Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch

16,999 ج.م.
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* 50 x 10/100/1000 Ports * 2 x Combo mini‎-GBIC Ports * QoS Support * IPv4 / IPv6 Support * Advanced Security Management * Auto Voice VLAN Capabilities To stay ahead ... المزيد عند جوميا

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* 50 x 10/100/1000 Ports * 2 x Combo mini‎-GBIC Ports * QoS Support * IPv4 / IPv6 Support * Advanced Security Management * Auto Voice VLAN Capabilities To stay ahead ... المزيد عند جوميا

سعر ومواصفات Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch

  • أفضل سعر لـ Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch من جوميا فى مصر هو 16,999 ج.م.
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    دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانيةالدفع البديل
  • تكلفة التوصيل هى 15 ج.م., والتوصيل فى خلال 2-5 أيام
  • تباع المنتجات المماثلة لـ Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch فى جوميا, سوق.كوم مع اسعار تبدأ من 2,499 ج.م.
  • أول ظهور لهذا المنتج كان فى يوليو 06, 2016
  • من بين المنتجات المماثلة لـ Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch أرخص سعر هو 2,499 ج.م. من جوميا

المواصفات الفنية

Production Country:China
Product Dimensions:440 x 36.83 x 257 mm
SKU ‎(‎config‎)‎:CI762EL129ZN0NAFAMZ
Product Warranty:1 Year

وصف جوميا

  • 50 x 10/100/1000 Ports
  • 2 x Combo mini‎-GBIC Ports
  • QoS Support
  • IPv4 / IPv6 Support
  • Advanced Security Management
  • Auto Voice VLAN Capabilities

To stay ahead in a competitive marketplace‎,‎ small businesses need to make every dollar count‎.‎ That means getting the most value from your technology investments‎,‎ but it also means making sure that employees have fast‎,‎ reliable access to the business tools and information they need‎.‎ Every minute an employee waits for an unresponsive application—and every minute your network is down—has an impact on your bottom line‎.‎ When your business needs more advanced security and switch features‎,‎ but value is still a top priority‎,‎ you’re ready for the new generation of Cisco® Small Business managed switches‎:‎ the Cisco 300 Series‎.‎

Connect Your Business

The Cisco 300 Series provide the ideal combination of features and affordability to create a more efficient‎,‎ better‎-connected workforce‎.‎

Move Up to a Business‎-Class Network

The Cisco 300 Series is a broad portfolio of affordable managed switches that provide a powerful foundation for your business network‎.‎ These switches improve the availability of your critical business applications‎,‎ protect your sensitive information‎,‎ and optimize your network bandwidth to enable a more productive‎,‎ effective workplace‎.‎ Easy to set up and use‎,‎ the Cisco 300 Series provides the ideal combination of affordability‎,‎ performance‎,‎ and capabilities in a solution designed specifically for small businesses‎.‎

Deliver the Right Features at the Right Price

Cisco 300 Series Switches offer enhanced switch features that support advanced technologies‎,‎ including quality of service ‎(‎QoS‎)‎ intelligence and advanced traffic management to simplify the addition of voice‎,‎ wireless‎,‎ and security services‎.‎ These advanced managed switching features give you a variety of capabilities for controlling traffic over your network and help keep your applications running at peak performance‎,‎ in a solution designed and priced for small businesses‎.‎

Simplify Setup and Management

Cisco 300 Series Switches are designed to be easy to configure and manage‎.‎ They make it easy to set up and manage even complex network environments‎,‎ reducing the time your staff devotes to network management and troubleshooting‎.‎

A Powerful Foundation for the Small Business Network

Cisco 300 Series Switches provide the right features at the right price‎,‎ along with the reliability‎,‎ performance‎,‎ and investment protection you expect from a Cisco switch‎.‎ You can rest assured that your network has been rigorously tested to deliver business‎-class availability and performance at an affordable price and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and the Cisco Small Business Support Center‎.‎ You can also be confident that your network will grow with your business‎.‎

Technical Specifications‎:‎


  • Capacity in Mpps ‎(‎64‎-byte packets‎)‎‎:‎ 77.38
  • Switching Capacity in Gbps‎:‎ 104


  • Total System Ports‎:‎ 52 Gigabit Ethernet
  • RJ‎-45 Ports‎:‎ 50 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Combo Ports ‎(‎RJ‎-45 + SFP‎)‎‎:‎ 2 Gigabit Ethernet Combo


