Withings Home Wireless HD Security Camera WBP02

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**Withings Home Wireless HD Security Camera WBP02** **A greater sense of security. Be home from anywhere** With its ability to seamlessly stream HD video, to facilitate family... المزيد عند ديلز حبيبي

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المواصفات الفنية

Height:3.43 inches (87mm)
Width:2.95 inches (75mm)
Depth:2.95 inches (75mm)
Weight:0.226 kg/0.498 lb
5 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor:Encoding up to 1080p30
135° (diagonal) field of view - no fish eye:Night vision with IR mechanical filter
Air Quality (Volatile Organic Compound):Triple axis accelerometer
Ambient light sensor:2 digital microphones
High quality 2W speaker:Wi-Fi
WiFi 2x2 MIMO 2,4GHz:Ethernet
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s:Bluetooth
Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy):Security
Communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL):DTLS end-to-end encryption.
iOS:Free App available on the Apple AppStore, For iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus
iPad (3rd generation or higher), iPad mini, iPod touch (4th generation or higher), Need iOS 7 or higher:Android
Application in development:Power

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Withings Home Wireless HD Security Camera WBP02

A greater sense of security. Be home from anywhere

With its ability to seamlessly stream HD video, to facilitate family interactions and to keep an eye on indoor air quality, the Withings Home is the most comprehensive house monitoring solution.

A dream video stream. 5 Megapixetl Sensor

Thanks to the perfect combination of best-in-class video technologies, Home offers an HD video feed of exceptional quality, while keeping lags to a minimum.The 5MP CMOS sensor enables Home to deliver a detail-rich image quality.

HQ Video Encoding. Real Time Connunication        Home is capable of encoding up to 1080p at the rate of 30 frames per second.No frames are dropped as Home uses the latest low latency Real-Time Communication web protocol (WebRTC)

135° Wide Angle. x12 zoom with auto enhancement

No corner will go unseen. Home offers one of the widest fields of view on the market as well as automatic dewarping. Say goodbye to eerie motorized cameras and distorting fisheye lenses. Home’s ePTZ-technology lets you pan, tilt and zoom in and out of the HD video feed. Home automatically enhances images immediately after movement to show you the smallest details.

Night Vision. Crystal clear interactions

When the sun sets, Home automatically switches to Night Vision using an infrared mechanical filter to see through the darkness. Speak freely and have natural conversations. The Withings Home can both transmit and receive data simultaneously, while delivering the clearest possible sound.

High Quality 2W speaker. Two digital microphones

With a 22 mm diaphragm, covering frequencies from 300 to 16,000 Hz. with audio echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies

Never miss a special moment. Keep track of the everyday

With Home you are always in the know. You can even scroll back in time, as it keeps a diary of the events that happen in its vicinity. Each time Home detects an event, it snaps a photo or records a short video clip. As these captured moments add up, they form a real Home Diary. Scroll back in time to view up to two days of history.

A time-lapsed recap. Make it personal

At any time you can access a time-lapse recapping the past 12 hours - a quick and fun way to see all that has happened recently. Choose the metrics you want and fine-tune their alert thresholds to only receive the push notifications you need when you need them.

Always in the loop. Build a healthier environment

Whether your house is full of life or empty, the Withings Home is always on duty. It keeps you informed of the status of your premises at any time. The Withings Home is the first video monitoring system that tracks indoor air pollution. It allows you to look after your whole family’s environmental well-being.

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