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LifeProof Fre Case White for iPad Air is heavy-duty protection for your lighter-than-air tablet. Featuring LifeProof’s four-proof protection, fre shields Air from drops, dirt an... المزيد عند ديلز حبيبي

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المواصفات الفنية

Shock Proof:Survives drops from 4' (1.2m)
Dirt Proof:Totally sealed from dirt and dust
Built in:Scratch protector delivers complete touchscreen protection
Water Proof:Fully submersible to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for 1 hour
Slim case follows iPad Air's sleek lines and highlights Apple's design:Complete access to every button, control and port
Scratch protector is virtually invisible to the eye and touch:Case
The thinnest, lightest all-protective case available for iPad Air:Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens
Snow Proof:Completely closed to snow and ice
Drop Proof:Survives drops from up to 4 feet (1.2 meters)

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LifeProof Fre Case White for iPad Air is heavy-duty protection for your lighter-than-air tablet. Featuring LifeProof’s four-proof protection, fre shields Air from drops, dirt and complete submersion. And the smart design allows total tablet functionality. From classroom to boardroom, jobsite to campsite, with fre for iPad Air, the sky’s the limit.

Unbelievably Sleek Protection — You’d Think It’s Barely There

Designed to work with every feature, function and control — just as Apple designed — fre melds seamlessly with iPad Air. This waterproof case is so unbelievably slim and light, you think it’s barely there until you’re glad it is. The thinnest and lightest waterproof iPad Air case ever made, LifeProof fre protects your tablet from day-to-day dangers without adding unnecessary bulk. It’s more than protection - fre equips iPad Air to do more, in more ways and places than ever.

Virtually Unseen Screen Protection

Equipped with LifeProof’s proven protection technology, the LifeProof fre for iPad Air case features a built-in touchscreen scratch protector. Crafted from an advanced membrane material that’s so super thin and optically clear, your eyes can barely see it and your finger can barely feel it — but your touchscreen thanks you for it. That way, when you’re reading, watching, FaceTiming or surfing the web, you never miss a beat — or a pixel.

Small Size. Expanded Capability.

LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection is just the beginning. Incredibly thin and unbelievably light, fre for iPad Air barely adds to the weight and profile of your tablet. What fre does add is a level of protection, functionality and beauty not found in any other waterproof iPad Air case on the market. That means less case and more iPad Air. Plus, with the sleek profile, barely-there scratch protection, optical-glass lens, enhanced speaker port and full device function, it’s everything you need to take flight with your Air.

Everywhere. Everyday. Everything.

It’s amazing that a case so sleek, slim, smart and protective can expand iPad Air’s capabilities so much. In fact, it’s the most amazingly sleek, slim, smart and protective case ever made for iPad Air. With LifeProof fre, your iPad Air is no longer confined to the living room. It can handle all of life’s happenings — and mishaps. LifeProof eliminates the worry — you live and share the action at hand.

Built To Exceed Specification – And Expectations

Every LifeProof case is built to stringent specifications, then tested to ensure maximum protection for your delicate device. The first spec is impact rating MIL STD 810G-516. Cases built to this spec survive the drops, vibrations and bumps your device encounters day to day. Next is ingress rating IP-68. This international standard for water and dust ingress protection means your LifeProof case keeps water, dust and snow out.

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