  • Reset button

Cabling Type

  • Unshielded twisted pair Category 5 or better for 10BASE‎-T/100BASE‎-TX‎,‎ UTP Category 5 Ethernet or better for 1000BASE‎-T


  • System‎,‎ Link/Act‎,‎ Speed


  • 16 MB


  • 128 MB memory

Packet Buffer Memory

  • 8 MB x 2

Layer 2 Switching

  • Spanning Tree Protocol‎:‎ Standard 802.1d Spanning Tree support‎.‎ Fast convergence using 802.1w ‎(‎Rapid Spanning Tree‎)‎‎,‎ enabled by default‎.‎ Multiple Spanning Tree instances using 802.1s
  • Port Grouping‎:‎ Support for IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol‎,‎ Up to 8 groups‎,‎ Up to 8 ports per group with 16 candidate ports for each ‎(‎dynamic‎)‎ 802.3ad link aggregation
  • VLAN‎:‎ Support for up to 256 VLANs simultaneously ‎(‎out of 4096 VLAN IDs‎)‎‎.‎ Port‎-based and 802.1Q tag‎-based VLANs‎.‎ MAC‎-based VLAN‎.‎ Management VLAN‎.‎ Private VLAN Edge‎,‎ also known as protected ports‎,‎ with multiple uplinks‎.‎ Guest VLAN‎.‎ Unauthenticated VLAN
  • Voice VLAN‎:‎ Voice traffic is automatically assigned to a voice‎-specific VLAN and treated with appropriate levels of QoS
  • Q‎-in‎-Q VLAN‎:‎ VLANs transparently cross a service provider network while isolating traffic among customers
  • Generic VLAN Registration Protocol/Generic Attribute Registration Protocol‎:‎ Protocols for automatically propagating and configuring VLANs in a bridged domain
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay at Layer 2‎:‎ Relay of DHCP traffic to DHCP server in different VLAN‎.‎ Works with DHCP Option 82
  • Internet Group Management Protocol Versions 1‎,‎ 2 and 3 snooping‎:‎ IGMP limits bandwidth‎-intensive multicast traffic to only the requesters‎,‎ supports 256 multicast groups ‎(‎source‎-specific multicasting is also supported‎)‎
  • IGMP Querier‎:‎ IGMP querier is used to support a Layer 2 multicast domain of snooping switches in the absence of a multicast router
  • Head‎-of‎-Line ‎(‎HOL‎)‎ Blocking‎:‎ HOL blocking prevention

Layer 3

  • IPv4 Routing‎:‎ Wirespeed routing of IPv4 packets‎.‎ Up to 32 static routes and up to 32 IP interfaces
  • Classless Inter‎-Domain Routing‎:‎ Support for CIDR
  • DHCP Relay at Layer 3‎:‎ Relay of DHCP traffic across IP domains
  • User Datagram Protocol Relay‎:‎ Relay of broadcast information across Layer 3 domains for application discovery or relaying of BootP/DHCP packets


  • Secure Shell Protocol‎:‎ SSH secures Telnet traffic to and from the switch‎,‎ SSH v1 and v2 are supported
  • Secure Sockets Layer‎:‎ SSL support‎:‎ Encrypts all HTTPS traffic‎,‎ allowing highly secure access to the browser‎-based management GUI in the switch
  • IEEE 802.1X ‎(‎Authenticator role‎)‎‎:‎ RADIUS authentication and accounting‎,‎ MD5 hash‎,‎ guest VLAN‎,‎ unauthenticated VLAN‎,‎ single/multiple host mode and single/multiple sessions‎.‎ Supports time‎-based 802.1X‎.‎ Dynamic VLAN assignment
  • STP Bridge Protocol Data Unit Guard‎:‎ A security mechanism to protect the network from invalid configurations‎.‎ A port enabled for BPDU Guard is shut down if a BPDU message is received on that port
  • Secure Core Technology‎:‎ Ensures that the switch will receive and process management and protocol traffic no matter how much traffic is received
  • Layer 3 Isolation‎:‎ Allow/disallow routing between IP subnets or directly connected IP networks
  • Layer 2 Isolation Private VLAN Edge ‎(‎PVE‎)‎ with community VLAN‎:‎ PVE ‎(‎also known as protected ports‎)‎ provides Layer 2 isolation between devices in the same VLAN‎,‎ supports multiple uplinks
  • Port Security‎:‎ Locks MAC addresses to ports‎,‎ and limits the number of learned MAC addresses
  • RADIUS/TACACS+‎:‎ Supports RADIUS and TACACS authentication‎.‎ Switch functions as a client
  • Storm Control‎:‎ Broadcast‎,‎ multicast and unknown unicast
  • DoS Prevention‎:‎ DoS attack prevention
  • Congestion Avoidance‎:‎ A TCP congestion avoidance algorithm is required to minimize and prevent global TCP loss synchronization‎.‎
  • ACLs‎:‎ Support for up to 512 rules‎.‎ Drop or rate limit based on source and destination MAC‎,‎ VLAN ID or IP address‎,‎ protocol‎,‎ port‎,‎ differentiated services code point/IP precedence‎,‎ TCP/ UDP source and destination ports‎,‎ 802.1p priority‎,‎ Ethernet type‎,‎ Internet Control Message Protocol packets‎,‎ IGMP packets‎,‎ TCP flag

