Rexel REM820 Micro Cut Shredder

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Ideal for the busy executive, this advanced shredder cuts a highly confidential A4 document in to approx. 2,000 pieces with 1.9x15mm micro- cutting, providing high level securit... المزيد عند اوفيس وان

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Ideal for the busy executive, this advanced shredder cuts a highly confidential A4 document in to approx. 2,000 pieces with 1.9x15mm micro-cutting, providing high level security to destroy highly sensitive documents. The REM820 takes up to 8 sheets at a time and can fit up to 220 shredded sheets in its compact 21 litre sized bin. Security level P-5.

Product Code: 2104010

Micro Cut SecurityAn ultra-secure Micro Cut level of protection means this shredder cuts one piece of A4 paper into 2000 pieces. This higher level of security is suitable for secure legal or financial information.

Mercury Jam-Free TechnologyThis shredder features Mercury Jam-Free technology, allowing customers to shred with confidence.

8-Sheet CapacityShredding up to 8 sheets (70gsm) or 7 sheets (80 gsm) in one pass, the Rexel REM820 is perfect for the shredding needs of any office users with a requirement for high security. The REM820 will quickly shred every A4 sheet of paper into 2000 micro-cut pieces to ensure that your physical confidential information is totally secure.

Large Front Opening 21L Pullout BinThis shredder features a convenient liftoff bin with a large capacity of 21L - enough to hold 250 sheets of shredded paper.

Handles CDs, Credit Cards, Staples and PaperclipsWith the ability to securely shred CDs and credit cards, the Rexel REM820 can handle all aspects of your data security. The shredder is also able to take paperclips and staples in its stride, meaning that customers needn't lose any time in destroying their confidential information.


  • UPC: 5028252388887
  • Cut Type: Micro Cut
  • Entry Width (mm): 225
  • Period of Warranty: 2 years
  • Security Level: P-5
  • SHRED SIZE: 2 x 15mm
  • Shred Speed (per minute): 2.4'
  • Shredder Type: Manual
  • Shredder Usage: Executive Shredders
  • Dimensions: H540 x W389 x D275mm
  • Power Requirements: 250

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