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**Product Description :** The IP Camera is designed for all day video surveillance on your iPhone/iPad and Android mobiles/pads. The setup is truly : ·         Connect the cam... المزيد عند ديلز حبيبي

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Product Description :

The IP Camera is designed for all day video surveillance on your iPhone/iPad and Android mobiles/pads. The setup is truly :

·         Connect the camera to the network

·         Download the app mYesView into your iPhone/iPad or Android

·         View video by the camera ID/password

The push notification is supported, so that you will get the notification from your iPhone/iPad and Android once there is any events detected through the PIR body sensor or sound detector on the camera, even when your mobile is on sleep mode.

The SD card recording is supported, and you could playback the recorded video on your iPhone/iPad and Android. You could also do the SD card recording only when there is PIR or sound detection to save the SD card storage size. The PIR and sound detected recording has a 5 seconds pre-recording, so that you will always catch the critical moment.

For day & night usage, there are two video sensors/lens on the camera, one for day and one for night. The day lens and night lens focus are separately tuned for day light and Infra Red light for best video quality. No ICR, no mechanical problem.

Major hardware components :

·         Lens – the lens is inside the camera body and the focus of the lens is fixed, you do not need to spend time to adjust the focus, the effective focus range is from 30cm to infinity. There are two lens             for day and night usage separately.

·         IR LED – there Is an IR LED for the night mode usage.

·         PIR – passive infrared sensor for body detection.

·         Microphone – for receiving the audio/voice. Effective distance is about 5 meters.

·         Infrared thermometer – for measuring the environment temperature and alarm if out of some temperature range.

·         Status indication LED (red) – this LED is to indicate the Internet connection status. When the Internet connection is connected, the LED will be constant red light. If there is any Internet                           connection problem, the LED will be blinking red light.

·         Ethernet indication LED (blue) – this LED is to indicate if the Ethernet link is ok and packet traffic is sending/receiving. When the Ethernet cable is connected, the LED is constant blue light. When               there is packet sending/receiving, the LED is blinking blue light.

·         SD card LED – for the indication of the SD card activity( recording ).

·         Micro-SD card slot – for inserting the micro SD-Card. (support up to 32G bytes).

·         Internal speaker – there is an internal speaker inside.

·         External speaker jack – for connecting external speaker.

·         WPS button – for the setup of the WiFi connection with WPS function.

·         Light detector – for switching between day time and night time automatically.

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