Quality of Service

  • Priority Levels‎:‎ 4 hardware queues
  • Scheduling‎:‎ Strict priority and weighted round‎-robin‎.‎ Queue assignment based on DSCP and class of service ‎(‎802.1p/CoS‎)‎ 
  • Class of Service‎:‎ Port based‎,‎ 802.1p VLAN priority based‎,‎ IPv4/v6 IP precedence/type of service/DSCP based‎,‎ Differentiated Services ‎(‎DiffServ‎)‎‎,‎ classification and re‎-marking ACLs‎,‎ trusted QoS
  • Rate Limiting‎:‎ Ingress policer‎,‎ egress shaping and rate control‎,‎ per VLAN‎,‎ per port and flow based


  • IEEE 802.3 10BASE‎-T Ethernet‎,‎ IEEE 802.3u 100BASE‎-TX Fast Ethernet‎,‎ IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE‎-T Gigabit Ethernet‎,‎ IEEE 802.3ad LACP‎,‎ IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet‎,‎ IEEE 802.3x Flow Control‎,‎ IEEE 802.1D ‎(‎STP‎,‎ GARP‎,‎ and GVRP‎)‎‎,‎IEEE 802.1Q/p VLAN‎,‎ IEEE 802.1w RSTP‎,‎ IEEE 802.1s Multiple STP‎,‎ IEEE 802.1X Port Access Authentication‎,‎ IEEE 802.3af‎,‎ IEEE 802.3at‎,‎ RFC 768‎,‎ RFC 783‎,‎ RFC 791‎,‎ RFC 792‎,‎ RFC 793‎,‎ RFC 813‎,‎ RFC 879‎,‎ RFC 896‎,‎ RFC 826‎,‎ RFC 854‎,‎ RFC 855‎,‎ RFC 856‎,‎ RFC 858‎,‎ RFC 894‎,‎ RFC 919‎,‎ RFC 922‎,‎ RFC 920‎,‎ RFC 950‎,‎ RFC 951‎,‎ RFC 1042‎,‎ RFC 1071‎,‎ RFC 1123‎,‎ RFC 1141‎,‎ RFC 1155‎,‎ RFC 1157‎,‎ RFC 1350‎,‎ RFC 1533‎,‎ RFC 1541‎,‎ RFC 1542‎,‎ RFC 1624‎,‎ RFC 1700‎,‎ RFC 1867‎,‎ RFC 2030‎,‎ RFC 2616‎,‎ RFC 2131‎,‎ RFC 2132‎,‎ RFC 3164‎,‎ RFC 3411‎,‎ RFC 3412‎,‎ RFC 3413‎,‎ RFC 3414‎,‎ RFC 3415‎,‎ RFC 2576‎,‎ RFC 4330‎,‎ RFC 1213‎,‎ RFC 1215‎,‎ RFC 1286‎,‎ RFC 1442‎,‎ RFC 1451‎,‎ RFC 1493‎,‎ RFC 1573‎,‎ RFC 1643‎,‎ RFC 1757‎,‎ RFC 1907‎,‎ RFC 2011‎,‎ RFC 2012‎,‎ RFC 2013‎,‎ RFC 2233‎,‎ RFC 2618‎,‎ RFC 2665‎,‎ RFC 2666‎,‎ RFC 2674‎,‎ RFC 2737‎,‎ RFC 2819‎,‎ RFC 2863‎,‎ RFC 1157‎,‎ RFC 1493‎,‎ RFC 1215‎,‎ RFC 3416


