the organs of the head and neck‎;‎ the chest‎,‎ abdomen‎,‎ and pelvis‎;‎ and the limbs and musculoskeletal system‎.‎ A final section considers the use and application of ultrasound to improve the safety and performance of common‎,‎ invasive procedures‎.‎ Features‎:‎ a pioneering‎,‎ top‎-to‎-bottom examination of all the major technical concepts that physicians must know to use ultrasound in everyday clinical practice‎;‎ valuable coverage of clinical algorithms and how to incorporate them into the clinical decision‎-making process‎,‎ the formulation of differential diagnosis‎,‎ and therapeutic recommendations‎;‎ includes online access to more than 180 videos that illustrate the ultrasonographic appearance of normal and abnormal anatomic structures and function‎;‎ color illustrations that depict the use of color in ultrasound images‎;‎ and an A‎-to‎-Z glossary of technical and clinical terms in ultrasonography‎.‎

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