iHealth iBaby Monitor M6T

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**iHealth iBaby Monitor M6T **They call it ‘wireless baby monitor’, we call it ‘helping hand’. Meet our new iBaby Monitor M6T: the synergy of sophisticated technology with intui... المزيد عند ديلز حبيبي

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  • أفضل سعر لـ iHealth iBaby Monitor M6T من ديلز حبيبي فى الإمارات هو 899 درهم
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    دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانية
  • التوصيل فى خلال 2-7 أيام
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المواصفات الفنية

High Definition Recording at (1280 x 720p):360 Degrees Camera Tilt
High Quality Built-in 2-way Audio:Cloud Storage and Sharing
Social Sharing:Rechargeable Battery
Motion and Sound Alert Notifications:Night Vision LED Lights
Shows Room Temperature & Humidity:Up to 4 Devices and Users Can View
Add Unlimited Cameras:Play Music Track for Your Baby

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iHealth iBaby Monitor M6T They call it ‘wireless baby monitor’, we call it ‘helping hand’. Meet our new iBaby Monitor M6T: the synergy of sophisticated technology with intuitive user interface. Equipped with a high resolution wireless camera and ability to record your baby, send alerts and share video with multiple users, this digital monitor will help you stay on top of things as a parent. Keeping an eye on your baby has never been easier.

Full Coverage    

Easily Control your camera angle with just a swipe of your finger on your mobile devices or tablests with iBaby Care App.

Calm Her with Your Voice!         

Your baby loves to hear your voice! With the iBaby Voice Recorder, you can record your rendition of your baby's favorite lullabies or record your voiceover of her favorite bedtime stories and play them for her on-demand!

HD Video

Watch your baby in crystal clear 720p High Definition resolution

24/7 Monitoring

Keep an eye on your baby day or night wherever you are

Wi-Fi/3G/4G LTE

Access your iBaby monitor anywhere anytime

Easy Installation

Automatic installation completes your monitor set up in 60 seconds

360 Degree Coverage

Keep your baby in sight with just a swipe of your finger on your iOS and Android Smart device

Two-way Audio

Hear and speak with your baby clearly with advanced echo cancellation technology

Music Player

Play soothing music for your baby to help her stay calm when it’s time for bed.


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متجر: لتس تانجو

سعر: 899 درهمطرق الدفع:
دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانية
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