  • IPv6‎:‎ IPv6 host mode
  • IPv6 over Ethernet
  • Dual IPv6/IPv4 stack
  • IPv6 neighbor and router discovery
  • IPv6 stateless address auto‎-configuration
  • Path maximum transmission unit discovery
  • Duplicate address detection
  • ICMP version 6
  • IPv6 over IPv4 network with Intra‎-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol support
  • IPv6 QoS‎:‎ Prioritize IPv6 packets in hardware
  • IPv6 ACL‎:‎ Drop or rate limit IPv6 packets in hardware
  • Multicast Listener Discovery Snooping‎:‎ Deliver IPv6 multicast packets only to the required receivers
  • IPv6 Applications‎:‎ Web/SSL‎,‎ Telnet server/SSH‎,‎ ping‎,‎ traceroute‎,‎ Simple Network Time Protocol‎,‎ Trivial File Transfer Protocol‎,‎ SNMP‎,‎ RADIUS‎,‎ syslog‎,‎ DNS client‎,‎ protocol‎-based VLANs
  • IPv6 RFCs Supported‎:‎ RFC 2463 ‎- ICMP version 6
  • RFC 3513 ‎- IPv6 address architecture
  • RFC 4291 ‎- IPv6 addressing architecture
  • RFC 2460 ‎- IPv6 specification 
  • RFC 2461 ‎- Neighbor discovery for IPv6
  • RFC 2462 ‎- IPv6 stateless address auto‎-configuration
  • RFC 1981 ‎- Path MTU discovery
  • RFC 4007 ‎- IPv6 scoped address architecture
  • RFC 3484 ‎- Default address selection mechanism
  • RFC 4214 ‎- ISATAP tunneling
  • RFC 4293 ‎- MIB IPv6‎:‎ Textual conventions and general group
  • RFC 3595 ‎- Textual conventions for IPv6 flow label


  • Web User Interface‎:‎ Built‎-in switch configuration utility for easy browser‎-based device configuration ‎(‎HTTP/HTTPS‎)‎‎.‎ Supports configuration‎,‎ system dashboard‎,‎ system maintenance and monitoring
  • SNMP‎:‎ SNMP versions 1‎,‎ 2c‎,‎ and 3 with support for traps‎,‎ and SNMP version 3 user‎-based security model
  • Remote Monitoring‎:‎ Embedded RMON software agent supports 4 RMON groups ‎(‎history‎,‎ statistics‎,‎ alarms and events‎)‎ for enhanced traffic management‎,‎ monitoring and analysis
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack‎:‎ Coexistence of both protocol stacks to ease migration
  • Firmware Upgrade‎:‎ Web browser upgrade ‎(‎HTTP/HTTPS‎)‎ and TFTP
  • Upgrade can be initiated through console port as well
  • Dual images for resilient firmware upgrades
  • Port Mirroring‎:‎ Traffic on a port can be mirrored to another port for analysis with a network analyzer or RMON probe‎.‎ Up to 8 source ports can be mirrored to one destination port‎.‎ A single session is supported
  • VLAN Mirroring‎:‎ Traffic from a VLAN can be mirrored to a port for analysis with a network analyzer or RMON probe‎.‎ Up to 8 source VLANs can be mirrored to one destination port‎.‎ A single session is supported
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ‎(‎Options 66‎,‎ 67‎,‎ 82‎,‎ 129 and 150‎)‎‎:‎ DHCP Options facilitate tighter control from a central point ‎(‎DHCP server‎)‎ to obtain IP address‎,‎ auto‎-configuration ‎(‎with configuration file download‎)‎ and DHCP relay
  • Text‎-Editable Config Files‎:‎ Config files can be edited with a text editor and downloaded to another switch‎,‎ facilitating easier mass deployment
  • Smartports‎:‎ Simplified configuration of QoS and security capabilities
  • Auto Smartports‎:‎ Applies the intelligence delivered through the Smartport roles and applies it automatically to the port based on the devices discovered over CDP or LLDP‎-MED‎.‎ This facilitates zero touch deployments
  • Textview CLI‎:‎ Scriptable command‎-line interface‎.‎ A full CLI as well as a menu‎-based CLI is supported
  • Cloud Services‎:‎ Support for Cisco Small Business FindIT Network Discovery Utility
  • Localization‎:‎ Localization of GUI and documentation into multiple languages
  • Other Management‎:‎ Traceroute‎,‎ single IP management‎,‎ HTTP/HTTPS‎,‎ SSH‎,‎ RADIUS‎,‎ port mirroring‎,‎ TFTP upgrade‎,‎ DHCP client‎,‎ BOOTP‎,‎ SNTP‎,‎ Xmodem upgrade‎,‎ cable diagnostics‎,‎ ping‎,‎ syslog‎,‎ Telnet client ‎(‎SSH secure support‎)‎

Power Efficiency

  • Energy Detect‎:‎ Automatically turns off power off on Gigabit Ethernet RJ‎-45 port when detecting link down
  • Active mode is resumed without loss of any packets when the switch detects the link up
  • Cable Length Detection‎:‎ Adjusts the signal strength based on the cable length‎.‎ It reduces the power consumption for cables shorter than 10 m

General Features

  • Jumbo Frames‎:‎ Frame sizes up to 10 KB supported on 10/100 and Gigabit interfaces
  • MAC Table‎:‎ Up to 8000 MAC addresses


  • Bonjour‎:‎ The switch advertises itself using the Bonjour protocol
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol ‎(‎802.1ab‎)‎ with LLDP‎-MED extensions‎:‎ LLDP allows the switch to advertise its identification‎,‎ configuration and capabilities to neighboring devices that store the data in a MIB‎.‎ LLDP‎-MED is an enhancement to LLDP that adds the extensions needed for IP phones
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol‎:‎ The switch advertises itself using the Cisco Discovery Protocol

PoE Ports

  • N/A

Power Over Ethernet

  • N/A

Power Consumption

  • Power Savings Mode‎:‎ Energy Detect Short Reach
  • System Power Consumption‎:‎ 110 V=45.9 W‎.‎ 220 V=45.3 W
  • Heat Dissipation Worst Case ‎(‎BTU/hr‎)‎‎:‎ 156.61

Power Supply

  • 100‎-240V 47‎-63 Hz‎,‎ internal‎,‎ universal


  • 2 pcs

Acoustic Noise

  • 40.1 dB


  • @ 40°C ‎(‎hours‎)‎‎:‎ 206005.6


  • UL ‎(‎UL 60950‎)‎‎,‎ CSA ‎(‎CSA 22.2‎)‎‎,‎ CE mark‎,‎ FCC Part 15 ‎(‎CFR 47‎)‎ Class A

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating Temperature‎:‎ 32 to 104°F ‎(‎0 to 40°C‎)‎
  • Storage Temperature‎:‎ ‎-4 to 158°F ‎(‎‎-20 to 70°C‎)‎
  • Operating Humidity‎:‎ 10 to 90%‎,‎ relative‎,‎ non condensing
  • Storage Humidity‎:‎ 10 to 90%‎,‎ relative‎,‎ non condensing


  • Web Browser‎:‎ Mozilla Firefox version 2.5 or later‎,‎ Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or later
  • Category 5 Ethernet network cable
  • TCP/IP‎,‎ network adapter and network operating system ‎(‎such as Microsoft Windows‎,‎ Linux or Mac OS X‎)‎ installed on each computer in the network

Dimensions ‎(‎DxWxH‎)‎

  • 440 x 36.83 x 257 mm


  • 3.91 kg

مميزات وعيوب Cisco SG300-52 50-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Managed Switch

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منتجمتجرسعرطرق الدفعمدة التوصيلرسوم الشحن والتوصيل

متجر: جوميا

سعر: 2,499 ج.م.طرق الدفع:
دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانيةالدفع البديل
مدة التوصيل: 2-5 أيام رسوم التوصيل: 15 ج.م. اشتريه

متجر: جوميا

سعر: 2,799 ج.م.طرق الدفع:
دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانيةالدفع البديل
مدة التوصيل: 2-5 أيام رسوم التوصيل: 15 ج.م. اشتريه

متجر: سوق.كوم

سعر: 3,333 ج.م.طرق الدفع:
دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانيةالدفع البديل
مدة التوصيل: 2-5 أيام رسوم التوصيل: 20 ج.م. اشتريه

متجر: جوميا

سعر: 32,500 ج.م.طرق الدفع:
دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانيةالدفع البديل
مدة التوصيل: 2-5 أيام رسوم التوصيل: 15 ج.م. اشتريه